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  1. You might want to adjust the sheet for Mesquite— I don’t see Regiment listed.
  2. Thanks, I am! Now I just need to find some bootlegs of the show! (Kidding, John)
  3. That’s great to hear! Hopefully I’ll get to go home tomorrow. I kinda feel bad that I didn’t find anyone who could use my ticket. Early on, before I made the decision to go on to the ER, I’d held on to the (rather irrational) hope that I might still be able to catch part of the show. I’m REALY glad I didn’t try it, LOL.
  4. Thanks, Terri. I’m still in the hospital but feeling much better. I really wish I could’ve seen Regiment live— it sounds like they really threw it down last night.
  5. Super bummed I missed the show. My daughter and I were on the way but I had to make a little side trip to the ER. (She got a friend to take her.) I couldn’t even watch on Flo because of, well, twelve hours of misery. But I’m feeling better now. Hopefully next year!
  6. There are times when I’ve wondered “what if” in regards to having gone the music education route, especially over the past few years of watching one of my kids go through four years of band. (Somehow I managed to go UNT and march three summers of drum corps and still avoid it.) Once I hit 30, it all came to a head and I pulled a 180 degree career change like you’re talking about— I left my full time job, went back to UNT for more undergrad classes and started applying to professional school. It’s no picnic, but can be done. (I have the crushing student loan debt to prove it.) I still haven’t decided on my third career choice...
  7. To borrow an old quote, “If you want to send a message, use Western Union.” Otherwise, stick to cool music and fast, innovative drill. I don’t know if it’s enough to satisfy the sheets these days, but I still dig it.
  8. Somebody stole my helmet once and danced with it. But I got it back.
  9. Ditto. Our oldest daughter is about to be a senior and marching her fourth year in color guard (and going to the show with me on Saturday.) Her 15 year old brother barely knows what drum corps is. But he’s pretty much an expert on literally everything else.
  10. I got to sit down low last year but I waited too long to get tickets this time around so now I’m stuck in “high cam” territory. 🙂
  11. LOL, hell no. I once had to put toothpaste on the inside of my mask during an exam just to keep from gagging.
  12. Bluecoats and SCV are at such an insane level that I honestly have trouble even judging who I think is “better,” only who I like more. (Leaning towards SCV at the moment but I really liked Bloo.)