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  1. AWESOME!!! their show was intense, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  2. Unfortunately, DCI does NOT care about Open Class, period. If you think DCI wants to get involved with Open Class and help out, like they do WC, you are so wrong!!!!! Very sad indeed to see another corps fold, but they have to do what they have to do.
  3. ok, not bad ideas, BUT how does WGI feel about this drumline thing?
  4. and, where is all the money they paid for auditions? will that be refunded?
  5. From what it's been understood, all info will be up in the next week or so. I would suggest your best bet is email them directly.
  6. Well, my apologies indeed to you, I had NO idea you had all the facts of what exactly happened with these corps. I also had no idea they didn't tour at all. I wish them all the best no matter what, and can't wait to see them on the field once again and for many years to come.
  7. AND, I must ask, how do you know about this "stew" you mention in your post? or are you just going by whatever everyone here is saying? smart, very smart!! Let it be people and instead of going on here bashing corps, help them out, lend them a hand, or at the very least, clear up any issues you have with any of them, with THEM not in a public forum. I wish VK and Racine only the best in their future!
  8. SO NOT true. OC corps do NOT get paid show fees.
  9. Agree - have you ever attended the annual DCI meetings and sat in on the Open Class ones?
  10. I agree with you!!! but did VK leave out on tour "knowing" like you say, that they did not have the funds? did they stop tour and leave everyone stranded? I don't think they did, did I miss something?
  11. From what I understand and was told it was definitely a sound financial decision. You should PM the director, or email her, as I did, and she will be glad to answer any questions or concerns VK WILL be back in 2013