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  1. When my group saw Bloo in 2016, we said CHAMPION! We felt the same last year. It's a great show but stagnated as the season went on.
  2. Not undefeated---they did go on an early run (CC won the 1st show in that horrible "breeze")...then BD took over...then the Cadets prevailed.
  3. I wouldn't say terrible. It's one of the HARDEST books ever written, front to back. Their 4th place Brass score (remember: FIRST place in GE Music) was akin to the early Cavalier wins. Low brass performance, high GE, etc. Now, 1989 Cadets? Terrible. And the book wasn't nearly as rough.
  4. Tad_MMA

    The Cadets 2019

    "LITERALLY" the Mona Lisa? Um, ok. Cadets were 0.3 ahead of Star in drums on Thurs & Friday. On Saturday, Thom Hannum was quoted, "They judged the music tonight!" Aren't they supposed to all week? Anyway, Star deserved their Finals visual numbers. Dirty or uninspired or something. It would suck, going from a 9.9 on Friday to a 9.4 on Saturday and finishing 0.1 behind. But at least it wasn't a pandering, faux-patriotic show again.
  5. Tad_MMA

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    Didn't they move that to Dee-troit?
  6. Bloo did that at the end of "Tilt."
  7. 400 horns whipping through a Z-pull. Gotdamit, DO IT!
  8. Tad_MMA

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    I hope they move it. Last August's Massillon show was a major clusterf*ck. Traffic getting into the place; parking; standing in a LONG line (w/ tix in hand); crowding just inside stadium trying to navigate lines to seats (so much body heat). We got there with time to spare and still missed the opening, due to the usherettes blocking the way up. It's a great tradition, but the people flow is deplorable. As football is even more popular, how do fans do it every other Friday night?
  9. To be fair, in 1982, Smith judged GE Visual and gave Garfield (5th in prelims) a top score of 9.9 -- with 4 corps to go. The next year, he judged Visual Analysis and gave them a "perfect" 8.0 with 2 to go. But 14.0? C'mon.
  10. Conjecture? That was the last major DCI show he ever judged. Gee, I wonder why. Garfield received a 14.9 (out of 15) in GE Visual at semis. There is no question that they were better and more focused at Finals. I personally know two of the (other) judges on that finals panel, and I rarely question numbers, given a clearer understanding of their process and reputation. But that was utter bullplop. Cavies 14.1; SCV 14.6; Garfield 14.0? Ridiculous. On a lighter note, I had a discussion many years later with some staff members of another 1987 finalist (not top 6). They knew "for a fact" that the reason DCI Midwest (MO.) prelim recaps were never released (I can't find them... and Finals were rained out) was because Smith was on GE Visual and underscored Garfield by a bunch (SCV won by 1.2). Soooo, He Who Must Not Be Named or Given Due Process went to the eventual DCI Finals Percussion judges and begged them to overscore Garfield to make up for what Smith would do. He underscored; all 3 drum judges threw down 10s for Garfield. It's a rather logical tale to tell -- if DCI had a history of malfeasance -- though I believe none of it. I mean the 2nd paragraph; I stand by the 1st with confident aplomb. On a completely related note, has (find her name) judged color guard Finals week since the infamous **2003 PRELIMS** shiztshow? And any Garfield people who witnessed George Zingali's reaction to that number, PLEASE comment!
  11. *ahem* Color Guard? *ahem*
  12. Tad_MMA

    Caption Awards

    btw, after 1992's inexplicable color guard trophy (not yet part of the 100 pts) going to the Blue Devils over the Cadets, they began having multiple judges over the three days and averaging the scores. I think it started in '91 when some were peeohed that the Cadets won over Cavies (welp, I thought it was obviously a Cadet win).
  13. Tad_MMA

    Caption Awards

    They used to! There was double percussion until last year, when they decided to have 2 Music Analysis judges at big shows -- one brass heavy and the other perc heavy.
  14. Tad_MMA

    Caption Awards

    Not to everyone. Enlighten us!