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  1. Newsflash: PR Dinos promoted to food truck staff! Rumor has it the chicken patty sandwiches had a lot to do with their promotion. Congrats!
  2. Sounds like the bingo operation turned into a shell game……
  3. I think fleshing out the show design was the issue for BS this year. Just too many ideas fighting for center stage. Musically, I thought they were pretty cohesive. Not sure how Mr. Markworth will fix theme cohesiveness
  4. Is the “Bingo operation” considered outside of the charitable organization? Just asking.
  5. So what point are you making here? As for the audition fees the organization received for the 2023 season. Did those fees go to cover the salaries of the bingo workers? Was VMAPA behind in paying those salaries and ran the camp knowing they were not fielding a corps to keep bingo operation staffed? Granted, this is only speculation, but based on preceding discussions I wouldn’t be shocked if this was proven to be true. Those who paid to participate in 2023 should receive a refund for a portion of those fees.
  6. I get what you’re saying, but from what I can tell it appears DCI is applying a different set of rules to SCV’s return to the field than other corps that have sat out for a season, or two if you count 2020.
  7. While I don’t trust a word VMAPA puts out into the ether I do hope SCV can find a way to return to the competitive field in 2024. My question has to do with “competitive inertia”. Will Vanguard be held back because of their failure to compete from the previous season or will they pick up from where they left off?
  8. Rockford has been quiet. Let’s hope they maintain as many vets and the entire design team from 2023…..they’re onto something.
  9. K. Got it. Let’s get on with the staff changes for 2024. peace, out.
  10. No, but I can recommend a separate thread for Star folks to discuss their experiences.
  11. Check out a recording of Dr. Atomic, the operatic version of the Oppenheimer story. If you’re open to opera, it’s a stunning production.
  12. These recollections are amazing you all were part of a great legacy, not so sure about Bobby Knight, but can we get back on topic?
  13. But it made you who you are. There’s a lot of folks here who love you for that. SUTA brother!
  14. If not Regiment would somebody please do this,
  15. This was totally uncalled for. Try not to confuse yesterday with today. Sounds like you have an axe to grind.
  16. This is not only unfortunate, it’s unconscionable. Why did this get to a second delinquency notice?
  17. I don’t see JD arranging Zamfir’s greatest hits or Andre Rieu’s chart busters.
  18. Change is uncomfortable sometimes. 2023 was exactly what Regiment needed to become competitive again and they NAILED IT!
  19. After reading some of the vitriol that’s been posted here I’m rethinking the civil part of your post. Flame away!
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