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    1993 Cadets and many others
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    Can't pick just one, but 1999 stands out.
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  1. I wouldn't mind being in Toronto, but pigeon poop would not be my favorite score delivery method; and having some Greek heritage, I am not into pigeon innards. Perhaps someone who was there could report. I like the humor here. K
  2. Why are there no Akron scores on DCI, DCP, YEA? Weather looked very good on Cadets rehearsal shots.
  3. Tim, Give me the Bishop's number and I'll tell him you were the first one to do reconciliation for the week. One Hail Mary for the Kane, one Our Father for the Tom. Kevin I was going to just edit the post but I think I need to hang my head in shame. Between the last post and this, I was corrected by a past Boston Crusader that the announcer is Paul Cain not Tom Kane.
  4. The Cadets 2000 percussion feature involved 5 bass drums that were grounded, but it wasn't a field drill weave because it involved the players rotating through the grounded drums about every two beats or so. But I think this is closer to what Blast did with stools, which did not move. Kevin
  5. Glen, I did some safety work in huge Paper Mills and and we supplied Gatorade to our Employees. We warned them not to drink more than 16 oz. in an 8-hour shift because it can make you very sick. Also, no coffee, because as a diuretic it dehydrates you. All other hydration should be with water. Gatorade replaces electrolytes, but not water loss, so a combination of the two works well. Also, no salt tablets. They can make you very ill. Please tell my boss I did my safety talk for the day. Also, I hope you never experience what you had experienced in the past-life threatening. Next topic - heat exhaustion Joke - A mortician was preparing a body for burial and his assistant noticed the body had a plug in his rear end. The assistant asked what it was for. The mortician responded that every time he tried to work on the body it would say "wear your seat belt" or "stay hydrated". The assistant again asked what the plug was for. The mortician replied "because who wants to hear some a##hole lecture on safety". Kevin I was very much concerned in advance that the same thing would happen to me, and I wasn't rehearsing all day. I got there at 4pm, but spent most of the next 6 hours in the extremely hot and humid locker room under the stadium. When I got there, there were already two people at the stadium being treated by EMS - one went to the hospital. So, I came prepared. During the course of the evening, I drank nearly a gallon of Powerade Zero that I had on ice. And I made sure I had something in my stomach, but didn't overeat. Two years ago, I went to an arcade at the Jersey shore with my kids, and wound up leaving in the back of an ambulance, and an extraordinarily painful potassium IV. Not planning on that happening ever again, so I plan ahead. Water is not enough. You have to be drinking something like Gatorade or Powerade that's got potassium, magnesium and other electrolytes in it. If your potassium level drops too low, your heart stops beating, whether you're 20 or 70. I knew when I left the house yesterday that the weather was going to be a problem. PLAN AHEAD. I walked with Jomba out of the stadium when Sky was done, to get a pretzel. He was happy and busting my balls about the Devils, but he did look extremely hot in his uniform. He needed to get out of it immediately. But you know Jomba ... When the adrenaline gets going, Jomba sometimes thinks he's Superman, and he disregards his own medical issues. I love the guy, but he's been like that for decades. He needs to understand that being Super Skyliner should be a lower priority in his life than actually staying ALIVE is :) I hope somebody stays on top of him in Clifton in 2 weeks. I'll tell Evelyn to do it :) Glen
  6. Kathy, Your statement matches my recollection. I only lived in Mass for 2 1/2 years, but I went to a contest in Beverly one year and Wakefield the next and he was the announcer at both and worked from the sidelines rather than the pressbox, so he had a lot of face to face interaction with fans in the stands. I don't think he worked shows only in Mass. I remember thinking his voice reminded of someone else. I finally figured it out - Robin Leach without the Brit accent. Kevin If it is the same announcer it has always been, it is Paul Cain. PC was on the Crossmen staff when I marched and we'd get the "you" announcement during the season sometimes at rehearsals for big shows. He's been doing that announcement for ages! I'm surprised the vets in Colts didn't explain it to the rookies. It isn't that easy to forget when a crowd yells like that.... At least they will know for next year, right?
  7. Sam, I am interested in fencing my back yard. Will you come to Louisiana to give me an estimate? But seriously, my schools, Notre Dame, and St. Benedict's Prep have fine fencing programs. Best wishes with yours and our Olympics team. Kevin
  8. Sam Don't give up, Get better. Are you talking to Bocook. the BD, the SCV, Crown, Cavies folks? GO. GO. GO KEVIN
  9. Thanks Corpsband, You always come through. Just a reminder that we are all musicians or big fans and I hope we don't squabble. On a different note, hee hee bad unintended music joke, I just received a Woody Shaw six CD set from Mosaic - awesome for $44. Also check out the Woody Herman set. Kevin
  10. Hello Friends, No attempt here to be argumentative, and I apologize for repeating the thoughts of others. First - to squeeze a forty minute or more piece into eleven minutes requires arranging, Some are very faithful to the original, e.g. Cadets '87 Appalachian Spring, Star '90 Balthazaar's Feast. There are others. I just wanted to offer some examples. Second - when a piece contains string and reed parts they must be arranged around. Witness Phantom - Wagner and Shostakovich Third - there are arrangements of arrangements. The first Madison Malaguena was an arrangement of the Bill Holman version for Stan Kenton whiich was an arrangement of the original, that I understand was a guitar piece. I have not heard the original composer's version. Any suggestions? Fourth - Sam is composing and arranging. It is a shame that he does not appear to be getting any consideration. Kevin
  11. Hello Friends, Having been around DC since the early fifties I have gotten the opportunity to hear a lot of Corps. There was a lot of fine music played in the seventies. BD, Madison, Bridgemen, Muchachos, Guardsman, 2-7 and others. One of my favorite years was 1978. SCV and PR were superb and the rest of the field wasn't far behind. The DVDs are available. Give it a try. Kevin
  12. Great news Steve and Vs. I will continue to look for drummers in NE TEX. This is too rich a state musically to not fill out the drum line. Please help. Send us your children. They may actually return if your mac and cheese is better. Kevin Doherty
  13. I agree we're talking about apples vs. oranges, but I witnessed many Dream competitions in the sixties (and earlier) where both juniors and seniors were in competition in their respective categories. In 1963 Blessed Sacrament was at the top of their game as were the Caballeros. Both were weekend Corps, so there's an apples to apples comparison. The Seniors were considered superior because of bigger lung power and horn skills and larger numbers. The Cabs were doing double tonguing, lots of trills, high note playing from the mellos and sops, and twice the power overall from the same number of contras as Sac. However Sac was considered to be be a much better executing corps in all areas. The Cabs could blow the roof off of Roosevelt Stadium, which no junior could do. However, the Cabs would typically have over 40 horns whereas Sac marched 32 until later on in the 60s and the Cabs marched as many as 54 horns at one time in the 60s, so now it could be argued that it was becoming an apple vs. oranges situation. However one area where Sac was clearly superior was the drum line and in my opinion, the juniors have been superior from the sixties forward. Just pointing out that one can find a close apples to apples situation, although it was a long time ago. If anyone is interested, check out DCW to see if the 63 Dream is available on CD. I will also check. Kevin
  14. Charlie, sorry for being fussy, but your comment has no verb or object. I don't know what you're trying to say. I think Jeff has already said if there are twelve Corps in Finals, C2 would be there because, I assume there are only 11 competitors (as always I stand to be corrected). I stated over a month ago that it seems contradictory to have complaints about the decline in the number of Drum Corps and now there are complaints about a new one. Confusing at the least. C2 has deliberately set a differerent membership criteria than other all-agers. There shouldn't be much of a threat to other Corps about recruiting. I can understand that the Bucs might be the most concerned. So what if C2 makes finals or even wins. It's a weekend Corps like everyone else and I would be bothered that the abilities of the staff of all the other competing Corps would be deemed less capable than the Cadets. Don't forget the juniors are on the road for 63 days. Cipriani, McNutt, et. al. can only get spread so far. Just some thoughts. No criticism. Kevin
  15. Jeff got it right. 12 positions in Finals. Will C2 be there? Yes. Where will they be? That will be determined on the field. As for predictions, they are only worth something of value if you either have a personal bet with a friend or you take it to Vegas. As for my personal experience, I've been to Casinos, Boats, Race Tracks, etc. I think I've lost $75 in 40 years, but my bets never changed the outcome.. However I've had some good food. The two-count Prawns at Oaklawn in Hot Springs are fantastic. I understand that Allentown has good food too. Kevin
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