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  1. Ugh PR should have beat BD... Nothing else to say.
  2. Exactly, doesn't deserve a place in drum corps, very distracting to me.
  3. Umm I highly doubt it, not unless they really change things up a bit.
  4. Yeah they are going to have to change that, it's a non winning ending IMO....
  5. Way too much synthesized stuff in BD for me... but I'm old........... Other than that they sound great!
  6. No official 2012 Cadets thread yet? Let's start one!
  7. That's awesome, I was wondering where that lick came from!
  8. Won't happen Hoppy is ###### and will remember the 80's even more in 2010...
  9. Ummm no, just watched it, I'm talking about a corps with the balls to take something like the first and last movements (at a minimum) and turn it into a complete show, not just a sampling of the end of the last movement. (Mahler symphony #2)
  10. Maybe they were booing the judges?? Who IMO deserved to be booed.
  11. Apparently that's the case now in DCI. Man how I miss the 80's....
  12. Yeah looks like Pipitone enacted his revenge on teh Cadets after getting his ### kicked too many times in the 80's... Don't buy it for a minute.