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  1. One of the years Jennifer Leseth was Guard Caption Head at Phantom.
  2. I'm really sick of this "I've got a secret" crap on here. This corps has been through hell lately. Enough with the innuendos.
  3. I felt the same way once. Now I look forward to what these kids are doing. The level of talent from high school marchers is amazing. Look at the attached group. No props, just a bunch of T-rex. T-rex
  4. According to the comments in the video, they are not going to GNs.
  5. So now both Patrick Seidling and Rick Valenzuela are with System Blue.
  6. According to the System Blue blog, he's going to be Vice President of Education and Special Projects. RV Announcement
  7. Thank you for pointing that out. At first I thought - wtf?
  8. Speaking of websites, maybe DCP could change it's color scheme to include pink - being that it's often used in prisons to calm aggression.
  9. Phantom is about to get tremendous interest for the 2020 season and it has nothing to do with the design of their website. It has everything to do with the announced content. If someone chooses a corps because of the website then they probably aren't Regiment material.
  10. Or maybe videos would help to attract the youngin's.....
  11. We actually went through a nice quiet period.
  12. Black and white, black and white followed by black and white. Yet still no dancing penguins. What a complete media fail. Everyone knows that not-for-profits should having dancing penguins on their website.