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  1. Drum Corps International is misleading becuase it doesnt have.......drums?
  2. Everything has consequences. Action, inactions.......
  3. The use of metallic percussion instruments was greatly increased in Europe due to the reach of the Ottoman empire.
  4. I havent used a cymbal line in 40 years. I would rather put those players where they would have more consistent musical impact.
  5. Technically "zildjian" means son of a metal maker. And the sultan's elite bands were known as the janissaries.
  6. How is the Csrrier Dome? Why not just find an indoor facility for DCI East and rotate it between the four domes? Its been SA, ATL, Allentown and Indy, but why not ATL, Carrier Dome, Indy, then SA. The next year Carrier Dome, Indy, SA, the ATL and so forth.
  7. Never heard this before. Since they folded after the 74 season, would this have been the first instance of an overage member being targeted by DCI/VFW/AL?
  8. That's Beavercreek HS and my daughter is in the band. The director at Arizona used to do the arrangements for the previous director at BHS. The current director has continued with music from the same genre.
  9. I'm pretty sure it was 128 through the 70's. I believe that 128 was decided upon for 1974. Some corps wanted 120, some wanted 135 and they met in the middle. I seem to remember a corps in 1972 being signaficantly larger than the others (Blue Stars?). I know The Thing had over 150 members in 1973.
  10. Back when i was a band director there was this stupid rule in my state that a performer could leave the field, but would get a penalty for returning to the field during the performance. So every year, just to make a point i would have the band push forward during the last move where they ended up in front of the front sidelines. I cant tell how many times i would watch the T & P judges write down a penalty, then i would go up to them a couple minutes later to show them the rule. Most years we actually had 3 different endings to the show, depending on the stadium. I said it a few weeks ago, boundry violations are stupid. If a designer wants to re-write their show, and spend rehearsal time, on a different show for every stadium - let them.
  11. Maybe a line for the non-performers not to cross, but boundry violations for performers are stupid.
  12. He marched right beside me in the Cavaliers for most of the season in 1979, until my hand crapped out. I believe he marched 78 to either 80 or 81.
  13. It is true from 1972-1998 BAC generally placed from 13-25th (when the went to DCI), but they first made finals in 99 and placed 5th in 2000, thier highest placement ever. My guess is there must have been a few very smart managment decisions made in the 90's to bring that kind of success.