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  1. Less hats than ever. Those cost money. If you can medal without one why bother?
  2. He's not upset about that. He is upset about his..... (WOMP womp womp from hornline) Inappropriate "dad" joke that was never funny (pre-teens cackle as old people gasp and say "how cheeky")
  3. Was referencing SCV. And like I thought, not a word on their amplified brass. You can't call out one corps and give another a pass on it. Time for Steve and Dennis to retire seeing as they now have that old man opinion. Absolute trash from both of them. Old senile trash.
  4. I love this show but if the announcers don't mention the hornline amplification as being "too much" here like they did with Bluecoats they lose every ounce of credibility and respect they once may have had in my eyes. This show should win. But it's an equal offender on that front.
  5. I love this show but you can't look past clean JUST because of fun. Marching slightly out of time isn't intentional and certainly isn't HE. Freeform moments do a great job of showcasing "the point" but don't excuse out of time feet
  6. I also like band. I totally agree with you on this band related topic that was posted on this band forum. Your band point about band was very true. (This isn't a forum to air out your national beliefs. There are places tho do that. This isn't one. Band)
  7. They like something more than something else. QUICK THROW THEIR OPINION OUT THE WINDOW!
  8. Bluecoats end on a d major chord. I'm glad, since they is naturally very easy to tune on Bb horns. Fingering demands? You guys must have your minds absolutely blown when people play arbans for you....
  9. I would urge everyone to go look on YouTube a transcription of their show this year. Find me someone who thinks this book is a 4th place book and I will find you someone who does not understand brass playing
  10. Clearly you haven't looked at the recap my dude. Either those almost random placements of captions were so meticulously planned to add up to a specific number from every judge, or that's just how it is. I wouldn't think the color guard judge said "oh they did good but putting their guard in 3rd wouldn't slot them properly into 4th 6th it is."
  11. This 1000000%. Having seen it live tonight I fully realize the timing demands. They have trading off eighth note passages across the field while jazz running. I would say Bloo has the most demanding brass book this year from a timing standpoint.
  12. Anyone have corps rehearsal locations? I know Bloo is at centennial but I can't navigate most corps sites on my phone as well
  13. Back in 2007 my mom suggested to a worker they changed the name to "Noisey in Boise." They plain faced said "that's not the name of the show." They apparently don't include humor in the curriculum of this state...