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  1. What I know is that I loved the Bluecoats show this year more than I've loved a show in years.. maybe ever. The experience of being there tonight to see them perform was a gift; it was joyful. I'm sad they didn't win. I think they should have won. The Blue Devils were also very good. But after the Bluecoats, I thought their show was... Not as joyful and thrilling. But very good. Honestly? I'd have been happy to see Bluecoats in first, and Crown in second! Crown marched and played a hell of a show. It was electric.
  2. Wow, the electronic base was really, unbelievable LOUD during Phantom. :( I liked them better Thursday night.
  3. I'm interested in those, only 2 of them though.
  4. I watch Flo on my television using a Roku, and it's been excellent. We watched 7 hours of drum corps yesterday, and had a bandwidth issue once for about 5 seconds. Other than that, it was perfect. I've had similar good experiences earlier this season.
  5. I love SCV's show, but I really dislike the giant tarps. On Flo, it was reflective and over exposed and hard to look at. Why???? they already had so much on the field already. More visual clutter. I think their music this year is superior to last year, actually. Maybe not the whole show, but the music for sure, IMHO And I love BD's little shoe feature; I think it's witty and fun. I wish Flo had shown it. I like their props a lot. They use them in so many ways; someone over there is very clever! The Bluecoats are so good and so much fun to watch and listen to. I would like to see such a pleasing show win DCI. I love it when watching drum corps is FUN! The Crossmen have one of my favorite shows this year too. Engaging from beginning to end. Go Crossmen! Some corps' reliance on super heavy, loud amplified bass is truly unfortunate. It's a bummer when it's louder than the horn line, bah.
  6. Bring a seat cushion, and leave the baby or toddler home. Have a great time! Don't plan on leaving your seat during intermission. You won't get back in time and you'll miss somebody good, most likely.
  7. Yeah, we're in 239, row 3, on the aisle close to the 40. A level 3 obstruction. I was told that the entire left third of the field will be behind the plexiglass - from the 40 yard line over. I'm super bummed. I wish I'd known this when Super 3 tickets went on sale... i didn't even bother to look and see what was available at that time. I thought being a Friend would be enough. :(
  8. Garfield, thank you for the reassurance! I suspect we WILL still go, and I will be glad to have had the warning about the plexiglass when we get to our seats. I know this isn't her fault - she's been nothing but courteous and forthcoming about the issues. I happen to be super picky about seats! It's been a long time since we've been to finals; I'm looking forward to it.
  9. No, this is my first year. I've been posting on the other thread about becoming a Friend to get finals tickets ("Is becoming a DCI contributor worth it for finals tickets?"). I'm a new Gold member, and I'm ambivalent about the seats, but I'm trying to be an adult and roll with the punches. DCI staff has been incredibly nice, but I think Lucas Oil is tricksy.
  10. I did the same. Contact them. They have been working on it this month.
  11. At least on Thursday we can pretty much sit wherever we want. It's something. And our hotel is super close, which is also good. And, I'm pretty happy about the Midwestern tour this year. We're looking forward to Whitewater, Madison, and Rockford. We have GREAT seats for those shows!
  12. Yes, I believe that's the case. it's just good information to know. I wish that I'd known the reality of the situation, and I could have tried my luck getting Super 3 seats that could have been as good or better maybe. Last year when I was researching this, people recommended that the best way to be assured good seats was to become a friend, so that's what I did. Good seats are pretty important to me. I've been in pretty consistent communication with DCI since I submitted my paperwork, and they seemed so positive and accommodating that I expected something better. I didn't know about this glass panel issue. Plenty of other stadiums manage to deal with safety issues in other, maybe better, ways.
  13. yeah, we're considering not going to finals at all now... I dunno. The DCI person I've been dealing with shared some of the challenges of Lucas Oil Stadium and those nasty glass panels. It sounds like there are many, many seats that have similar obstructions. There was no indication that seeing over the panel in these particular seats is possible, and seeing photos from that general area lead me to believe that you have to look through the glass. I've hated Lucas Oil Stadium for years, and I continue to hate it. Where's Camp Randall when you need it??? The whole point of becoming a Friend was to get great seats - we aren't rolling in money, so this was a bit of an extravagance for us, and something that I've really been looking forward to. I can't believe they are giving obstructed view seats to Friends. I guess I'm grateful that they've told me about this in advance, as it would have been really bad to discover it when we got there. Murfreesboro is a great show, and good seats are still available. We are exploring other options.
  14. I know that this is an old thread, but I have something to contribute. I decided to become a Friend of DCI in order to get good seats for 2019 Finals. We had bought tickets for 2018, but couldn't attend because of a family health issue, so we watched 2018 at home with Flo Marching and I submitted my Friends paperwork and Gold membership info the week AFTER finals in 2018, with the expectation that we'd get good seats for 2019. Flash forward to April 2019, and we've been assigned seats that look good on a map (low down in a 200 section, probably within the 40 yard line), but have a LEVEL 3 OBSTRUCTION. I've been told that these particular seats will have a glass panel with a railing that we'll have to look through to see almost the entire left hand side of the field - from about the 40 yard line out. I'm upset. Basically, we've paid $500 each for seats with obstructed views. I have to think that will effect the sound quality as well. All I'm saying is, become a Friend isn't necessarily going to get you a great seat. I'm incredibly disappointed. My parents are aging and have some health issues, and this is probably the last time we'll ever go to Finals. I vowed years ago after having crappy seats in Lucas Oil Stadium, never to go back there without having decent seats. If I had known this was going to happen, I'd have bought Super 3 tickets when they were available...except that the best ones probably got sold at finals LAST year, which we couldn't go to because of a family emergency. I've looked at some of the corps blocks of seats, and they won't give you seat selections before you give them your money, which basically puts you in the same position as when you become a Friend - you give them money without knowing where your seats will be. I'll say this: The person I've been working with at DCI has been incredibly nice, and I've appreciated that. I'm upset. $1500 for 3 seats with obstructed views, and probably obstructed sound.