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  1. Also, you also ignored the rest of that post to find the one thing you wanted to harp on. I was comparing the experiences I had marching 2 years in a coed corps vs marching with the Scouts and why an all-male corps provides a unique experience.
  2. Amen, brother. I wouldn’t lie about how much the ladies loved us. When I marched Colts, all our females would do the same thing and head straight for the Scouts busses after every show. I got to be on both ends of that.
  3. You have no idea of the battles already fought with the current leadership. None that need to be hashed out here with anonymous strangers. Suffice it to say that people have their reasons to feel the way that they do and it’s beyond “engaging with the current leadership”. That ship has sailed.
  4. Bring some numbers to back up your claim. Give me the gender breakdowns by corps. Since you’re the one claiming that the Scouts are turning away half the population, then prove that. I think you’ll find that the numbers are more akin to 75/25 male to female.
  5. Yes, because no one is answering your questions on DCP, then clearly no one is working on all of this already.
  6. Going coed is just shortsighted and naive. First of all, you offer 1 of only 2 unique experiences in DCI. Secondly, outside of the guard, many more males make up the membership of these corps than do females. Lastly, going back to the first point, why be one of dozens when you can be one of 2? And who is to say that that will be the difference? How many coed corps have folded over the years? Finances, not the gender of your members are the key to a successful organization.
  7. How do you know that isn’t already being fleshed out, just not on here?
  8. The board is in danger here now too. There won’t be anyone to need to convince. They’ll all be gone.
  9. You are wrong in so many levels and are blind to that fact.
  10. Oh, we’ll change things, alright. There’s a very motivated group of alums who aren’t going to take this nonsense anymore.
  11. Until we, as alumni, band together to rescue the corps from this inept leadership, the Madison Scouts (as we know them) will cease to exist. It is up to us to kick these dead beat asshats like CK and DP out of their positions.
  12. I’m unfortunately well familiar with their financial situation. This corps is insolvent and the board is completely incompetent.
  13. This goose is cooked. Another swing and a miss for the design staff/admin. What else is new?? God, I hate these guys. **** them and their ability to run a corps into the ground. Can’t wait for them to be gone.