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  1. Ok, I have removed some posts that were just bickering. We can refrain from that sort of back and forth, thanks.
  2. Ok, I am cleaning up some posts. Let's keep things on topic/refrain from name calling.
  3. A whole group of us drove overnight from Scranton back to Fredonia and Oswego State in 03 since we had classes Monday. It was rough. I think we rolled in about an hour and a half before my 8am Theory III class. Not fun.
  4. I can assure you we were not. The pressbox was like a concrete block and fiberboard shanty building with no windows. It was more like a sideways rain windtunnel directly shooting in, even 15ft back. Never forget, Kevin, never forget. (Though thankful there were no podium spills for you )
  5. Schools don't start classes until after Labor Day in NY. Most Wednesday the 3rd, and some Tuesday the 2nd.
  6. The "Like Post" icon will not appear on your own personal posts. It shows up to others members to "like", and then will list those "likes" if someone clicks the button.
  7. Ok, we can stop with any personal attacks/name calling. I have removed some posts. Let's keep it on topic.
  8. Hi Marwan! At least some these debates are a little more sedate than some that have been on FB lately ;)
  9. I am just here keeping an eye on things. :) Wish I could have sprung for finals stream. It has not been the best summer for me being able to see drum corps!
  10. Just a reminder to keep things on topic and avoid getting close to something resembling personal attacks, especially tonight. Thanks.
  11. As someone who has sat next to Kevin at DCA many times, it is pretty impressive!