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  1. People will believe what they want. Am I definitely a lit....very sad Bluecoats didn’t win tonight? Yes. But I am not gonna search for excuses why. Blue Devils did what they do best, an incredible finals night run. I’ll leave it st that.
  2. If people think Jeff Prospiere is playing favorites you’re nuts. There isn’t a judge in the activity I trust more. If BD won drums tonight, they won drums tonight.
  3. Medaling in brass. It’s starting. If there is a corps coming out of this week that excites me in their potential growth next year the most, it’s these guys.
  4. The BD crowd has been pretty classy. Except for you. Not a hot look bud.
  5. Blue Devils and Bluecoats both had some little blips. It’s gonna be close. Mind says Blue Devils. Heart says Bluecoats. Now we wait.
  6. Blue Devils are masters at their craft, especially visually. Consistent, flawless, etc. good lord they are doing those parts of their shows better than everyone. Best usage of props this year too, that moment where they ripple down is jaw dropping. And musically can from Khachaturian to the ballad to the tap shoes there are just SO many amazing moments. I love the theme of this one too, and I think they do an amazing job with it pretty much all of the show. I am so fine if this show wins, we are so lucky to have two contenders going back and forth.
  7. It’ll happen to BD too. People are looking for anything and everything. Bluecoats has a slightly off attack in the end, Blue Devils just had some front to back phasing when the low brass came in during Khachaturian. No one will be flawless tonight. People are gonna see and hear what they want to for the most part.
  8. Bluecoats.......they joy you perform with and convey to me and the audience is what makes me love you. No one does it like you do. Another seamless, thoughtful, and incredible show this year that worked on every level. Elanor Rigby, Blackbird, etc.......just incredible. Distinct. Iconic. I’m not sure what the scores will bring, but wow. What a season. This might be their best corps ever. Tonight was so much better than last night. Let’s see what BD puts up, but INCREDIBLE performance!!!
  9. I’m gonna be a nervous wreck until scores are announced. 🥺
  10. SCV REALLY pushed me as an audience member this year. Might not be my favorite from them, but I appreciate so much what they went for. INCREDIBLE talent, and that 2nd number is one of the catchiest and most interesting musical things on the field this summer. And percussion.......woah. Again. Probably the most dominant section in the activity right now.
  11. Carolina Crown......your musical and athletic prowess this year is jaw dropping. That opening note is.....woah. And the rest of the show has grown on me exponentially since June. Thematically it never did it for me, but in terms of pure marching and music excellence? Good lord. If they can tap into a theme and really execute it they’ll win again with the ability they have. Again this year, I’m so glad to see the drumline as an asset rather than something people blame for them not doing better. They’re bad #####.
  12. I am most excited for The Cavaliers going into 2020. They tapped into something really special this year.
  13. Cavaliers......even if it doesn’t place 4th, I still think that is their best corps and show post 2011 by a lot. The brass line......might be the most improved section of the year in the top twelve. Percussion and guard are no slouch either. If they keep programming stuff like the Road to Perdition sections they’re gonna be fighting for a medal VERY soon, some of the most fitting source material for a show this year. If you make a highlight reel for this year, the ballad is undoubtedly at the top. Incredible. Also, they’re one of two corps in the top six that are doing some INCREDIBLE shaping in the brass to me. Please keep doing that.
  14. Boston Crusaders......that is sitting in 6th. Brass and drums have come a long way since June, but that guard......WOW. You cannot take your eyes off of them. They’ll win a championship soon if they keep progressing. I am not sure if this show was as conceptually strong as the last two, but the ability just keeps shooting us. Gino and Collin with that guard staff? You’re bound for a win sooner or later.
  15. Blue Knights know how to tap into real human emotion and experiences like no one else. They are able to create shows that touch on so many levels. Reminiscent thoughts, life before death, etc. There is just something so authentic about what they do. It’s ethereal. Percussion writing.....nothing else like it. I think I finally got this show tonight. Also, Daniel Belcher. What a conductor, and from what I’ve heard, an incredible human being. Can’t believe we have six more shows to go at the quality we have already reached.........