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  1. For the record, I have never marched with the Renegades or had anything to do with the organization. I do however, know many people who have been or are currently Renegades. I find this situation rather stinks. The Renegades were suspended without any charges being filed publically or the process involved in determining the corrective action being explained. Speculation has been rampant, from sexual orgies involving underage animals (maybe that’s how the frog got crunchy) to alcohol fueled arsonists trying to burn down the Naval Academy. Maybe the reason the Renegades haven’t issued a formal a
  2. So, where you there? Where do you get your facts? Who appointed you judge and jury? For that matter, what process did DCA use before passing their sentence? The whole process doesn't pass the smell test.
  3. Well, if you consider the statements you put in bold political, then this thread is political. Part of the political process is discussion. News organizations are not suppose to be political and FOX goes out of its way to claim its not. What should be discussed is how the school administrators folded because one person complained.
  4. Upon further review… It took a bit of looking, but I found my 1971 tour schedule card. On the back I wrote our record against every major corps we faced that year. That was in 1971, right after we got home, so no time for the memory to get fuzzy. We were 3-2 against the Cavies, so it looks like you were right. Here’s the rest: Troopers 15-2 (1 by penalty), Madison 11-1, Blue Stars 12-0, Kingsmen 2-2, 27th 2-2, Blue Rock 2-1, Garfield 2-0, and Boston 4-0. Most importantly, we placed 1st at the VFW finals which made us that year’s champion!
  5. Learn about the noose here: http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/forums/index.php/topic/152520-the-noose-is-back-where-it-belongs/
  6. I still have the program from that show. Those scores are incorrect. SCV did not lose to the Cavaliers in 71. In fact after we beat the Cavies for the first time in 1970, SCV didn't lose to the Cavies until sometime in the 90s.
  7. SCV won the 1971 VFW title (last year before DCI) without taking a caption. It is the only time, that I'm aware of, it ever happened.
  8. Yes BTW SCV owns its building (outright), BD leases theirs. Indian gaming has had little effect on SCV's bingo revenue. Bingo players like a clean, well run game and they get that at the SCV bingo hall.
  9. Drum corps has always changed, will always change... a younger generation will dig the #### out of it... while an older generation will nonsensically complain about it. This is the cycle. There is no crisis here. The sky is not falling. This is nothing new. As a supreme dino I want to know why DC must always change. Activities change to draw more fans, more participants, in short grow the activity. So, Mr. OP, how successful has this constant change been? Do we now have more fans, more shows, corps than 40 years ago? How about 30…20…10? No need to answer.
  10. This is a story from the SCV Alumni page. Great DC history that started over 40 years ago and continues today! ‎1970 after the Milwaukee show when we beat everyone for the first time, the Cavaliers were a bunch of whiners that the "snotty nosed left coasters" beat them. We ended up staying in Cavalier hall in 1971 and Chuck Messimer a contra aka Bernie Schwatrz had Lou Avilla (parent/equipment manager) make a hangmans noose. When we were leaving a couple of us along with Bernie snuck back into their hall and left it on their pool table with a note. "Go Hang Yourselves". They kept that for ove
  11. I was in the original play (1762) by Carlo Gozzi. We pronounced it Turandoh.
  12. I think the Santa Clara Cavies will defeat the Rockford Vanguard!!! LOL Sorry...couldn't resist. In truth I think both Jeff and Rick have done a good job adopting their new families.