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  1. My DCI rookie year with Sky Ryders. I loved so many of the shows that year. Speaking of Regiment— if you look closely at the end, you can see the glint of Tim throwing his euph after the last cutoff. (As I remember hearing the story, he had a bet with Nikk over a case of beer.)
  2. My daughter’s experience at Reagan was VASTLY different than mine in Commerce, Texas. (I think we had around 65 members the year we made state finals. I was half the trombone section.) It was pretty easy to run into people around SA who were associated with or knew about DCI. Once, when I was wearing a Regiment hoodie, the guy making my Mod Pizza recognized it and said he was marching at Boston that summer. (He was at another big SA high school.)
  3. I was fortunate enough to not have to endure anything that, in my own mind, I ever considered as abuse. But I did have the occasional run in with a certain visual field instructor (most Regiment alums from the 90’s could probably guess who) who tried to jump my case for being injured. One day, my bad knee was just not cooperating and kept giving out on me. Finally, it just completely buckled and I fell on my ### during a run. So, I took myself out to give it a rest. I intentionally waited until the rest of the corps got a water break before I headed over to get some myself. (I literally hopped over) He saw me getting water and started yelling at me that if I were really hurt, I wouldn’t be able to move at all and just tore into me, essentially saying I was faking. It royally ###### me off and we both got into a heated argument right there on the sideline. I eventually stormed (hobbled) off to the food truck and, not very long after, the corps director came over to talk about it. I explained what happened and he said not to worry about it, he’d talk to ***. (We then talked about movies for a bit.) At least that time, I wasn’t kicked off the field. (That was when I told one of the drum majors to p*** off. Heh heh.) But I did witness (along with everyone else on the field) what I would consider verbal abuse that went way beyond the usual “tough” drum corps rehearsal talk. This person was publicly singled out relentlessly and I felt horrible for her. But when future Hall of Famers that eventually have caption awards named after them were saying it… Thankfully, I don’t remember hearing anything like that my second year. All of our upper staff/caption heads—several of whom either came on or were promoted the year before (which I had to take off)—were all respectful, even when being critical. I mostly considered the person I dealt with as an occasional nuisance.
  4. If it’s the same group of knucklehead apologists that were on there a while back (following the DCI suspension), there’s almost no point in trying to engage them online. I tried briefly once but quickly walked away after realizing it was pointless.
  5. I forgot about SoA. I guess I’ve lost track of the different lawsuits/incidents. That’s pretty ####ed up.
  6. Did the person named in the lawsuit, Steve Vogt (apparently now deceased), have a history of abuse? I noticed when I skimmed through the complaint that points were listed that the organization and its leaders should have known he was a risk and failed in their duty to have him fully vetted.
  7. I was a little surprised that this particular case, which seemed to showcase the least culpability on the part of organization, was the one to actually bring them down. But with the overall history of abuse and littany of survivors, (and stupid ### decision making) I think the end result was all but inevitable.
  8. Problem is, along with the good DNA, it sounds like there were a fair amount of oncogenes as well. From what I’m reading, they were never really able to root it out.
  9. I really hated reading that. Sad all around.
  10. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Power Point around here. 😎
  11. Same, on all counts. (Including having a daughter and son born in 2002 and 2004, respectively.) COVID thew a giant monkey wrench into my daughter’s final semester of high school color guard (basically nuking it). I also think she probably would have tried out for DCI (Regiment or Scouts) had she not had that long break. But by the time things started normalizing, she was already getting rusty and busy with other life issues. (Last year would have been her rookout year.)
  12. I’m dying to know what they’re playing. I haven’t heard a peep this year.
  13. Thanks so much. Yep, if I wind up being half the man he was, I’ll have done well. He was in 3rd Army artillery and signal corps. (Prior to— and after—the war he worked for Texas Power and Light, which I think played a part in him being in the signal corps.) He never really talked about the bad stuff, including how he earned the medals, but did tell me a couple of the funny/interesting stories here and there.
  14. Thanks! I thought about Grumps, LOL, but I think we’re going with Grandad, though it’s a little daunting to think of. That’s what I called my mom’s father and he was one of the best men I’ve ever known. (WW2 Army captain with 4 Bronze Stars, knew how to do…well, everything, worked his ranch until the day he died at 90 years old.) But I’m honored to share the name and couldn’t be more excited. I’ve also started joking with my daughter on when she’s going to start teaching her how to spin a flag! We were sooo close to her trying out for Regiment but the timing just didn’t work out. (Last summer would’ve been her rookout year.)
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