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  1. Yes indeed.. and I am loving the direction.. is it a winning show let's see, but for sure the music is insane enjoyable. Love the jazz flare so classic yet so new. If BD don't win I have no problem so as long as SCV win but any other worthy show who deserved it I wont deny lol. Still not giving up on BD 19th!!!
  2. I get to hear the sneak peak it was terrible audio though.. but i have to say this.. NOSTALGIA BLUE DEVILS. Pure Classic blue devils, it's amazing.
  3. OMG the ballad is kicking ###! can i say that word... my mouth was wide open in Pure Awwwee
  4. Obviously! Again! lol.. There's a thing called humor
  5. What's obvious ? BD announces first last year and this year lol... so.............. ?
  6. Sorry about the request...........

  7. EDIT....................................................... Go BD!!!!!
  8. Poppycock You've seen parts of the show ? I am trying to guess in my mind what the props might be based on the painting lol, I am very sure I will fail at this. BD have the best usage of props, always integrated and well used up. I am definitely looking forward to see the guard they are incredibly to watch every year.
  9. I am SO HYPED! Everything you said just pushed me over the edge and even though i said i want to wait until first show performance i wouldn't mind hearing what you've heard right now. only to hear it not see it anything yet. I know video recordings eventually always get out during spring training most times, but i will do my best to stare clear of , which will not be easy to do. I can't wait to this show, the most amazing thing you've ever seen on a field!
  10. I agree... last year success was great and just the beginning, it doesn't mean they will jump from 6 to top 3 unless the show supersedes last year, they will have to climb just like everyone else to get pass some tough competition who already knows what it is to be in the top and is not easy to get by, or knock down in placement unless few above don't do so well and fall back. but that doesn't mean the show wont be a stellar and show stopping, that don't count out that they can't do it, that don't mean this year isn't way above what last year brought, it don't mean they wont climb higher than last year since we haven't seen the show yet which is very intriguing indeed. the possibilities are endless!
  11. Thank you so mucg for that titbit I appreciate it
  12. 1992 -- It was my first exposure of the activity, watching the finals top 12 Dci shows on VHS. I fell inlove with BD and been , 2ndly Cavies and 3rdly Cadets. I wasn't into Star at the time, it's in the 2008 to 2010 I actually start paying attention to what was Star of Indiana. And really enjoyed SCV. 2008 overal loved every show 2014 Bd feliniesque the best overall show desgn that apeases to the fans, Bc tilt was just so good and inovative... 2016 -- Its obvious BC first win ever I was very happy for them, enjoyed the show too.... Another year where I enjoyed every show. And Yes last year 2017 I enjoyed, California year Bd was so mesmerizing and Scv was really aswesome and back in top two for in such a longtime. It was a year either liked, loved or, despised (lol) for some many different reasons from different corps based on show design choices and drastic uniforms changes. Manderings was on the hunt to making top 12 while Madison actually fought to be back in the top 12, while Cavies overtake the defendant champion on the final night. Those were the years for me.
  13. Bump! Mysterious indeed. Any word on spring straining ?
  14. The show announcement is taking mighty long today lol.. where is it ?
  15. I agree awesome drill and it was definitely wierd, but guess what I like wierd a lot.
  16. " You know I love you darling, you are the light of my life, my sun, moon and stars, without you I have no reasons for being " lol.
  17. Could also be an arrangement of both Carole king and David raskin serve as the ballad. that would be interesting
  18. . i like this piece though, its in the wheel house of ballads they've been doing, if it is the ballad.
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