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  1. That't technically true, but on copyright issues the Ninth and Second circuits are considered the gold standard. Their opinions come close to holding the weight of a Supreme Court decision, as many other circuits put a lot of weight on opinions from the Ninth and Second circuits when it comes to copyright law. The Supreme Court usually only takes cases like this if there is disagreement between the circuits on a particular legal question (a "circuit split"). This case is unlikely to be taken up by the Supreme Court since, as far as I can tell, there is no circuit split. If, over time, other circuits come out with contrary decisions, then the Supreme Court may take up the issues presented by this case.
  2. It was a 9th Circuit decision. That's gold in the world of copyright infringement. Very unlikely that the Supreme Court would accept an appeal of this, IMO.
  3. Thank God! Tresona loses to a freaking high school ... surely DCI could grow some cajones and stand up to them. This part stood out to me:
  4. Sounds like you have inside information, so I’ll take you word for it that they felt it was their only choice. My point, though, was that, too my knowledge, they were not legally obligated to pay anything. Did a court order them to pay? Was a lawsuit actually filed? (If so, that’s news to me ... but it sounds from your post like there was one). At the end of the day, the payment was voluntary, even if they felt they had no other choice.
  5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Flo (alleged) uses AWS as its backbone. That is the same backbone used by Netflix and a majority of other streaming services. The idea that it is AWS’s fault is laughable.
  6. Again, you don’t need a license for DVR. Archiving is a different story. Here’s a decent overview of the relevant law: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2008/08/victory-dvrs-cloud
  7. They don’t need sync rights to implement a DVR service. The Supreme Court has made 100% clear that time shifting constitutes fair use. Flo is just incompetent (or DCI is completely ignorant of copyright law).
  8. Just bought the 3 essentials Blu-ray’s + 2010 Blu-ray.
  9. This is what WILL happen: 1. Cavies 2. SCV 3. Blue Knights 4. Blue Devils 5. Bluecoats 6. BAC 7. Crown 8. Mandarins 9. Blue Stars 10. Crossmen 11. Cadets 12. Pacific Crest I’ll put money on it. 😉
  10. Thanks. Good advice. I’ll start with the essentials and go from there.
  11. Since the chance of DCI getting their act together and putting up a streaming video archive are next to nil, I'm planning to start putting together my own Bluray/DVD library. Any suggestions on which years to start with?
  12. Of course it happens sometimes. Everyone knew going in that Boston's guard would compete for the top (and everyone knew that Crown would compete for the brass title and that SCV would compete for tops in percussion). But as a general matter, judges have to "leave room" for the corps that perform later, which artificially deflates the scores of the corps that go on earlier. If they waited to score until everyone had performed, it wouldn't be as much of an issue.
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