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  1. That being the reality we have, it would seem to me that the current cycle is not large enough. These things will need to be planned and committed to, for good or bad, much earlier and part of long term planning. Typically, there are at least 6-8 corps that know they will reasonably be in the top 12 each year. Such that they should, from the very beginning, be laying all the groundwork to secure everything well in advance as much as possible. They don't have to spend their off season months hoping to keep the organization alive and can afford the luxury of longer term planning and strategy. The rest of the corps might very well be uncertain they will even field a corps next summer, so their inability to commit to programs 18-24 months in advance might be reasonable. Is there any real reason, other than choice, that prevents the perennial top corps from engaging in this longer term planning?
  2. I assumed no such thing. You're talking about legal responsibility, as in who must legally be responsible for such an arrangement. There is nothing in copyright law that prevents a drum corps from working with DCI and whatever partners ahead of time to try to make sure that the proper clearances are obtained before the show is even put onto the field. They know exactly how they intend to use the different elements, which could then be pushed through the process. You don't have to have a finalized performance recording in order to pursue such clearance and rights arrangements.
  3. I would expect there to be some sort of indication in the scores that this happened, similar to a portion of the horn line missing notes. Otherwise, why even have any judging at all?
  4. Copyright law is in serious need of reform. Public domain is all but officially dead at this point. It's a shame that the corps don't feel that having appropriate clearance is in their best interest. Having the ability to listen to records/tapes/CDs and watch videos of shows was a huge thing growing up. Not getting your crap in a row destroys that possibility. Nobody wants to watch a video with a black screen or silence for some portion of the show, and they certainly don't want to have that when listening to an audio recording.
  5. Roll in the electronics, collect 140 volunteers from the stands, have them dance for 12 minutes, then disconnect and roll out the electronics. Rinse and repeat all summer.
  6. Maybe. Why bother having any rules then?
  7. I can imagine the conversations... "Brass lines must perform for at least 5 minutes in order to get a score." "Stop being a dinosaur!"
  8. Is there a rule that prevents a corps from producing all of the horn sound from the electronics and marching the brass as props?
  9. Tekneek

    Judging Amplification and Electronics

    Amplification is great to the point that it allows someone to perform a pit instrument accurately without having to worry about banging on it loud enough to project the sound up to the pressbox. When it is used to employ elements that don't really work/fit onto the field and instead are toys used by staff/directors to pretend they are "pushing their artistic boundaries", it fails miserably. To this day, I have not seen any use of electronics or other use of amplification that I thought justified having it on the field. Not once have I ever thought, "Now that is something amazing that makes me happy they've made this rule change..." I keep trying, because I am apparently a bit of a masochist, but nothing has convinced me yet.
  10. Any is too much, at least from what I have seen/heard. I've yet to see any use of it that made me think, "Wow, this is so much better than it could have been without electronics."
  11. Tekneek

    Indiana's New Law

    DCI will be in a position where they have to get commitments from their partners during Championships Week that they will serve everyone equally and make sure that information is very visible. This is like going back in time 50 years. Ultimately, I think this law will get thrown out because it grants discriminatory rights to religious people that it does not grant to non-religious. I can refuse to serve you because of my religion while Bob cannot refuse to serve you because he has no religion. I cannot fathom why that should be alright.
  12. I have found out that their website has been hacked, including their webhosting account being compromised. Attackers have created subdomains and are hosting phishing attacks from it. I can disclose further details through PM to anyone who can relay it to the corps. I can't tell, from the outside, the extent of the damage they may have caused given that they likely have complete access to everything connected to the hosting control panel for the account.
  13. My recollection is that he made positive comments about Jersey Surf, and how their show is not being rewarded the same as other shows that play more to the Judges (to the exclusion of the audience). I found myself to largely be in agreement with what was written.
  14. From the baseless speculation department, they may have felt that their work was done and it was time for someone else to tackle the next challenges that the corps will face.
  15. Tekneek

    I KNEW this was coming.

    Good. We can start unraveling that finally. That's done way more harm to the activity than rifles and sabres.
  16. Surely better than the alternative, but I would've thought they would've done better with the schedule certainty than they have.
  17. So? If DCI is publishing attendance numbers, then attendance must mean something to them. From a business point of view, having your event at the same venue during the same part of the year each year, should really bring the people out. This is supposed to be a NATIONAL competition, so it is supposed to bring out a NATIONAL audience. When I attended, there were people from all over the country there. Yes, I get all of that. Why publish attendance numbers if they aren't important? Why bother attracting attention to it?
  18. I am glad historical numbers were presented in this thread. I would say it is disappointing that they weren't able to generate more momentum out of having the same Finals location for several years in a row. Given that people could have been planning travel so far in advance, the fact that it wasn't bringing more people out should be a concern (not something to pat anybody on the back about). Having to subsidize local sales, despite having years to market your annual events to the locals, is troubling.
  19. Tekneek

    stop the corps folding

    I realize fuel prices are a lot higher than they used to be, but what are the other reasons that tour fees/dues/membership/etc for corps have gone up way faster than inflation? Were people really paying close to $2000 (What cost $3000 in 2012 would cost $1916.95 in 1993) in 1993? I don't recall it costing that much to march with anyone back then, but maybe it was. That is the equivalent of $3000 in 2012, based on CPI inflation data.
  20. Tekneek

    I KNEW this was coming.

    Never before have I wished more that microphones, amps, and synthesizers were implements of war.
  21. Tekneek

    stop the corps folding

    So there aren't any changes that could be made, at a higher level, that might improve conditions? All that can, and should, be done is entirely at the level of director for each individual corps? Is that essentially what you're saying?
  22. Tekneek

    stop the corps folding

    Crown made that move over several years. They also made this move under a much different DCI arrangement than today's corps have. While it is a good example, we're not exactly comparing apples to apples.
  23. Tekneek

    stop the corps folding

    Ultimately, anything that reminds them they are standing on the shoulders of others would be an improvement.
  24. Tekneek

    stop the corps folding

    In my experience, most of them were intending to leave from the beginning. They knew they weren't yet good enough to walk into the top corps and hoped they could get one season under their belt and leave. Here's the question... How many of these would the lower tier corps accept as members if they knew the member had no intention of staying? They might take some, but they might choose not to take others, and instead take a kid who never would want to leave (even if they might not be as a good a performer yet). They send some kids home, that never come back, in favor of kids who have no intention of staying. Maybe these kids should be honest and upfront about their intentions, so the corps can make informed choices as well.
  25. Tekneek

    stop the corps folding

    That's also a good point. How many of them hand out audition details, contact numbers, etc, for people they are cutting. I'm guessing they simply do not care. I would say, from experience, that it isn't entirely true that they do not recruit them. I am personally aware of some famous names in the drum corps world talking up players from some corps to come out for them in the fall. Some even talking to members who are still in uniform at Championships. People want to stay if they prize loyalty above glory seeking. Of the people I've known that wanted to climb the ladder, some were looking for a better experience, some were looking for better instruction, but most were glory seeking for a championship. Let's not pretend it's more than that.