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  1. mpsanchez

    brown rifles

    When I stopped it with my face, twice, I learned my lesson. Thanks!
  2. mpsanchez

    Guard in the Movies....

    I actually said "puh-leez" out loud today, when I saw that. Some rude lady behind me went shush!
  3. mpsanchez

    New Video

    That is so cute! Dog paws! hahahhahahahapahhfhfhpfhfphfhaahahahahahaha! *wiping tear* Not you J. What Tob' said...
  4. mpsanchez

    Spin or not to spin

    Except for those rehearsal days your knees are begging you to sit...
  5. mpsanchez

    SHOULD There be A Tie Breaker in WGI?

    I meant.... Put a tie-breaking system in place, and continue to educate judges. I shouldn't reply to posts directly after waking. My brains are always a bit contwangled early morning (for me at least). Some folks get in a tissy about individual vs. ensemble this or sub-caption that. I thought championship scores were right on the target. Ties happen! Folks don't like them because they prefer a definite placement.
  6. mpsanchez

    SHOULD There be A Tie Breaker in WGI?

    The solution should be two-fold, place a tie-breaking system in place, and continue to ramp up judges training. The details, philosophical or otherwise, I'll leave up to the rest of you guys.
  7. mpsanchez

    More random thoughts on World Championships

    At the SWPR there were facility people holding back folks during performances, and the announcer made a few rather polite announcements about respecting performers. I would assume that would also be the case at World Championships.
  8. mpsanchez

    WGI World Championships!

  9. mpsanchez


    *counting with fingers* You're brilliant, Hank!
  10. mpsanchez


    The organization was founding in '77, from what an ancient-one told me.
  11. mpsanchez

    WGI Open Class Finals

    I was mildly pleased by that. Speaking of pizza, my buddy asked what happened to the pepperoni when they pulled the floor over. So, I guess you WERE right the first time...
  12. mpsanchez

    Scholastic World via The Web Cam

    Well, that and they have a comprehensive color guard program that starts in 7th grade, if I'm not mistaken?
  13. mpsanchez


    It had this odd feeling it was by Legendary Pink Dots. I would have mailed the Choctaw girls a $100 donation if it had been. I obscure music!
  14. mpsanchez


    What is Choctawhatchee's soundtrack?
  15. mpsanchez

    WGI Open Class Finals

    I heart Texas color guard!