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  1. Guard was eye-popping, too. I remember going to the Cincinnati area for a show and watching the guard rehearse the BWBB ending (those silks!). It was mesmerizing. Over and over again. Calling out individuals who were mere millimeters off. I always switch to the guard cam on the DVD. ๐Ÿค—
  2. And one last thing: Do you honestly believe that TJ Doucette and April Gilligan would have stayed at (respectively) BD and Cadets so long merely because they're women? In the 90s, there were no better people cleaning DCI guards. Period. They won ALL the guard trophies from 1989-1999 inclusive. Add the evil males of Scott Chandler and Jim Moore, btw, who were invaluable. Ok, I'm (probably) finished. And why hasn't April been inducted into the DCI HOF? Boo!
  3. And using California as an example doesn't do you any good. Or haven't you seen the videos of the filth -- and I mean FILTH -- littering the streets and sidewalks? Yeah, CA sure knows how to legislate for the greater good. #hit_a_nerve
  4. Fine. Push DCI into quotas. Once women are 51% represented as caption heads, you'd better make sure blacks are 13% represented. What about Jews? 2% down the board. Muslims! Atheists! Trans men/women! Look, how many straight white color guard designers are out there? It's so tiring.
  5. And to reply with a positive vibe: 1985: I start here, as it was my first year seeing live shows. This is my paradigm for a drum corps show. 1986: Most powerful and visually dirty show ever (until Phantom '08). Terrific music. 1987: Wow. Just wow. Even though Hopkins elevated himself to Program Coordinator, he met w/ M. Cesario (already at Phantom) who gave him the opening and closing. 1988: Underrated. The musicianship was stunning. Performing after Madison was a curse for anyone. 1989: Awesome July; disappointing August because it was so watered down. Highly entertaining, though, with an amazing guard. 1990: First time since they won that they recycled material. I didn't like that, but the show was great fun. (The reverse Z-pull makes for an interesting, yet simple, backstory!) 1991: First third is amazing. Then it lost energy. Guard, though. WOW! 1992: Saw their first show, and they were god-awful. Three more days in August, and they would have won. There's not a bad moment in this show. 1993: In. Your. FACE! Wow. 1994: This was the WSS show Hopkins wanted to do in 1984. Just watch the awesome Guard. 1995: One of my favorite shows, front to back. 1996: Their best guard (mmmmaybe 1991, but still). 1997: Amazing drill, (too) hard music. Wonderful stuff. 1998: One of their cleanest efforts. Wonderful score. 1999: Mixed review. It's a 50/50 love/not like. 2000: Their most crowd-friendly. Fun, fun, fun! See, there's much to love. Just not lately.
  6. I feel you, Dawg. I really do. In the 80s and 90s, the Cadets' field entrances would give me chills. I just knew the audience was going to be wowed. Enter Century 21, and this $hit happened: 2001: Juxtaperformance: (noun) (vulgar slang); "We have no idea what to do, so let's just grab unrelated tunes with no transitions and give it a 'clever' title." 2002: A pale reenactment of the 1995 greatness. "We matter more, because New Jersey is close to the World Trade Center." 2003: "Our Favorite Things?" Santa Clara's/Madison's favorite things. Then "Rocky Point Holiday" which stopped dead halfway through. 2004: Jethro Tull. I (literally) fell asleep at the Indy regional. That was a theme chosen more for a corps trying desperately to make Finals. 2005: Zone/Door: Without the performance level, that would have been hopeless. 2006: Zone Part 2. See above. Yipes. Remember the atonal (accidental) singer? 2007/08: So much narration that my head almost exploded. 2010: The stupidest concept sadly involving a corps member: "Little Geoffrey." Totally forgettable show with a great drill. 2012: A very high DCI muckety-muck said to me, and I quote: "Only George Hopkins can completely phukk up a Christmas show." 2013: Musically stellar; visually an absolute mess with those giant whateverthehells. 2014: A talented corps interrupted with lifeless music and narration. Sadly, their last good color guard. 2015: That uniform. 2016: "Clash of the Corps" was a national embarrassment for the 82 y.o. corps. I will go to my death convinced that this was the last straw for Hopkins. 2017: Leonard Bernstein's "Mess." 2018: Made me remember how great -- and missed -- 1993 was. 2019: Sadly, I thought, "Thank God they aren't at the Akron T.O.C." I wonder how much alumni support they've lost. I really hope the best for them.
  7. Other than for childlike attention, is there any reason you'd say this without mentioning names? C'mon.
  8. (At 11:15 -ish) He yells, "I'm enjoying the hell out of this music!" followed by him screeeeeeaminggg "WOW!"....WOW!" Can the drummers hear him? Are they paying any attention? I remember watching the Field Drum judge in 1986 practically inside BD's snare line during the feature. At one point, he turns around (facing the crowd), laughs and just shakes his head (and gave them a 9.9 out of 10). I wonder if that's an encouragement to the line.
  9. Aren't those the same two words in play this year?
  10. You stopped short of 2008, where he had Phantom at 19.8 and BD at 19.0.
  11. Remember how c-c-cold it was in Madison for 1992 championships? We had to go into town and buy cheap sweatshirts. Global cooling...global warming...climate change... Don't let them fool you. It was Big Oshkosh B'gosh getting a cut.
  12. Oooh. Nice dig there. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  13. Iโ€™m curious re an old guard staff change in Cadets from โ€˜88 to โ€˜89. The โ€˜88 Guard was 11th in Semis, 9th in Finals. April G. became Caption Head in โ€˜89, and they won best guard. Did she (they?) replace the staff from โ€˜87/โ€˜88? โ€˜87โ€™s Guard is probably the worst on a winning corps (a gift of 7th place) and weโ€™re lucky that the 100 pts. didnโ€™t include guard. How were they able to turn that around so fast?