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  1. Oh I hope so! Because it would be pretty embarrassing if it wasn’t.
  2. You mean like 6 people on DCP who post the same fetid opinion over and over. Though there are thousands of comments from people on Facebook and YouTube from people who loved the show. But that doesn’t fit the narrative of a “disappointing” year for crown. But don’t let me stop you from carrying on with your version of reality.
  3. Henry sucks all the air out this forum. Jesus, just let the honks, honk. It’s honestly annoying reading explanations about everyone is wrong except him. I guess I should just look the other way cuz it’s annoying. go Crown!
  4. Ah sorry, didn’t mean to speak positive about Crown in the Crown thread my mistake. Gotta be realistic and zero hype zone. Thanks for policing my clearly irrational reaction.
  5. I’m not begrudging if you didn’t like it. There’s plenty of shows that I don’t like that other people love.
  6. People wondering why a show designed for live performance with audience interaction doesn’t work via broadcast. Most Everyone that watches the show live comes away with a positive impression. The show feeds off crowd energy more than any other show out there and there is no doubt that the live audience loves Crown even if the arm chair designers watching at home for the 8th time like to say otherwise.
  7. Excuse me but this doesn’t fit the DCP narrative even though it’s settled doctrine that Allentown scores are comparable night to night and there is multi-decade precedent of this.
  8. The App in action in San Antonio! So cool!! Coordinated lights with the countdown across the whole audience!! https://www.facebook.com/carolinacrown/videos/countdown-with-me-crownliverighthererightnow/1420591565073132/
  9. Looks like Henry is super duper mad 😡 at people who like to cheer on their favorite corps. Lots of people are mad that Crown has fans that like to HONK every now and then. Don’t be like Henry 😡.
  10. The spread feels like the judge Forced BD 1st place. It’s actually embarrassing seeing these spreads. They forgot how to manage numbers since the pandemic.
  11. GE is actually a check box that says “are you watching the blue devils?” And then it gets checked off or left blank.
  12. Its about living like tomorrow doesn’t exhist (Chandalier lyrics). Living in the moment. And creating moments that last forever hence infinity looking prop and imagery. That’s all.
  13. Not sure of people realize but Flo receives direct feeds from corps’ sound boards now. It can sometimes be a point of error in the hustle of setting up if Flo plugs things incorrectly or gets the feeds crossed. Also, that means an engineer not associated with the corps is responsible for balancing the corps electronics in the live feed. So what you hear on Flo, in spite of their best efforts, is not always indicative of what you hear live in a stadium which is what the corps’ engineers are balancing for.
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