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  1. BX5CM

    DCA Rules Congress

    I guess I missed the bone-only players in DCI? Every bone player I've ever seen in DCI switches between bari and bone during the show. So you're expanding the skill set to include both valved and slide instruments during the performance. More is being asked of the performers, not less.
  2. BX5CM

    DCI CD's no longer available?

    I have some nice wax cylinders if you can't find any... what were they called again? CDs?
  3. BX5CM

    G vs B-flat Experiment

    Ya know I can't be sure but if I had to pick one thing, I guess it was when he said "...let's just see how loud one group is compared to another" that kinda tipped me off.
  4. Oh thank you Jeff. Planet Earth: RESUME ROTATION!!! :)
  5. BX5CM

    G vs B-flat Experiment

    Bush used two solo concert flugels in 2003. Cabs went all-concert in 2004, Reading followed in 2005 and Bush went concert in 2005 as well. The test was done again recently. I remember seeing something on here just a few years ago, maybe 2009-2010 where someone did the experiment and OH WOW, surprise surprise, the horns that can play better in tune (concert) are louder... isn't that what our horn instructors have been telling us for years? :)
  6. BX5CM

    G vs B-flat Experiment

    I have an even better idea.... DON'T!! How about that? How about you go take up tennis if you're STILL upset about that? They did that test a few years ago in DCA. It was posted to DCP, and almost universally, the B-flats were at the top of the decible list, the G's were mostly at the bottom. Experiment concluded.
  7. BX5CM

    DCA season too long ?

    No, it's not too long, besides I hear girth is actually more the issue. Thanks for your question.
  8. BX5CM

    DCA 2013 Summer Schedule

    Bucs usually give up their normal rehearsal space at their home show, you might be MARCHING on the field they practice on. :)
  9. It's really simple: The corps that makes best use of their time will have the most success. I have no doubt that if anyone at Bucs misses something due to another commitment, they have to learn it on their OWN TIME and be ready to do it by the time rehearsal comes around. That doesn't happen everywhere, or maybe some corps will have a section or two that are like that.... where I have a feeling that happens in nearly every section of the top 5 corps in DCA.
  10. BX5CM

    Grand Prix Predix

    Watched C2 video... they look very well trained, they are just weak and under-rehearsed and that can turn around fast if they have some intense camp weekends coming up... I'm not sure about the guard. I bet you this program will be top 5 by season's end, but definitely not yet. I think Hurcs and Cabs are definitely much better than C2 based on the videos I've seen... but... this is another week so anything could happen. My guess is the DCA judges will play it safe and sandwich C2 between Hurcs and Cabs. We'll see!! :)
  11. BX5CM


    Every year I've had a DCI Season pass and have seen the Minnesota show they broadcast MBI has been in it and every year I think "There's no way" and then they show up at the end of the season looking and sounding like a million dollars. Don't count them out this early.
  12. BX5CM


    That far down from who?? 2nd-5th place were within roughly 2 points of each other which is tight for a show this size....that means it could be anyone's game to take down Reading at this point.
  13. BX5CM

    Finals and...

    That IS the basic definition of General Effect. The mechanical aspects of which you speak are the nuts and bolts of how and why these programs affect an audience... but the basic premise they all spell out is that which the original poster said... General Effect is measuring and qualifying the interaction of the audience and ensemble. As far as Madison's show... if you really break down that show, the only truly "toss the babies" moment was "Empire State Of Mind" at the end... it was an isolated moment... the best shows create moment after moment that build through each musical idea and throughout the entire show... Madison's show was all about the last moment, not the whole show.... so that's why, in my opinion, they didn't score as high, even with that HUGE moment... because that's all it was... one moment out of a 10 minute show.
  14. BX5CM

    New & Retruning Corps

    I vote for a revival of this corps... http://drumcorpswiki.com/Hormel_Girls The corps also had an expanded article in "A History of Drum Corps Vol. 2"