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  1. mrshowfan

    99 Finals Patch

    5 year bump. Will pay $100 for the patch. Must be the finalist patch..
  2. mrshowfan

    Boerma's Back at Madison!

    I will always have a tremendous ammount of respect for the members of the 2007 tour. If memory serves me right the corps was giving serious thought to not fielding a corps that year and the staff was assmbled in the late spring. There were definite struggles with the original visual designers thoughts on the drill at Memorial Day camp, and eventually changes were made early/mid/late season. The staff chemistry was good, but since everyone was a new face, it was definitely not to the level of staff chemistry/cohesion that a corps has with steady staff retention. Be that as it may, the season was a very positive experience in my mind for the members. I believe the 2007 administration treated the members more as adults and less as kids. That is not a slam on the previous administration, that is just my interpretation of what the members told me throughout the season. If I recall, there was a good ammount of member retention for the 2008 year. I'm not really sure how the members dealt with all the changes, but I know that we never had the ammount of changes thrown at us during my marching years. Because of this, I will hold the members of 2007 on a pedastal for carrying the corps through a very uncertain time. In my mind, they are arguably one of the most important corps in Madison's history.
  3. mrshowfan

    Madison Scouts 2012

    The 1994 Brass Trophy (if memory serves me right) was from Drums Along the Rockies. Also, that sword was used in a couple shows in 1997.
  4. mrshowfan

    99 Finals Patch

    Annual Bump!
  5. Not counting uniform fee's, free day expenses, and laundry, my best recollection is: Tour Fees (and maybe it fluctuated different periods in the 90's) 1st year member - $500 2nd year member - $300 3rd year member - $250 4th year member - $200 5th year member - $150 6th year member - $100 Can't remember if staying at the Regent was a separate expense...Anyone? After Memorial day camp, you would room with 3 other guys, all chip in for food (mostly bought at Aldi's) and beverages and this was also another expense. The Regent was a pretty nice place all things considered, it had a computer room, a commons area, was close to a laundromat, and was about a 10 or 15 minute walk to State Street. Good times.
  6. Indeed we did go out west in 1998. In fact, I remember on our way out west I remember staying in Minden Nebraska, Glenwood Springs CO, Moab Utah, Elko Nevada had a concert at the Capital in Sacramento then over to Concord. I believe we had about 3 or 4 freedays in during a two week stretch. (Santa Cruz, San Fran, Monterrey), then made our way down to Stockton, Modesto, Tulare(?), and Anaheim I think we also had a free day in Vegas soon thereafter. Good times. From what I remember, the average age of the corps that year was around 20 years old. Old corps. When we were around Santa Clara, it was the only time I remember Stewart looking at our coordination session and saying (paraphrase) "Okay, no run through tonight. You guys are looking good for this time in the season".
  7. Jeremy definitely marched in 1998, that was his first year in the corps. Good player. He was in the sop trio in Remembrance. I know he did a couple more years, but I dont remember which years specifically. He's from Michigan and if I remember correctly was on staff (in some capacity) with Legends for a few years. Good to see that he is doing well. (BTW, he looks exactly the same as he did in 98)
  8. mrshowfan

    99 Finals Patch

    Been a couple years. Bump
  9. mrshowfan

    Madison Scouts 2011

    Huh...I wonder what year that was. His voice sounds a little different. The whistle on.
  10. mrshowfan

    Madison Scouts 2011

    Yeah...I thought that what a buddy told me way back 10 years ago. (That Harmon was on visual in 96). I couldve sworn that same person told me he was on brass staff in 95. Either way, 90's scouts =
  11. mrshowfan

    Madison Scouts 2011

    I too am in agreement with elmhurstmusiced. Not saying that it didnt happen though, knowing him, he may have done a couple drill pages (dont know if many recall that there was a skull and crossbones formation in early season). Perhaps Harmon did something in '96? Either way, Chris was my fav. instructor. Nothing like those old school Madison guys teaching you. 97-99 = best summers of my life.
  12. mrshowfan

    Madison Scouts 2010

    Madison, Keep up the good work...wish I could see you guys this year.
  13. mrshowfan

    99 Finals Patch

  14. Looks great! Wish I could see it live this summer. Brent, how are ya. Say hello to the Dufalts (sp?) for me.
  15. From what I remember last summer, we made the move because summer classes were starting on that coming Monday