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  1. Since no one has done a review of this show I thought I'd post one. Only ended up catching World Class due to PC Alumni Tailgate and helping to tear down only to finish by int. I was up high, 3rd from the top close to but not exactly on the 50. Mandarins-As a PC alum (and Bloo) I felt weird wanting them to make finals in '17 but if you can make me root for you then you're doing something right. I believe this show has the wheels to make it as high as 9th, maybe 8th if they really amp up their performance levels. Hornline is the best I've ever heard from them, the drill design is on
  2. As a Bloo alum and woodwind player I can say just use what you know you. I played flute and saxophone before I touched a brass instrument (sophomore year). One upper hand I had on most brass players was experience playing runs and reading more complex rhythms. Lots of practice will help. Seeing as she plays fluted she definitely has air support. She can do it. i played lead trumpet 4/5 years in corps. If anything, doubting my skills pushed me harder
  3. Won't make it til the top 12 at the earliest today which sucks cuz I really like troop academy and colts shows. Not to mention PC, mandarins and cascades. Just a great season. Best of skill everyone!
  4. I've mentioned it before but Norwegian Pirate and El Dorado by Two Steps from Hell needs to be put on the field.
  5. The main reason I buy VOD/FN is because a lot of the shows I end up liking are not performed by the perennial top 7 or so groups. It ends up being open class or lower seeded world class and folks are usually less inclined to periscope/youtube/etc those shows because they aren't finalists or whatever other reason there is. I couldn't imaging not being able to view Mandarins or Cascades at all this year or Legends, SCVC, Genesis and the likes of others. The music industry itself is digging its own grave by tightening it's grip on copyrights. First muted or blacked out portions of dvds and now
  6. Jeeze. Not a crown honk in the slightest. They may as very well win it tonight!
  7. They've had the piper in the show since the beginning. They just changed the drill.
  8. Much better musical run from devs tonight. Last night the high brass had some timing issues that they mostly addressed in this one. Only two quarrels tonight 1. The note length of the first stab in the show was longer in the high brass than low brass but that is dang hard with that spread. 2. Dbl tonguing feature was a little wide in terms of attack accuracy player to player. Besides that I think this will take 1st in horns tonight from what I've seen thus far
  9. BD high brass runs cleaner tonight than last night. Whoot!
  10. I guess everyone online feels that after that first impact it felt a little less energetic. I agree as well but the live folks are on the other side of the fence. Should be interesting to see how they place tonight
  11. AGH!!! Pit rushing their runs towards the end of that big FTL! But not as bad as the tear in that section last night
  12. OC sounds great. Their look however.....eek need to clean that show visually! PC has a better Visual ensemble performance than OC at this point. But I think OC should jump spirit