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  1. As a fan, love ‘em...unless they suck. Mostly they suck. As an instructor, absolutely hate them. The implementation burden placed on everyone is ridiculous. (90% of that burden goes to membership, which is the last place it should go.) But seriously, designers have to think of them (mostly trial and error), builders have to make them (mostly trial and error), corps have to pay for them and the transportation, and worst of all: membership has to transport, assemble, disassemble, and implement them into the show. It’s a testament to the astronomical talent of the membership of champi
  2. It’s easy enough to judge if players are marching around with mics attaches to their bells. It’s also easy enough to ban certain types of field level mics that are designed to pickup sound from sources further away.
  3. Then increase the numbers! Hey, I'm down with unlimited numbers! But then everyone will cry about how expensive it is! It's an exclusive activity, and always will be. How come some qualified members would rather NOT MARCH, if not their fav corps? I dunno, a million reasons? I don't care about those, cuz they're all personal. My point is: The exclusivity is a TWO WAY street, and we can't solve it one way.
  4. First of all, your last sentence is full of idealist, pie-in-the-sky stuff. For even without woodwinds, that would be true: I mean, why cut anyone? Just take every single person who auditions, since we're trying to be so magnanimous! Also, every woodwind player is welcome to learn brass, and try out for drum corps. I'm sure we all know dozens that have! Don't get me wrong: I;m an advocate for woodwinds, but I just want the color. I would never to pretend to be some hippie, feel-good, make-love-not-war person saying "can't we all just be involved?" NO, we can't. We have membership limits,
  5. No. If you increase the numbers, you can march 12 Alto Saxes that would be heard. You probably need 16-18 Clarinets, but you get the idea.
  6. For woodwinds, I'm an advocate, so it is what it is. For those exclaiming "if the numbers don't change, it's a moot point," I say maybe only for corps who already max out that number. For corps that have difficulty getting members, it WILL increase their ranks. Maybe Encorps can get to 55 if they allow woodwinds. It will certainly challenge any of their creators who are traditional drum corps types! And I'm 100% behind Michael Martin's proposal to limit micing of the field brass. In fact, I'd take "Anything goes instrumentation, numbers, electronics, and pit amplification" if micing of fi
  7. Why can’t these corps with small numbers just go max out the SoundSport program? Honestly, I’m not a fan of 37-member outdoor marching units in huge stadiums. “We’re here! Let us in!” doesn't really cut it for me. DCI is set up in such a way that there really aren’t any avenues for recourse when an organization doesn’t get its way. Encorps needs to spend more time figuring out why they can’t find 55 members, instead of crying about DCI operations.
  8. Don’t ya know? The point these days is to SEEK to be triggered. THEN report it is a travesty.
  9. Only if one or both of the Caption Managers below are gone too, since they do most of the work.
  10. Important note for purveyors of this thread: Chip was not Caption Head at SCV. He was Caption SUPERVISOR. This is public knowledge for anyone who wishes to check out scvanguard,org.
  11. Safe for another year! No new champion, so there's nothing really to discuss. BD won. Business as usual, even though a suitable competitor was right there. Tough spot for a judge. Competitive Inertia simplifies things, as I stated in the original post, 12 years ago. All good.
  12. I don’t care. If those people are honest, they’d set their “judging profile” to “Corps Homer,” and that’s fine. By placing their fav corps first, say Jersey Surf, at least that has a chance to knock a perennial out of first (with tie breaking rules, etc) I’d have no problem with Surf winning their home show, even if all previous top 12 corps were competing there. Of course bias will factor in, just like it does now. I can totally see myself putting SCV or Bloo (homer factors for both) above other corps IN THE SAME BALLPARK, just cuz I can. Again, that’s no different than it works now.
  13. Here's how it would work: 1) Download the app to your smart phone or tablet 2) Location services must be enabled 3) Create an account at App Host Anyone with a device running the app within X miles of the venue can login (Location services would automatically check to see what show you're at), and rank the corps as they see fit. "X" is the minimum accuracy of location services. I would not let anyone vote unless they are at the show. Streaming is not good enough, sorry. If people care enough to sit outside the venue and vote (cuz they're within X miles), more power to them. Maybe