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  1. The new uniform is surprisingly elegant and mature. No worries, no costume here.
  2. I think that the Bluecoats are going to do very well this year. Drill is not something the Bluecoats are known for, but the Cavaliers are. Instead it is the balance of the brass and the ferocity of the percussion. I think Tilt is going to give them an opportunity to have Cavaliers style drill with playing the new music they have.
  3. Don't worry, staff said that it would be okay after the first public performance.
  4. When you constantly hear about drum corps who are folding, this is really great news to hear.
  5. I totally forgot to mention Bluecoats!! Not a uniform change, just a uniform modification. And don't worry if you liked the uniform the way it was last year, because it's just for this season.
  6. If the uniform still hasn't been unvield by that time, I can post the picture that Crossmen gave the members and donors after the event for a detailed look. And it won't dissapoint!
  7. I guess what I meant was that Boston doesn't really have something that the audience will go "Wow, did you see that!?". Something the top 5 usually has. The Cadets had flams, Blue Devils have clean lines, SCV has crazy cymbals, Bluecoats have insane tenors, Scouts have a great pit. Stuff like that is what I remember when I see a drumline.
  8. Boston has a great line that I think is often overlooked and underrated. I think people see their line and think "that's pretty clean, but where are the cool visuals? Boring, on to the brass"
  9. Best tenor line for the past few years in my eyes. If not, they definitely have to coolest tenor solo's since Cavaliers in 2008
  10. Everybody they I know who has seen the new Crossmen uniform loves it! I hope that's the majority opinion!
  11. I hope that Crown's drill consists of making star constellations and the guard uniform having pretty nebula's with a sort of dark vibrant flags! A lot of imagination that can go into design!
  12. I hope Carolina Crown's drum design looks pretty with nebula's and stars! I also hope that Blue Devils have a translucent purple like on their cover photo of the show title. It would compliment the blue on the uniform pretty well in my opinion!
  13. Have the Blue Devils changed their drums for this year or are they going to stick with the same ones from last year? I liked their drums last year, it made them look a little evil.