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  1. The US averages about 10,000 drunk driving deaths per year. How is that “about the same?” And when was the last time we had hospitals over capacity because of drunk driving accidents? Have drunk driving accidents been doubling every three days?
  2. “I have no special powers but I can skip reasonably well!” — Prince of Space
  3. That’s actually a great point. I’d mentioned to one of the board members at Regiment (who I marched with) a while back to pass the word along that I could help with a that kind of stuff but it probably fell by the wayside. I’ll have to touch base with them again.
  4. Ha, we would NOT be pleased. (I am kinda bummed that we may not get to see our daughter walk across the stage.)
  5. Unfortunately, I’m in as much of bind because of this as the corps right now. But I’ll help when I can.
  6. Maybe I’ll try this out.
  7. Strictly digital these days. All of our textbooks were also digital. For example, I use my phone to look up stuff in our Oral Path book all the time. (It’s quite the doorstop in paper form.)
  8. Our store only carries Fop. Sure, they can order Dapper Dan, but it’ll take two weeks to get here. (####, we’re in a tight spot.)
  9. No, it’s up to the prescriber to use their clinical judgement. Obviously they still have to practice within the standard of care and within the guidelines of their professional and licensing agencies. Plus insurance may not cover off label.
  10. Just a quick review of a drug reference guide does show that chloroquine phosphate, specifically, is also administered as a drug. So it’s not just for fish tanks. (Just as Coumadin isn’t just for rats.) But taking it upon themselves to down some from a bottle formulated for use in fish tanks wasn’t particularly smart. edit: I believe it’s used as an algicide
  11. Sometimes it depends on the dosage and use. Depending on the circumstances, one person’s rat poison is another’s stroke preventative. (Thankfully most people don’t try the off label usage. :))
  12. It’s good that trials are starting. The one in France only had six patients in the group that included hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. The combo seemed to show good results but that’s a pretty small group. The other problem is that the combo can also have the potential for heart complications so they’ll need to work out the risk/benefit analysis for recommending who should take it and and when.
  13. I said may not. 🙂 Even if I had...hypothetically speaking... they would remain on my phone and not wind on some other platform. I missed out on the Legacy collection and this is the first time, in a LONG time, I’d seen some of those recordings in full. Being able to see them again would be nice. (I will say that, should they become available again for official purchase/download OR the Regiment streaming app were to one day return— I would be among the first in line.)