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  1. Thanks Brother.....good rehearsal, great run thru. Looking forward to performing tonight! Good skill to MBI tonight as well!!!
  2. There were actually 2 Mini Corps Associates Championships....the first one was in Harrisburg Pa, the same day as the Forum Show in April of 2007, which the Golden Eagles were victors that day. We got the chance to perform at the night show with all of the great Alumni Corps and blew the stands down!! In 2008 we had the Mini Corps Associates Championships in Albany with Mass Brass taking home the title. Great times for sure, and I really miss doing Mini Corps. Sigh.....maybe some day again, when I retire for good I'll get something going again.
  3. Have you wanted to donate to your favorite Drum Corps, the Hawthorne Caballeros, but really can't afford it? I know how you can help...As we are coming in to the holiday season, I know everyone is doing some online shopping. Just go to www.igive.com and sign up. After you've signed up, enter your cause, The Hawthorne Caballeros. Then proceed to do your online shopping through igive.com. A percentage of what you spend in each store will automatically go to the Hawthorne Caballeros. It is that simple. Nothing else to do, no money out of your pocket, no unwanted emails later. Please help...every penny can help us secure the new instruments we purchased this past season. Thanks in advance, and I hope you all have a great Holiday season!
  4. WOW.....Larry Pawlowski left Govies??? Is that recent? Or have I been so involved with Cabs that I didn't notice him moving prior to 2014? Either way....you got a good one there. Congrats!
  5. I received my copy of the BluRay about 3 weeks ago. The Audio AND Video quality are very good...no complaints from me! (Especially on my new 65" UHD 4K Curved Samsung TV)!!!
  6. WOW....thanks Dan!!! Listen folks. I was disappointed with the outcome, not going to lie. We had a great show at finals. So did the Bucs. I left the field, madder than hell. Didn't even stay around to hang with any of my friends, and anyone who came up to me immediately after retreat would not have been able to talk to me. BUT, if you think for one second the Bucs would just lay down and NOT give their best performance of the year on Finals Night, then you do NOT know the true meaning of competition. The Bucs brought their A game that night, as did we, but man.....they had a great show that night. I watched it multiple times on the fan network a couple of days later and could not believe that was the same corps we beat the day before. They were good....REALLY good! And I congratulate each and every member of the Bucs for the way they won. I do not believe they expected to win, but they did. Kudos to them. I can honestly say that I left the field knowing I just gave one the best performances of my life, and I felt really good about it. The crowd loved it too, and THAT is what I do it for. If I happen to win, then great...winning is a Bonus, and I hope everyone understands that.
  7. Hey BigW....maybe this show you will finally introduce yourself to me? Jeff....looking forward to seeing you!!
  8. Yes...I do, but I am also smart enough to know better than to speak on behalf of my organization, unless instructed to do so. There are some, actually many, that aren't!
  9. Fred...I respectfully disagree with you. Why go through all that trouble if you could just avoid it by not posting? (as I could be doing right now). You avoid the possibility of making yourself look like an idiot by having to apologize if necessary, avoid dealing with the offending poster later, avoid the potential embarrassment brought about to your corps, and avoid risking being cut loose. No one would have to "deal with it" if none of it happened! As an wise instructor in my corps said in the beginning of the year.... "Don't Press Send"!!! LOL
  10. Yes...we are told to stay off DCP. I see no problem with that. Most of the people here are trying to egg us marching members on anyway! I'm not falling for it! I do not represent my corps. ONLY my corps admin represents my corps. Official statements from my corps comes from my admin. I am a member of my corps, and even though my comments or opinions do not reflect the general consensus of the admin of the corps, we are instructed to stay off. We are told that comments may be seen as disrespectful, even if we are defending our own corps. So we are told not to respond. Again...I see nothing wrong with that. But people would be lying if they don't come here to read the comments. I do! I read some of them and just laugh! I appreciate the reviews, and I appreciate the good and bad comments. Then I sign off, and keep my thoughts to myself. Then go on the field every weekend and do the best show possible. And I am having the time of my life doing it!
  11. Thanks for the offer Fran.....but if I do happen to do Alumni Corps again, well....I think you would know and understand where I would go! RUMP!!!!
  12. If you were all that concerned on what the Bucs are doing on their show weekends off, all one needs to do is go to their website and check their calendar for their schedule. Clearly shows they had 1 weekend completely OFF since May...the rest have been spent rehearsing.
  13. You are WAY too kind Ray, but I do appreciate your words more than you know. These knees and feet are getting old, and this body is getting fatter...but I still have my chops, thank god! I have not even thought about what I am doing next year. Just want to finish this season the best I can. If I add another flag to the collection, that would just be icing on the cake. If not, I still had a great time doing this activity that I love so much, and grateful the Cabs allowed me to be part of it once again!