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  1. Thank you for the info. I knew about RC but did not know what he looked like. His work with Phantom is amazing.
  2. Getting April back sealed it for me. Every guard she was in charge of was spectacular.
  3. You have indicated prior that you were part of Cadets '99. It think it was your first year with the corps after Crossmen. Through your experiences, you have acknowledged that it was a difficult year for the corps. The ballad from 1999 is breathtaking. Open, flowing and so moving. So Cadets. In the videos I see from 1999 I cannot recognize that it was a difficult year. I just see excellence. Every part of that year was nothing but excellence. That is what I miss. I miss that confidence of excellence with the Cadets. I am optimistic about the coming year. So many returning who know about The Cadets and excellence.
  4. I think recent announcements are so much more promising than past years. So I'm optimistic. The challenge I have is the Cadets that I love so much vs. wtf is going on with modern programming. I really am so sick of props and the little they add.
  5. I didn't mind JH's drill in 2015. But the shopping bags and cheesy French narration in that show still make me shake my head. At the time I thought "Nothing could be worse than that narration..." Then "Phantasm" happened two years later. "Phantasy Invasion" for the win. Also, who is the guy doing the interview?
  6. It was DCI North the two times I went - 1980 and 1981. 1980 was early season in June. 1981 was late season in August.
  7. There is a Tim's near the University of Windsor, which is near the exit off the bridge. I don't know how long it has been there though.
  8. You may be right. If that is the case, it would be nice to see a modern take on M&G. I'm sure it can be done very well to tie tradition and innovation. Weren't there some drawings from an amateur a few years ago on what a modern Cadets uniform might look like? I may be going farther back than a few years ago with this one.
  9. Was a landmark Windsor restaurant located near the entrance to the tunnel to Detroit. Was closed about 5 years ago.
  10. I love how the drill continually flows. Everything just so clean. There's one set that JB repeated from '80 (well, almost identical). The rotating arcs that meet in the center before the brass/guard pass through in the ballad are very similar to the opening arcs in Easter Overture at the beginning of the '80 show.
  11. I sincerely hope honoring the Cadets tradition means a return to maroon and gold.
  12. Cool overhead view of Phantom's '81 show - from prelims in Montreal.
  13. Didn't PR win M&M that year? ***just confirmed, they did win M&M in 1980.
  14. The guard back then was tough as nails. Suta, was John Brazale running the guard program for Phantom back in '79? I thought he started with the guard and then moved to visual in the 80's.