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  1. I saw both St. Kevin’s and St. Mary’s Cardinals many times starting in 1960. Loved them both, but in 1960 SKEK was something else. They were so good that you felt sad when they left the field.
  2. I wish I could have seen Garfield and SCV back to back at the 1987 DCI Finals. RE 1978 SCV, this was one of my favorite shows ever. A few weeks before Finals the 27th Lancers sponsored a show at Lynn’s wonderful Manning Bowl. Competing corps were Blue Devils (they won), SCV, Phantom Regiment, Madison Scouts, Bridgemen, and the Lancers. They were the top 6 from 1977, IIRC. Had a seat on the 50, and I was blown away by BD and, especially Santa Clara. Best local show I ever witnessed.
  3. 1. Crown 2. Bluecoats 3. Blue Devils 4. Blue Knights 5. Mandarins 6. Boston 7. SCV 8. Spirit 9. Cavaliers 10. Phantom 11. Crossmen 12. Blue Stars 13. Cadets
  4. That weekend of Woodstock in 1969 I attended the World Open and CYO Nationals on successive evenings. Saw the fantastic Troopers win both nights. CYO was historic, as the 27th Lancers defeated the Boston Crusaders for the first time, finished second and also took down a wonderful Blessed Sacrament Golden Nights corps. One of my best drum corps memories.
  5. I was lucky enough to attend all three nights in Indy, and was blown away by the performances of both Boston’s and BD’s guards. In the past I had not particularly been a fan of BD’s guard writing, being part of the group that felt that their equipment work lacked sufficient difficulty in comparison to others, particularly Crown in the last few years before the departure of staff to Boston. Things were different this year, as BD really stepped it up regarding equipment work. At the end of Finals before the score reveal, I stated to my friends that despite my love for Boston’s performances,
  6. Stop: Tossing rifles and flags over/away from the corps at the end of the show; tossing rifles from a high prop to guard members on the field. Body movement/dance included to “Check the box.” Fine, if it is organic to the show, however IMHO, that doesn’t happen very often. Drastically cut back: Running. Too much of it appears to be aimless. So many corps doing so much of it, It is getting to be very tedious. Keep doing: Lots of unison full guard work. Thanks Crown/Boston. This change has made guards very exciting again and has ended BD’s strangle hold on the Zingali.
  7. I could never be a judge because of personal biases and favorites. However, I think one of the problems with GE judging is that GE judges cling too tightly to a check the boxes philosophy/approach and are not able to reward performances that are so inspired that flaws are diminished. I think this was true for Crown’s performance on Saturday. The only time I believe judges rewarded a performance that soared beyond design flaws was Phantom Regiment in 2008. There may have been others, but I can’t think of any at the moment.
  8. I was at Lucas Oil in Section 640 up top. If this video went on longer and was closer to the audience you would have seen, as Crown departed through the tunnel, stage left, the crowd standing and cheering as the whole corps exited. I attend every year, and most years Crown tends to be the audience favorite (not 2017 or 2018, however). I had never seen this exit cheering before, not even in 2013, although I might have just not noticed it. However, this year you couldn’t miss it. That part of the audience also cheered the departing Bluecoats, who were fabulous from up top as well, but from
  9. 1994. At finals crowd shouted “Mambo” during Cadets’ opener of Mambo from WSS.
  10. Got to the show late, unfortunately, and missed Spartans, who were excellent in Lawrence. Everyone else gave rousing performances. Have not been a big Bluecoats fan in the past, but that changed last night. Looked and sounded wonderful, and 100% entertainment. Still some visual cleaning necessary, but watch out. Love the rhythm that underlies and propels the show forward. Man, the battery really flies around the field. Cadets getting better. Still need many fixes. Enjoyed both Music City and 7th Regiment much more than in Lawrence. All in all, a very enjoyable show. Congrats to St.
  11. Watching on iPad. Multi cam working but not Hi cam. Anyone else having that problem?
  12. Thomas Newman composes beautiful music. He did the soundtrack for HBO’s Angels in America, which is wonderful. I just listened to Cathedral, and it is clearly identifiable as a Thomas Newman composition. Very ethereal.
  13. Alley Cat, while the guard does the Hully Gully.