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  1. I have read several times the Cadets have sold their equipment. I would think if this has actually happened in our small world of drum corps and band we would have heard who it was sold to. So who was this equipment sold to?
  2. I was in the Cavaliers Anniversary Corps that year. I’m not sure LOS was ever talked about as being a real option. I only remember Bloomington as being the performance site.
  3. I remember using a Kevlar head by Duraline in 1981 with my marching band. I didn't have a Mylar layer and ripped when water hit it.
  4. I think They stopped their bingo at the end of last year.
  5. I remember 79. The school we stayed at was disgusting. Easily the worst school during the entire summer. And that is saying something since they found a dead body outside of the school we stayed at in Boston.
  6. I get that, but it is just stupid. Do you know of any other activity with subjective scores that hides the criteria for said subjective scores? I mean, WGI has their sheets posted on their website.
  7. That was the most recent I found also. Kind of makes you wonder why the sheets are not made public. Why would DCI not have those on their website?
  8. I agree, but where should this show up on the sheets?
  9. This is why I am trying to find the sheets. Where would demand be measured in the score?
  10. But don't they have a sub-caption for achievement? It would seem to me that 24 trumpets playing a lick would have a higher achievement score than 24 trumpets with 4 mic-ed playing the same lick. Which scenario would have higher achievement? Achievement should reward the players. I mean in the drum world if a snare line of 2 and a snare line of 9 play at the same level, I would expect the larger snare line to have a higher achievement score.
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