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  1. Hey! I designed these guard uniforms (7th Regiment)!!! : D WOOHOO!
  2. Hmmm I'm not sold on the Guardians.... it's neat, but has some pacing issues in my eyes. the opening took too long to develop and I'm not sure I really "get" the concept. It all looks cool but what's the point? I'm assuming live this is MUCH better. They certainly have a lot of talent in all areas!
  3. Is it me or does the River City hornline sound a bit rough..?? The guard is very good. Percussion is killing it! I'm enjoying this show more than I thought I would.
  4. Venue: Campbell County High School, Alexandria, KY. Very nice stadium (only a few years old) but horrible parking. ** Disclaimer- I left this show feeling very underwhelmed and scratching my head. Cincinnati Tradition: I appreciated their showmanship despite the lack of clarity in the vast majority of the program. The percussion out played the horn line, and the guard started off ok then fell apart fast. Jersey Surf: "Ebb and Flow" is very pleasing and works for what it is; nothing ground breaking here, but good solid skills being displayed by all sections. The color guard and their flowing coverups were a unique choice.... the wind did not really do them any favors. I'm sure they'll continue to clean and be a solid group at championships. Spirit of Atlanta: "Georgia" made me scratch my head and say "huh?". The array of sky line props was unnecessary and the show was a long, drawn out ballad with a few upbeat sections. They seem very far behind and unprepared. The love story they try to highlight makes no sense and the rest of the show just seems disjointed. Crossmen: Very nice! Color guard is the highlight (beautiful colors on the flags); the shape that appears a lot throughout makes sense with the show title, but the props and tarp don't add much to the show. If they make finals they'll be 12th. Boston Crusaders: Much better than I expected! The windmill props are stunning and the references to Man of La Mancha, etc are great fun. They are very sloppy (drill, guard, music). If they can get it all clean (like REALLY clean) they might crack into 7-10 spots. Cadets: I respect them, however this is the worst show from this corps I've ever seen. It's just a mess. The music is powerful, but the soloists are forced and the cake tier props don't contribute anything other than acting as something for the guard to stand on. The flags are incredibly ineffective in terms of design/color. I just didn't like it. Bluecoats: WOW!!! This is stellar! A few bobbles but nothing that would ruin the show; this thing is just amazing! Fresh and new and exciting. YES! Carolina Crown: They are incredibly talented and really have great power and precision across the board; that said, the show is flat and very boring. I don't understand what is "relentless" about a stagecoach, saloon, and (I guess what was) a robbery?? How does that equate? It seemed like the color guard was just doing stuff to do it and not really contributing to the overall show (whatever it is).
  5. Some 300+ groups compete at WGI. That doesn't include the groups that compete at regional events and do not attend world championships.
  6. Les Etoiles used the spinning drum rack in 1997, too. And the scaffolding was in 1999 when they did "Ice Storm" (I saw that show in Evansville, IN and thought it was so cool!!!). Patriots 1999 is a stellar show - glad someone else remembers that one.
  7. Has Pioneer ever cracked into the "top 12"? I know they've made the top 15, etc but have they ever been in finals? It seems to me they ought to have been in finals at least a couple times by now.... (not that making finals is the be all and end all).
  8. A former member of the guard told me that the 2014 guard was very young and the caption head was new as well (though he was on staff the past few years).
  9. Thanks for the pictorial review! I always love seeing photos. Regarding Blue Devils - I have to disagree with your thoughts. While I was prepared to be "over" the group this summer, I am blown away by the outstanding effect created with this show. The drill design is brilliant (rotating "reels") and I thought they presented the idea of being on a movie set/lot in very unique ways. I think this is their most concise, accessible program since 2004. I look forward to them winning another title in 2014 and that color guard can go ahead and win their 5th (or is it 6th?) title in a row. Scott Chandler = genius.
  10. My feed sucks! Might be because I'm at Starbucks though.....
  11. Having a hard time getting into Troopers' show... They sound great, just not really sure how the theme is coming across. Thankfully it's early : )
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