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  1. It was fantastic and lots of money was raised. The full thing will be re-posted on YouTube in the near future. A lot of great Crossmen history...drum corps history.
  2. Please join. Some pretty amazing people are participating:
  3. I have a different name for “female drum major”. It’s “drum major”.
  4. London, UK (Wembley ); I went last year when the Philadelphia Eagles played and there were people from Philly everywhere. It was a blast. It would be fun to go to another country and promote drum corps. Yeah, getting the corps equipment there could be a challenge. They might have to rent a cargo plane. But, let's think outside the U.S. "box". It's bold. New York City (Meadowlands); make sure there are events to attract national media exposure, which they don't in Indianapolis. New Orleans (dome); because it is fun, though it is pretty hot down there. San Diego: I go to Comic-con every year and the weather is very, very pleasant. They also have lots of hotel space and are known to cut deals, particularly since their stadium doesn't have an NFL team anymore.
  5. STOP: Using recorded singing. If nothing else, this is a violation of the DCI age rules--and I don't know why this has never been brought up. How do we know the singing wasn't performed by someone over 22? If it's part of the music ensemble, it should be performed by someone who is within the DCI age rules and performed live in front of us. START: Doing a real marketing study to see what the opportunities for growth in popularity of the activity is. Secure someone who knows what they are doing to write your surveys, which are badly written, in my professional opinion. In the 70's DCI did the brilliant thing of touring parts of the country that had little exposure to drum corps. As a result, those parts of the country grew. Unfortunately, since then, the activity has become more insular and niche. It calls itself "Marching's Major League", but there is nothing major about its awareness among the general public. CHANGE: As others have said, the rules regarding electronics. I don't know if there is a rule that the sound engineers and mixers who actively work during the performance are subject to the age rules, but if they aren't, they should be.
  6. I don't know what being professional vs. non-profit has anything to do about it. The argument for the salary cap in pro sports is (1) more parity in competition (2) control of costs. The argument for a budget cap in DCI is exactly the same--more parity in competition and control of costs. Profit or non profit has nothing to do with it. It's definitely a "needs of the activity" vs. the "needs of the organization" argument, but, if the NFL is an example, the teams have certainly not suffered as the NFL's supremacy over other sports got even stronger. In 1995, the World Series viewership about a third the size of the Super Bowl. Last year, they were 1/7th the size.
  7. He's a Crossmen alumnus:
  8. Stop: Recorded singing instead of live singing Start: Front ensemble includes a Chapman Stick. (I have a friend who could teach it) Change: Go from Randomized start times in groups of three to totally randomized start times.
  9. Oh, no, I was hoping what I said wouldn't come true. Why can't they go for that Phantom Regiment DM, who DCI decided was better?
  10. Another season is in the books. The corps administration, staff, and members should be proud. They put on a show that the entertained crowds all season. I think they were underscored in several captions, but that is water under the bridge. We all know that Finals scores tend to go down for the bottom six regardless of their actual performances being better. It's a judging thing. Their Finals score was the highest the corps produced since 2002. Their Percussion improved greatly during the season. The Color Guard was stellar and will be remembered beyond this season. DM Lydia Marshall set a new standard for Drum Majors as a thematic participant in the show. She will also be remembered beyond this season and I hope she returns next year. I wouldn't be surprised if she isn't heavily recruited by some higher ranked corps. The Design Staff swung for the fences this year. I can't wait to see what they do next year. But, stay aggressive. It suits the corps very well.
  11. He is also in the Crossmen Hall of Fame for his work with them. I believe the Cadets are in good directorial hands.