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  1. New World Symphony meets the theme from Jaws. This is the same band that had a line of T-Rexs in 2019.
  2. Perhaps the point of the candle is when it's lit, you can look "Into the Light."
  3. Here's the winner of last night's BOA Grand Nationals with a record score of 98.25
  4. Speaking of BOA, here's Hebron 2021. That's quite a low brass line.
  5. Thank you for posting what went on behind the scenes. What a great read this morning! Please don't hesitate to post more.
  6. I don't remember it being private. Drum Corps Planet | Facebook
  7. Not every part of RAMD was bad. There were a lot of really interesting posters who contributed to the topics being discussed. Remember Planar Analysis from Stuart Rice? Whether one buys into the validity of the discussion, it was still very interesting to read his analysis. He spent a lot of time analyzing shows based on that. In addition, I think RAMD goes back to at least 1995 and back then I don't think there were any other online forums to discuss drum corps. RAMD was it. Edit: Speaking of Planar Analysis.... https://halftimemag.com/web-exclusives/ten-exercises-for-improvisational-marching.html
  8. You were constantly harassed by "C" and "S"
  9. I went into the RAMD archives today. Periodically some on here post that DCP is becoming like RAMD. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was a regular viewer on RAMD and some of the stuff I saw today still shocked me.
  10. One guy had a Jetta, but I don't remember his first name......
  11. One poster I remember the most, loved to brag about the high notes he could play on his trumpet....
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