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  1. Well, he definitely looks qualified to do the job, which isn’t insignificant. Sounds like an outsider too, which is desperately needed IMO.
  2. I wish BD didn’t win as much as they did, but I’d much rather have them win when they are the best than have their scores unfairly deflated just to give someone else a chance at the gold. I just don’t see how, objectively speaking, you can deny that they were the best this season.
  3. ‘13 Crown is one of mine for sure. What an amazing show!
  4. Insane run from Devils. Best of the season. Unbeatable.
  5. Ah. Gotcha. That gives me some relief. I was ###### that Flo was editing the rebroadcasts.
  6. Unusual that my favorite show is also the best show. That’s true this year.
  7. I was watching earlier today and Spirit of Atlanta had a section muted.
  8. BD sure knows how to turn things up a notch on Finals night. This is noticeably the best they’ve been from my perspective.
  9. The rebroadcast will almost certainly have some music cut out though. You can rewind the current stream after this is over on a computer and should get everything without music edits.
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