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  1. Carolina Crown 79.200 The Cavaliers 76.900 The Cadets 76.700 Boston Crusaders 74.450 Spirit of Atlanta 65.200 Jersey Surf 57.600
  2. My refresh button hasn't seen this kind of abuse in ages. On the edge of my seat!
  3. ALRIGHT! Don't like the results? Go to hell! (complete joke just so we're all clear)
  4. Field seemed a little too flat tonight. Could have really used some giant props or something to give it some dimension.
  5. Nope I heard it as well. I actually quite liked it, for that piece it's almost obligatory. Seemed nicely done.
  6. Don't think I've loved a closer as much before in a really long time... Seriously impressed.
  7. Crown is my favorite of the year, close tie b/w Cadets and BD for 2nd. Just love this show.
  8. Agree with DrumManTx, hard to tell from periscope but regiment is looking good!
  9. This show is a lot more interesting than the shows PR has put out since Shaw left, imo. REALLY excited for this show to develop. Writing seems to have new life
  10. Just heard ave maria, and I think it's the best it's sounded in years. Great job PR! And thanks to Gabe211 for the periscope tip