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  1. Come join The Southern Knights from Birmingham, Alabama! We are just starting guard practice now that WGI & band trips are over. Our next camp is next weekend April 30th & May 1st at Pell City High School in Pell City, Alabama. WE SERIOUSLY NEED GUARD MEMBERS! Our show is based on "In The Spring When Kings Go Off To War" & "On A Hymnsong of Philip Bliss" by David Holsinger. Info can be found at our webpage: and our facebook page: PLEASE pass this along to anyone who might be interested! TH
  2. Sun Devils (DCA) did Baba Yetu in 2009 & it became the corps song.
  3. I LOVE The Cadets theme this year. Wouldn't it be funny if it came down to The Cadets & SCV this year...Good & Evil(ish) LOL
  4. If they weave this together with strong music, visual & an amazing story this could be a medal year for SCV.
  5. IMO these labels are applied to any show that has a 'moody or brooding piece' anywhere in it. To me if a show is called 'dark' the whole show should be woven with the theme. The epitome of the dark show, is, of course, Phantom Regiment 1996.
  6. Alot of the shows were top heavy, with emphasis on the horn line, and specifically sops. Ah the days of the scream demons.
  7. Since corps have gone "fashion forward," & since the military look is back in fashion why don't some of the corps go back for military feeling uni's next year? P.S. Thank you Cadets for staying true to your look. <3
  8. Star '90 - "Oh my God, the baby's burning!" The most classic of all fan-calling. 88 Cavies recording wouldn't be the same without the one guy & a few others just "yelling" nothing in particular, just "yelling" in the beginning. It really lends to the ominous feel of the music. We've played this game before but I can't find the thread now. :)
  9. It's for the kids. Let it stay that way. We have DCA, and it's better than ever. (no dis on the kids, work yo thang! ;) )
  10. I bet she was a real monster! LOL j/k 1988 had the better all around top 12. Amazing shows, top to bottom. My all-time fave show was from '87 (care to guess? ).
  11. Maybe the point here is that while disgruntled with the activity as a whole, it is our favorite corps that bring us back, not the governing body. (Or, more specifically, the HISTORY of our favorite corps that keeps us coming back.)