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  1. So casting George Clooney or Olympia Snowe in the role of Eleanor Roosevelt would make no difference? Casting Meryl Streep as Annie would work? Casting Cary Grant instead of Sydney Poitier in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" would make no difference?
  2. What if you were a HS drama teacher and you had a female student wanting to audition for a role in the local production of 12 Angry Men or Lord of the Flies?
  3. I disagree. Dots are always needed to accurately dress the form. When I taught band (in the days before Pyware) we used to practice on a parking lot and paint each members spot for each set on the lot. Starting in set 16 of the 3rd number was a breeze. When a form was altered over time, as they always do, setting it accurately was easy. In the days before coordinate sheets ( and even today) IMO this is the easiest way to teach and clean drill. And no they didn't look for thier spot while marching and playing, there was no time.
  4. There are two domed stadiums in Florida. One in St Pete and one in Miami. Unfortunately they are both used for baseball, which would present a scheduling problem. There is no incentive to construct a domed football stadium in Florida. The weather during the fall is ideal for outdoor events.
  5. In the DCI era GE has always been most important. The only difference lately is what is rewarded. The big ensemble drill moves are a thing of the past (sadly) and replaced by little venues scattered about the field, usually involving stationary body movement. DCI is nothing, if not trendy and this is the current trend.
  6. Not to hijack this thread any further, but if you are restricting calories and want pizza check Carrabba's cheese pizza.
  7. I don't do that anymore, it it was a challenge. I had to be at work at 7:30, it took me 30 minutes to drive and I left home at 8. Of course I lost that hour after work.
  8. I think what we are seeing has somewhat been going on in WGI for a few years. Throw a bunch of non-related crap against the wall and let the judges tell you what it means.
  9. Or live in the eastern time zone and work in the central time zone. Or as they say - fast time and slow time.
  10. In 79 hey had 10 - 6 - 5 - 4 and the tymps were grounded.
  11. I recently read something by an individual (he claimed) from the 75 Muchacho's stating they knew there were corps trying to get them DQ'd for having over age members. If true, why would you march over age members? In reality, I believe over age membership went well into the 90's (and maybe beyond). I had a guard instructor take a few students to try out for a top 12 corps in 1991. She was asked to join the corps, even though she was 23. She was told they could make it happen. She decided against it.
  12. What, no love for 79? We were just happy to back in finals.
  13. Cavaliers - diamond cutter Cadets - z pull Star - cross to cross
  14. DAvery


    So who has used fluglehorns in the past few years? I’m looking to rent three silver flugels for 4 months or possibly purchase them. Can anyone point me in a direction?