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  1. I like that you called me dude. But I digress. Question for you - seems like you’re giving him a pass because there was no rule in place at the time. True? Maybe not giving him a pass, but maybe saying Dan Acheson can’t make him step down or suspend the corps as he did Pio, because rules weren’t in place? I don’t know. Do they really need a rule saying “don’t do stupid stuff”? IMO he knowingly put youth at risk by placing Joel Moody on his staff. This is inexcusable. If Crossmen BOD won’t act to remove him (and it’s pretty clear at this point that Crossmen BOD is every bit the rubber stamp Cadets, Pioneer, Oregon Crusaders, and probably most of the rest of them were or still are), and Dan Acheson won’t act (and you can’t convince me he doesn’t have the power of his personality to do so, at a minimum), then perhaps more negative public shaming from The Philly Inquirer will do it. Or parents will stop allowing their kids to march Crossmen.
  2. Jeff. C’mon. He hired Joel Moody knowing about his sordid past, and placed him around youth again. That’s like handing a pyromaniac a lighted torch and saying you’re willing to give him a second chance. That is why Fred Morrison no longer deserves to be ED of the Crossmen.
  3. Yeah but they had a presentation on harassment. Isn’t that enough? /s
  4. I think we’re doing the remorse part. I think Mint was pointing out that the contrition piece is missing from OC leadership. Sad situation.
  5. Darn. Bluecoats could’ve done their smooth criminal show on a big old tarp with Hop’s mugshot on it. Oh well. They already did that show
  6. HockeyDad

    Pioneer's DCI Membership Has Been Revoked

    You’re talking in a circle. A much more plausible explanation IMO is that he sees Pioneer as his baby, he’s an old curmudgeon, and he’s not giving it up. I doubt he ever made any money on it.
  7. If only they had listened to their staff and gotten rid of “contractor” Mike Stevens before it was too late.
  8. Yes. I think that talk (and I was part of it full disclosure) was more directed at Lancer as a logical conclusion- i.e. can one be forgiven if he has not admitted anything or asked for forgiveness? I don’t think anyone expects GH to admit to anything, even if he ultimately is convicted.
  9. HockeyDad

    Crossmen 2019

    I want him to resign as executive director. One can do that without folding the corps. Do you think he should stay, having brought Joel Moody onto his staff with full knowledge of his past? I think Fred’s placing Joel Moody around young marching members was an incredible lapse of judgement.
  10. Interesting that I don’t get answers to my questions
  11. Yes they eliminated the person who was dragging the organization down. Do you think that was a bad move?
  12. HockeyDad

    Crossmen 2019

    How’s Fred Morrison? Still there?
  13. Who were they hurt by? Should the perpetrator be held accountable?
  14. What an insufferable *******. Me me me me me me. Look at me. Listen to me. Me me me me. I’m a victim. The Constitution. George you’re just making it worse. Had you actually listened to your lawyers you would get it. But you don’t listen to your lawyers. You don’t listen to anyone. What a tragic figure.
  15. Again, yes. Understood. I was being rhetorical. I thought we would understand. Sorry if I was obtuse. (Shawshank Redemption yeah I know)
  16. The George I know wants a platform and a megaphone. And a mirror to admire himself in.
  17. Well, that’s *a* view. Another viewpoint is that swift and decisive action had to be taken to remove the cancer that was Hopkins in order to save the corps and protect the MMs, not to mention staff, from his further abuse.
  18. Yes. Obviously. But since he claims to have found religion etc., I’m running with that to see if he’s sincere or if this is just another in a long history of attempted manipulation on his part.
  19. Has George Hopkins apologized to any of his12 (alleged) victims? I think that’s an on-topic question.
  20. This is just incorrect and you should know it. Pointing out an error in one’s ways is not judging. Your approach attempts to stop people from talking. This is wrong. It’s not some potato potahto thing.
  21. You have no first hand knowledge either. You were not present when the alleged abuse / assaults occurred. So what’s your point? Nor am I (or we) judging anybody. Last time I checked I don’t have the power to put anyone in prison. I am rebuking. There’s a difference. I sense you’re a little too far up on your high horse here. Perhaps you could consider that others do have very valid opinions. But I do thank you for bringing this back on topic.
  22. Focus, people. This thread is about Hop. I have been thinking about yesterday’s exchanges on this thread. A Reddit poster described it as someone coming here and “white knighting” for Hopkins. I don’t know if that was the case, or if the person genuinely believed what she is saying vis a vis Hop finding his higher purpose so to speak. (I don’t want to go there again so leave it at that). It didn’t soften my bad thoughts about Hop’s alleged criminal activity. So I got to wondering if there’s something wrong with me that I’m not forgiving. Ultimately, I think I’ve settled on this: his musings on fb (not to debate whether they should have been copied here) show no signs of personal remourse. Instead, it reads as an attempt to establish himself as a victim. Yep, that’s all the fashion in society today. I get it. The grievance society. But I’m not buying it. Let’s see how this thing plays out in the courts. For now, any attempt at shooting the messenger or victim blaming (the actual victims of the abuse) should be strongly challenged. Calling them a small group of angry Cadets alumni just out to get Hop would be an example. And if Hop has found his higher purpose, super. But That doesn’t makes the accusations go away.