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  1. Traveling AZ.

    Rather than totally hijack the “Be Safe” thread and turn it into an Arizona Tour Guide thread, I thought I’d PM you. I hope that’s okay. Have you been to Mt. Lemmon? The drive there is quite beautiful. It’s about 45 minutes from Tucson.8 thousand ft elevation. It’s beautiful. Tubac is another cool little artist town that worth a visit.



    1. IllianaLancerContra


      No.  Spent a lot of time in SW AZ when in USAF.  Lots of training sites there

  2. I’m studying at the Terri Schehr Institute of Drum Corps Humor!

  3. I’m studying at the Terri Schehr Institute of Drum Corps Humor!

  4. I REALLY appreciate what you bring to this forum. Thank you for what you say.

  5. Thank you for what you and your hubby have contributed to the activity over the years. It’s a better activity because of what you do.



  6. I’m so happy you got to see the corps live. Looked like the guard had a few issues but my oh my the sound and movement were amazing!

  7. I really appreciate and respect your views  . Always expressed with honesty, candor, and a much appreciated sense of humor. Rock on with your bad self!

  8. Hey sunshine! Haven't heard from you in a gazillion years. I was cleaning out a few cupboards and came across the Regiment's "Through The Years" series on VHS. It has footage from the dark ages when I marched through the early nineties. You're more than welcome to them if you have a way of converting them to disc. I do have a Sony device that does it, but knowing you, yo...

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