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  1. I ran into Gino Cipriani at Planet Fitness a couple weeks ago and he said the horn line sounds really good. 🙂
  2. I ordered mine from DCI back in October of last year and still haven't gotten them yet.
  3. Not about winning for me. I just like seeing cool drill.
  4. More drill, more drill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. When I was at Allentown for DCI East, the Mandarins performed their show as a standstill because of the rain. I was totally bored with it because there was no movement or color guard to go with it. When I saw them at the theater for prelims, I really enjoyed it because the movement and color brought the music to life and visa versa. That's what makes drum corps so cool to me. I like the music and movement together. One without the other just isn't as exciting in the context of drum corps. I wouldn't expect the same if I was going to an orchestral concert.
  6. So proud of SCV!!!! I was hooked on this corps since 1999. LOVED that show and was mesmerized when i saw it live! It took 19 years to get a championship back but well worth it! You guys have so much class and i love the way you try different things in your show design. Keep it up! Glad there are no more DCI championship ties. Woo hoo!!!!!! You deserve to stand alone.
  7. Awesome job, Cadets! Looking forward to next year already where there will be absolutely no influence from GH in your show design. Can't wait to see what's next.
  8. I'm still bitter that I couldn't see their show live because of the rain-out in Allentown. This show is the one I wanted to see the most.
  9. I was part of that crowd screaming my head off for their performance. I saw them perform in June at the Allentown show and they have improved so much. It's good to be excited about the Cadets once again!!!!
  10. I've been going to Allentown since 1999 and love it. I like that it has the small-town feel to it with prices that are reasonable for food. I've been there for sweltering heat and downpours/thunderstorms but I still love it.
  11. I know. I live in Mechanicsburg and it started raining hard at 8 PM. This morning, went to play tennis at Messiah college and got drenched at 11 AM even though the forecast didn't have rain until at least noon or later. I don't put too much faith in forecasts but always seem to worry when they may interfere with my drum corps plans!
  12. Agreed. I have been there through drizzle to heavy downpours and the shows still went on. I was at West Chester one year, and we were watching the radar because it was a similar scenario to tomorrow's forecast in Allentown. The pockets of rain were heading right toward us but kept breaking up or going around us. We saw no rain until we got in the car to go home and then the skies let loose. Hopefully, we'll have a similar situation tomorrow. I'm taking a "newbie" along tomorrow and she is anxious to see all of the corps and I'd hate for her to miss out on some great drum corps.
  13. Really? I've been checking out the forecast as well and it still looks pretty hairy through Friday night. Flash flood warnings in Central PA until Friday morning at 8 AM, but then 80% to 90% chance of storms on Friday/Friday night. Hopefully, they are wrong.
  14. Do you feel that with all of the props on the field these days, the drill has become less interesting? When I watch videos today, I feel like the drill isn't as interesting to watch compared to when the field was practically empty except for the corps itself. The props take away the space for the marching members to do the kind of drill that sticks out and has those "wow" moments. Plus, when members have to stop and move the props around, it is taking time away from actual marching too.
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