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  1. I don't disagree the number of cases is under reported. I would suspect the number of deaths is also under reported, but not to the same degree. So what I am hearing is if you suspect you have COVID your chances of survival are 6 to 15 times greater if you do not get diagnosed?
  2. To find the percentage of people that die from COVID after having contracted COVID, you would divide the number of COVID cases by the number of COVID fatalities, correct? Currently the CDC lists the total number of COVID cases as 3,630,587 and the total COVID fatalities as 138,782. Are you saying these numbers are not correct?
  3. The problem is most members are not from a corps home base and some sort of over night facility will be reqiured regardless. Now it may be a corps has more resources in their home base area and securing a facility may be easier, but there will still need to be a facility.
  4. I think Iowa, Mississippi, Virginia, and Louisiana are additional state systems that have cancelled so far. I heard PA cancelled, but can not find it anywhere.
  5. Very strange wording. Are we waiting for another shoe to drop?
  6. So you are saying they are lying and under reporting the number of cases? I suspect there are more cases than have been diagnosed, but the data speaks for itself. You say its not that bad, do you have proof?
  7. That doesn't really match up with the data on their website. It states if you get COVID 19 the fatality rate is about 4%. 135,991 deaths divided by 3,416,428 cases. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-updates/cases-in-us.html
  8. I teach in Ohio and our reopening plan is no plan. All the students, all the time. Social distancing is not possible and masks are not required. What could possibly go wrong?
  9. The mortality rate would be the number of deaths by COVID divided by the entire popualtion. The fatality rate would be the number of deaths by COVID divided by the number of people infected.
  10. According to numbers on the CDC website the mortality rate in the US is 4.2%.
  11. What are you saying, that a limited tour does not serve the 2021 members? If so, how about the potential 2025 or 2030 members if that corps is no longer around? Each corps has to look at finances and determine a course of action that will keep them on the field after 2021. If that means a limited tour in 2021, and possibly reduced recruits and lower scores, then so be it. The reality is this pandemic has forever changed our lives and there is no going back. You can plan to try and return to life as before (which will not happen) or you can plan for the new normal. Three to five years from now
  12. And we have all seen this done to the financial detriment of many corps. Maybe its time corps look at sustainability rather than their immediate competitive success. Maybe the first 4-5 weeks of the season should be just weekend shows of combined world and open class, having the judges travel instead of the corps. Sure you would only see the same corps for the first 4 weeks and some corps are not that close to others, but I think it could work.
  13. It seems to me travel expensis would be the simplest financial item to reduce. So does DCI reqiure attendence at certain shows to compete at finals? As a WC corps do you have to go to SA or Allentown to compete in Indy? Could a corps not compete outside of thier area until a week before finals? I understand they would have fewer competitions, with fewer sppearance fees, but my guess is that appearance fees do not offset the cost of traveling to shows outside of your home area. There might be a recruiting issue with less competitions, but the upside is the corps would charge less tuition.
  14. The unique aspect of this virus is that its killing 40k Americans each month. The fact that we can rationalize that into some sort of normalcy is disappointing.
  15. My instincts tell me by the fall everything will pretty much be back to normal. Except people will still be dying from the virus. We are beginning to view the pandemic the same as we do gun violence. The price for your 2nd amendment right to own a gun is people will die from guns. The price for your 1st amendment right to peaceably assemble is that people will die from the virus. We have already set the precedent and are willing to accept death in order to not lose our rights.