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  1. Watching on iPad. Multi cam working but not Hi cam. Anyone else having that problem?
  2. Thomas Newman composes beautiful music. He did the soundtrack for HBO’s Angels in America, which is wonderful. I just listened to Cathedral, and it is clearly identifiable as a Thomas Newman composition. Very ethereal.
  3. Alley Cat, while the guard does the Hully Gully.
  4. Too many wonderful shows over the decades to have one favorite. My favorites: 1974, 1978, 1980, 2003, and 2018.
  5. Not everyone was blown away by the Madison style back in the late 80’s and 90’s. I saw them live at the DCI Championships in 95 and 99 and did not care for them. I found their style a bit too bombastic and over the top for me. My favorite Madison show has to be the 9/11 New York show of 2010. Loved that one.
  6. Percussion Scores Tonight: Boston: 16.30; Cadets: 16.20; Bluecoats: 15.9; Spisrit: 14.70
  7. Issues or not. The app is 100x better than DCI's effort. I was impressed with how quickly you got out the scores and recap for Akron. The app is a great resource.
  8. As a Boston native, I don’t get why folks think we pronounce Boston, Bahstahn. We pronounce it Boston.
  9. I checked with Crown. An email will be sent out to Crown Jewels participants (I.e. donors) on Monday afternoon with a link to the video.
  10. I meant only that Boston should not have gone on first, as they won Prelims. Boston should have gone on last or next to last, if Cavies were given the last spot option as defending champion.
  11. Do you mean that Boston was assessed a one point penalty for an overage tenor drummer? Seems my memories of this show may be a bit off 50 years later!
  12. One more thing about 1967. Brasso's comment about the set-aside of Inspection scores for the AL Finals comes as new information to me. Certainly does not change my mind about AL being a bag job for Cavies. Also, IIRC, Cavies did not compete in the Prelims, which were held at White stadium in Dorchester (I was there too). Cavies automatically got the final performance slot as defending champion. After the bitter disappointment of Dorchester's St. Kevin's Emerald Knights losing the 1960 VFW due to a 2 point out-of-bounds penalty, this was almost too much for a Boston drum corps nut to take. (Clarification: Although SKEK's score without the penalty would have trailed winner Blessed Sac's score by 0.10, the horn line was fully aware of the disaster and you can hear the great reduction in quality for the last song on the Fleetwood record, as well as a cheer from a spectator just as the out-of-bounds occurs. SKEK, like Boston seven years later, had won Prelims.).
  13. I attended the 1967 American Legion Championships, held at Fenway Park in Boston. For some reason (?) Prelim results were ignored, and Boston drew 1 and went on first. As has been pointed out above, they narrowly lost to the Cavies, who went on last, if I recall correctly. One or two nights later they two pointed (or so, I don't remember exact scores) Cavies at CYO. I remember thinking that the AL Nationals was a set up for Cavies. It was very disappointing.