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  1. Going to begin this year's Crossmen topic with a fundraiser... San Antonio's "Big Give" is today, 9/20. The special "Match" donation period is anytime from 6PM to 12AM Central time. Any donation will help the Crossmen fund practice facilities, but each $50 dollar donation will be entered into a RAFFLE for a pair of either Allentown OR San Antonio regional tickets. Next year is the Crossmen's 50th Anniversary. Link to Donate: https://www.thebiggivesa.org/org.../crossmen-productions-inc Note: if you can't donate during the "match" period, you can also donate any time through September 21st.
  2. Fun Crossmen trivia: in 2012, they went into semis in 13th. Blue Stars were in 12th. The corps put in a great performance highlighted by the screaming solo of Chris Lyman during the Michael Jackson opener. They made Finals. Chris Lyman is now the corps director.
  3. The Crossmen have more actual drill in their show than most of the corps out there. They put in a really good performance. (I am live at Lucas Oil).
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the exposure to these corps on Flo. Since, I'm going to Indy, I'm going to make a strong effort to see many of them in person at Prelims. Some really interesting shows on the field.
  5. It did not look good. But, they've come a long way. Examining the caption scores from Allentown--even though the Crossmen were on a different night--they beat BK and Crest in every caption except Brass. They beat Crest in VA, but were behind BK in Visual Analysis. The only thing that may be a barrier for the Crossmen is that they perform before both Blue Knights and Pacific Crest at prelims. Performance order can matter. If they can still beat them and go into Semis ahead, it's a more comfortable situation. This is going to be a nailbiter.
  6. This will be my 3rd year in a row after a long period of not going. I hooked up with some fun people and it really makes a difference. I can't say Indianapolis is an exciting vacation destination, but St. Elmo's Steakhouse, alone, makes it worth the trip. Our group makes reservations to have dinner there right before Finals and the place has many drum corps people in attendance. I'm already looking forward to it.
  7. Yes, two judges were different. Almost, every judge that was the same, judged a different caption. Interestingly, only one judge did the same caption as Mesquite--Brown on brass. He gave the Crossmen a 15.2 in Mesquite and a 16.4 tonight. That was the biggest jump of any caption and it was the same judge/same caption. Interesting.
  8. The spread was 1.8 tonight. So, the difference was cut by more than half. The Troopers were ahead in almost every caption except Color Guard and one of the GE judges. So, last night looks less like a fluke for the Crossmen. I like the dynamism of the scoring this season.
  9. I'll be interested in the spread between Crossmen and Troopers. It was 4.8 points in San Antonio. If the Crossmen jump is the "new normal", it would be cut in half. This is also a very different situation. The Crossmen performed three hours before the Troopers in San Antonio. Here, they are back-to-back.
  10. Based on what I saw and heard, I think they'll do fine this year. It looks like they are going very light on props--just two big backdrops that match up with the drill concepts. They are still four days from their competitive debut on July 7th. They'll face Madison, Troopers, and Colts, as well as higher ranked corps. Their position in the hierarchy should be apparent at that show.
  11. It's probably different now, but in 2012, we rented and RV for DCI Finals and parked it in the stadium parking lot. A friendly employee of the Lucas Oil stadium pointed us to an area where we could plug ourselves into electricity on a pole. Other RV's were in the same area. I don't know if other stadiums have this feature, but it is worth looking into.
  12. I know I will come off like a fangirl for saying this, but I feel very bad for the members of the Crossmen. They performed the Hell out of that show. I haven’t seen today’s sheets, but, across the board, they outdid their show design. To be out of Finals by such a slim margin is brutal. On the other hand, the design staff has to come up with better show concept than “Show about a shape”. 2019’s “Valkyrie” was a great concept. More like that, please.
  13. I was just about to say that. Their show was sleepy compared to the energy of the previous two. The acoustics in the stadium are bad for everyone, but they sounded mushy at the end.
  14. They settled on this particular order a while ago. I don’t know when exactly, but before Allentown.
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