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  1. I was lucky enough to march when both Tony Hall and Bill Peterson taught. Both were fantastic and are well deserving of the award. (Bill also gave the euphoniums and baritones the “Buick” nickname back in 94.) Congratulations to all three!
  2. Nope. I’ve never watched it either.
  3. Well, south Texas does have quite a bit of German influence, including many restaurants that serve brats and such. (I don’t usually seek them out, though, because my stomach normally can’t handle it.)
  4. I respectfully disagree. (And happen to agree with Mello dude.) If you’re only talking about them playing and marching SCV’s show, and nothing more, then I think it wouldn’t have made as large of an impact. But if the staff came along too? BIG difference IMO. (Remember who was there when they last won?) It’s all about design and teaching. Everything else flows from that. From my own time with the corps, ‘92 was arguably the most stacked, talent wise. (I’ve heard multiple corps mates state the same.) But the design was stale and outdated— and our scores ultimately reflected that. Even though we jumped back up to 3rd the following years (sadly, I had to miss out on ‘93), it was more to do with the creative infusion of Tony Hall and Jeff Prosperie (as caption head) than anything else, IMO.
  5. Even if it were a group like The Who, for example? What if BD had been able perform Tommy along side them— would you have barfed at that as well? I’m not trying to make a comparison between the two bands, but people have different tastes in music and just because something doesn’t fall within your own personal preference doesn’t make it automatically insipid.
  6. Regiment’s Carnival of the Animals in 91 had lots of little wink-wink references to other corps if you listen closely. (e.g. twinkle, twinkle, little star and so on)
  7. What’s it called? I didn’t recognize it.
  8. Yeah, I’m keeping my public opinions pretty close to the vest right now. As always, I’m pulling for my corps to knock it out of the park— and sincerely hope they do— but, yeah...kinda holding my breath right now.
  9. I order nuclear warfare on teeth all the time. 😉
  10. They could always close out the fire pit trilogy with a routine mission to Land of the Lost. ;)
  11. Oh, how could I forget? Our section was nicknamed the “Buick’s” in the summer of ‘94.
  12. A few off the top of my head ... Yakov Chief Scrot Poodle