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    none but I hope to march somewhere in 2015
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    Die hard Bluecoats fan but I also like crown, The cadets, troopers, SCV, BAC and many more
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    Bluecoats 2010: Metropolis
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    2008, 2010, 2013
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    I would really love to march a season or two with bloo before I'm "too old" to march
  1. When was the last year that finals was shown on t.v.?? Was it stopped because there weren't enough views or was it because DCI wanted to get more money? Enlighten me.
  2. Ohhhhh ok that makes perfect sense. I'm not one to really remember shows names. Its way easier for me to refer to the year than the name.
  3. Ok so I was watching the crown closer from 2009 and the last 40 seconds or less of that closer is the exact same (musically) as their 2010 closer. I was really confused when I noticed this lol. Was there a reason for that?? Was it because the crowd like it so much or something??
  4. Wow thats freaking awesome!! I love hearing stories of many family members marching all at once. It seems interesting.
  5. I was first introduced to drum corps in 2011. (my sophomore year of high schooland my second year ever playing a wind instument.) My band director at the time had our band go watch the bluecoats rehearse before their first show of the season. The only reason I went was because we had to go or else I wouldn't have gone. We were supposed to had bought tickets for the show later that night but I didnt because at the time I didnt really know what it was, didnt care what it was, and I thought it was lame because they didnt have trombones. I was miserable sitting in those stands in 95° weather watching a group of people just keep doing the same few charts over and over for about 2 hours. I was the first person to leave once we were dismissed. I had wanted to be spending my Friday anywhere else than watching some band do what I had always done. Fast forward to our next band rehearsal where the show was the only thing that everyone was talking about. I felt left out of the whole thing and after practice I went home and searched 'drum corps' on YouTube. After watching a few full shows, I was instantly addicted to the activity. It was from that day on that I knew that I had to be in a corps. I started reading everything I could find about DCI on Google and watching every video I could on YouTube. I attended my first show the next season and was blown away by the sound. I started playing euphonium in my school's concert band that year (junior year) and I picked up on it rather quickly. I eventually learned bits and pieces of different corps shows and fell in love with playing the euphonium. Presently, I'm a senior in high school and I'm saving up in hopes to march my first year of drum corps for the 2015 season. It's funny to look back and realize that a couple of years ago I didnt give a care in the world about sitting in stands watching people perform their shows because they didnt have trombones to learning a new instrument and saving my own money to be in this activity. I've grown to have a passion for drum corps and I'm really excited to be so close to being able to finally experience the whole thing!
  6. I don't know if there's already a post about this but I was just curious.
  7. No one was ********. I was simply stating how expensive it was and I was wondering why this corps in particular was extra expensive.
  8. Thank you for posting this video. I've seen a lot of these (Cadets and even other corps) motivational videos but this is the first one that I can remember actually making tears roll down my face. This is what drum corps is all about. The family, the hard work, the drive that everyone has. I had never seen this video until today and it has made me want to work even harder to be in this activity. Thanks again for posting it.
  9. I'm not for the rule change either but I'm not going to stop supporting drum corps. The ONLY way I'll stop supporting is if they add woodwinds. Thats the only way that I'll stop watching
  10. Well for me the fingerings came naturally. When I was teaching myself the fingerings, I thought of trombone positions and related them to the euphonium fingerings and it just clicked for me. It was a pretty easy switch and I never had to mark in the fingerings. I've been playing for about a full year now and I'd say I'm decent at it but I'm still working on becoming even better
  11. So if you're a little far behind on your payments, they won't kick you out? They'll just make you keep paying after the season is over??
  12. Thats awesome! Only 50 people short!! I hope that they continue to grow!