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    Danny Boy

    Creates an account just to say he doesn’t like Danny Boy. .... and gets you to take the bait and respond. I’m not sure which is worse.
  2. HockeyDad

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    Scrolls up to see who it was who brought up Jeff’s prolific posting numbers. Yup, it was Stu. Not Jeff.
  3. Please show the info where Dan or the DCI corporate office was NOT informed. No person in their right mind would not turn something over to the police. Let the police decide or search for substantiation.
  4. I understand what you’re saying. Nobody said it was going to be easy that’s for sure. But in the end, you have to answer to the man in the mirror. And the Big Man upstairs.
  5. If you were DA, wouldn’t you pass along any and all allegations you receive to the police, as a way to cover your butt?
  6. I know too many stories like yours. Sadly.
  7. And the context was: you can bring up a problem (in this case, you think abuse is happening) to persons in position of authority within that organization, whether it be a drum corps or drum corps international; or Penn State or Michigan State; or the Catholic Church; and see what happens. Not much. So the only other logical course of action, the FIRST course of action IMO, is to go to the police, which at least is an organization independent (maybe) of the offending organization. Will anything happen? I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not. Or, I guess you could go to the Philadelphia Inquirer. That got some traction. And, if someone brings an accusation to Dan, then Dan should report it to the police. Did Dan do that, Stu? If he did, good. It’s the smart thing to do. All he can do is relay what he was told. Dan shouldn’t be “deciding” anything regarding a criminal complaint. He should be “reporting” it. If he wants to additionally take administrative actions, then he should.
  8. Please tell me how this response has any relationship at all to what I posted.
  9. The Catholic Church discouraged people from reporting abuse to the police, with the promise to the families that they’d make sure it didn’t happen again. We all know how well that self-policing turned out. You think abuse is happening? Report it to the police as your first action. After that, if you want to push the rope with the corps or DCI, have at it. Of course, we all know how well that has gone.
  10. Yes, the “guess what it’s not going away” retort does not compel.
  11. HockeyDad

    Old Man DCI was cool...

    I have a different opinion on the worst thing posted: the “if you don’t like it, leave” retort, or variations such as “nobody is making you read this thread”. DCP would not exist if differing opinions went away. What would be the point of it? I come here to read opposing viewpoints and challenging discussions.
  12. Well, you kinda hit the nail on the head there with what the disagreement is, i.e. if it had remained like it was years ago it would have faded away to nothingness. See, there’s no way to test that hypothesis, and, I tend to think its popularity would have actually increased. But we will never know. So we share contravening opinions.
  13. Sorry. He or she gets to have an opinion. Especially as a multi year former MM. I thought the amplified sound coming out of mic’d horns was pretty atrocious. Shame, really, to take such talent and consign it to the horrible acoustics of an indoor stadium, then on top of that to run the sound through microphones. Oh, and also, there is no “lawn” to sit on. It’s all artificial in the oil can. Like the sound. But hey, at least there’s no risk the show will be rained out.
  14. HockeyDad

    The Marching Arts

    That’s a fine defense of the WGI model. But I thought the video was focused more on DCI. I will confess I skipped through large portions of it however.
  15. HockeyDad

    The Marching Arts

    Much as we are poking fun at this YouTube video, there is a ring of truth to it. There are fewer corps now. Alarmingly so. The G bugle has been abandoned, along with its unique qualities, many of which are missed. Moments of marching and drill excellence creating their own wow moments are replaced by the “look at me” style craziness. Uniforms have been replaced by costumes. We can’t deny the truth of this. But... is this because of the “executives of DCI”? Or would it have happened on its own over time, as every year each corps struggled to put something new and different on the field? I don’t know.
  16. HockeyDad

    The Marching Arts

    Is this by Stuart Rice?
  17. HockeyDad

    Business Privilege Taxes?

    I missed you. Don’t leave me like this again.
  18. HockeyDad

    Sex and limitations periods

    Well, you didn’t identify it as taken from an applicable law. Nor do you state where this law is applicable, though I infer somewhere in Canada or perhaps it’s a federal law applying throughout all of Canada.
  19. HockeyDad

    Sex and limitations periods

    So if your spouse works for you, your “sexual relations” are, by your definition, assault?
  20. HockeyDad

    Your Ultimate Finals

    12. 2002 Crossmen (Arranger X!) 11. 1978 North Star 10. 1980 27th Lancers 9. 1974 Troopers 8. 1989 Star of Indiana 7. 2016 Bluecoats Intermission Madison Scouts Alumni Reunion Project 6. 1988 Blue Devils 5. 2006 Phantom Regiment 4. 1995 Madison Scouts 3. 2006 Cavaliers 2. 1985 Garfield Cadets 1. 1987 SCV
  21. HockeyDad

    Blue Devils 2008

    Well played.
  22. HockeyDad

    Academy 2019 show teaser

    Just stop. This is a show tease? Gimme a break.
  23. Per a press release today 2/19/19 on Fred Morrison to act in an advisory role for the 2019 season.
  24. HockeyDad

    Crossmen 2019

    Yeah, that is what is called the radiation trefoil. You find it in places like hospitals or nuclear power plants where radiation levels may be high. It is not a “nuclear warfare” symbol.
  25. HockeyDad

    Crossmen 2019

    I never knew there was a nuclear warfare symbol. But it’s drum corps.