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  1. “Masters of the Marching Arts” was an east coast quarterly that abruptly stopped publication when publisher Rick Connor fell ill. Well, he’s alive and kicking (Italians don’t die; they reincarnate as louder versions of themselves) and has resumed online. I don’t think registration is required; I know there are no fees. Please bookmark us! There’s not much to say, obviously, but I was excited to interview one of DCI’s more famous soloists. To find out, give it a read. Again, the online version is in its fledgling stage. If you have topics of interest, DM me. Thanks, fans! https://mastersma
  2. What about the Cadets' guard? The work was SO athletic, and April said on the tour vid that '93 aged out many. What? That was amazing stuff. "Cool" required them in HARD drill all the while manipulating flags. Wow.
  3. Look at the recap. Their drum scores were abysmal. That was really Rennick/Sanford? Yikes. GE: 8.6 (9th); Field: 8.7 (9th) Ensemble: 8.5 (10th) Had they TIED w/ Star in those three captions, their score would have been 96.8 (Star: 97.0). With '94's line, they probably would have won the '91 title. (WouldaCoulda...) Man, add 1981 and 2008 to that (both dismal drum scores), and we're looking at 21 or 22 championships.
  4. During the great Ronald Reagan Female Depression of 1985 (35 years ago), the Garfield Cadets' center snare was (gasp!) (shock!) f-f-female! Way to forge a path by unshackling yourself from the kitchen, Young Miss! (Diane, I think?) 😝 By the way, if you really want to hear how HOT that '85 drumline was, check out this amateur audio from Finals (drum feature starts around 3:00):
  5. Hilarious. I think it was Quarters in '89 where he stood against the front of the overhang and body-conducted them.
  6. As was I. Neither of us had our heads in front of those drumlines. Today’s system chops everything in half and usually prevents one number from gashing a corps (BD ‘08 excepted).
  7. Performance: Brass [15] Drums [15] Visual [15] GE: Brass [20] Drums [15] Visual [15] There were 5 points allocated for Analysis within the GE numbers, but everything was consolidated to save money. How could this be a fair look at each corps? If today’s system were used, Phantom gets a huge advantage in Music Analysis and Guard. I know: if, if, if.
  8. I think ZIngali wrote the 1985 Star drill. It really looks like him. Of course, he wrote '86 before returning to Garfield in '87. Sylvester wrote Suncoast '86, I think. Really? Klesch went back to Cadets from 1990-1992? I'd no idea. Who wrote Star's 1993 horn book?
  9. I didn't read much of the replies, so excuse any redundancy: The failure of the 6-panel judging system reared its disgusting, ugly head for the second (and last) year. There just wasn't a proper way to reward achievement by delineating half the captions. Under the '87 or '90 systems, I'd bet the farm that SCV would have won '88 and Phantom '89. Judging was so iffy in 1989. There is no way in Heaven or Hell that Phantom was only 0.1 better than SCV in Brass Performance. No way. I'm a brass player, so I won't add to the comments on the 0.5 Percussion spread between them in Finals -- cl
  10. Corps merely picked music according to their individual identities. Now, the music is secondary to the theme announcements, the posters and the costuming. And corps identities have gone by the wayside.
  11. The (even more) crazy part: those 5 threepeat misses scored an average ** .46 ** behind the winner -- and two of those were 3rd place finishes. I've asked this question for 12 years about the 2008 results: how much of that vociferous applause was for Phantom winning and for BD losing? That .025 was the only thing keeping BD from a 4-peat (in '78, it was .35 preventing a 5-peat). Wow.
  12. I WOULD love to know specifics. I was there and have watched/heard the show many times -- I don't recall any tear. All I remember was that on Thurs/Fri, they absolutely OWNED GE...Saturday, for some reason, they finished 2nd in both captions. Now, Cadets 1996? YIPES. (And if you ask the 1985 members, Candide started with a HUGE tick, but other than a drum fluff on one beat, nobody else noticed.)
  13. Wait .WHAT tear? How have I missed this for 20 years?
  14. Cadets (Hopkins) admitted openly that the idea of the show (it HAD changed names pre-season) was unclear and fuzzy. He made it sound like they had no idea what they were doing -- and that certainly reflected in the members all season. They didn't look or sound like a 10-time champion. The drama (TV execs loved this crap) with their Guard Sgt having personal issues and leaving the corps for a while was really bad. Is GH Hopkins still dating that disaster of a guard caption head? (Yes, I'd say it to her face.)