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  1. I will say this sounds very promising......onward and upward! SUTA
  2. Be Phantom, but lose the singing..........asking for a friend. Thanks.
  3. Congrats to the corps for an improved year, lets keep it going in the right direction. Placement dropped again, but the show was better. Lets build on that and work our way back up. Onward and upward PR! SUTA
  4. Good job PR. Keep it up!!!! Finish Strong!!!! SUTA
  5. definitely a tight race for the last 2 finals spots between pr, crossmen, and soa tonight will be very very interesting........
  6. Given what has been happening the last few years, I'll gladly take 11th place..........i think i just threw up a little saying that as I never saw the day where PR expectations would be so low. BUT.......they are better than last few we have that going for us.
  7. NIce going PR.....clipped Crossmen for first time this season, Keep it up to all the corps, staff, members, alums, etc.! Lets keep that finals streak alive! SUTA
  8. I was holding out hope for Black Knights, Marauders, Geneseo Knights, and the Coachmen.......but I may reconsider going.
  9. Its going to be nail biting until semi's for PR to remain in finals.........i can only hope they continue and improve. I just don't know if I can stomach PR dropping out. That would be a hard reality sammy to eat.
  10. well said........i enjoy it too. Glad to see them put on a decent show, much improved over the last two years.
  11. Agreed, 11-12 finish seems realistic, but encouraging given that the show is better........and hope they can start a climb back up to relevancy. Because right now they aren't. we've seen the ups and downs over the years, so in my opinion, just stay in finals and go from there. SUTA.
  12. Can only hope they go back to Lebanon or STL. This venue was bad news. Terrible parking, and you had to pay for parking on top, one way into the venue, tons of bugs, and rude staff in stands who wouldn't let my son back into our seats with no wristband.....this was horrible. I won't be back unless they change venues. I've been going to local show for 20 plus years, but i'll have to vote with dollars here.
  13. Ok, my quick take after seeing them live in STL They are better, much better than last two years.......i liked this show vs last couple which to me were very very lame and flat. . It had some nice impact moments. I didn't care for the Battle Cry singing, it was cringy. But this show is better, i was a proud alum..... That Bluecoats show is top level stuff. I will say that is one of the better shows i've seen in a long time.
  14. Man I hope 13th is not a reality, sad to say i'm in the camp where making finals is now the expectation. Which is downright sad.