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  1. Wasn't Scott Chandler in charge of Spirit's guard that year? Speaking of Spirit's guard, at one point the male guard members take off their shirts during a portion of the show. Was that considered a controversy during the season and Spirit was told to put shirts back on the male guard members? I seem to remember something to that effect. However, they still keep them off for a small portion of the show as per the above finals video. I'm sure at one point guards will be told to put on their pants. How times have changed.
  2. Cadet's '86. The demi-guard, the boxer rings and the plastic clarinets. The music was good although I really have to wonder how that closer got mixed with On the Waterfront. It's nice to see that Tony Hall did well with the drill. Phantom placed 9th in guard that year - why? Because Garfield placed 12th. It's easy to beat a guard which is kind of half there.
  3. I used to think '83 and '84 had some of the worst camera work done with DCI finals. Some of '86 is just as bad. Did they call the crew from the prior years and tell them "We miss you - come back!"
  4. For a while there I thought a nest of stenroh redrum had infiltrated the cloud that hosts the DCI site.
  5. Wasn't Vanguard's horn line relatively young in '84 because a lot of veterans opted to participate in the All American Marching Band at the LA Summer Olympics? Even with younger members, they were part of a three-way tie for brass at finals.
  6. Here is the field brass judge from '84. i'm sure you know all about this, it's for those who may not.
  7. From what I can recall, '83 was the first year of the established pit. Prior to that some instruments were grounded, yet the majority were carried by marching members. Here is an example of a first year established pit. The fact SCV used steel drums as part of the first year speaks volumes about how "Vanguard" they were - even the writing was so outside of what one would expect from SCV. Note how few members are part of the pit this first year.
  8. I think part of what Phantom faced in '97 was that it had to follow '96. In '96 the whole was greater than the sum of it's parts. In '97 all the parts were good, often great - including the drill. it missed the one ingredient that I think the audience was expecting - a repeat of how '96 made them feel. We did not need to know about the music in '96. The music made us feel. Everything built to support that music made us feel. What was "Defiant Heart" about? I can't answer that. I can only recall how it made me feel.
  9. I appreciate that. We face so much. So many obstacles. So many challenges. We sometimes put our differences at the forefront to make them the chief obstacles we face. We then lose the most simple of shared experiences that bring us together. A friend of mine lost their significant loved one during this crap we are dealing with. Colon cancer was the culprit. Cancer treatments that reduced immunity was the reason that this person died with one person at home. No family could visit - only a very protected hospice nurse. It was only a matter of time until they died in their home. He died two weeks ago. My friend got the ashes from the funeral home last week. There has been no service. It will have to be at a later date. We all go through crap. Every single one of us goes through crap. I hope we try to remember that.
  10. There are times when I call on that strength from my mother when dealing with crap that I face. You have faced crap. I read your posts. I feel I understand some of what you face as a parent with what you post. We have differences, in some so many. Yet we share a lot. Thank you for your humility.
  11. I am the youngest of 6 children. My mother smoked like a chimney. I won't criticize her as she herself had challenges in her life back in the day when smoking was common - and accepted. She had a great deal to endure as a child. She became sick when I was very young. This was during the time when kids were sheltered from the truth. We weren't told everything and we had no way to know. What adults said remained with them and the young were kept in the dark. She started to have prolonged stays in the hospital. When she came out she would have violent vomit attacks in the morning. Loud attacks - to this day I cannot listen to anyone being sick. It's as if her attacks shook the whole house. It was not a large house for a family of 8. When she was out of the hospital, she would send me on "errands." She would fill my hand with bills and change and off I went to the corner store to buy her cigarettes. Back then there was no question about age, someone as young as myself was not buying them for my own use. She always made sure to give me extra to buy a small brown bag of surprise candy. Off I went to get her what she had asked for and to divulge in the candy I got when I came home. Shortly after she started to invite each of my brothers and sisters into my parents bedroom alone. Eventually it came to my turn. I remember the moment. She told me she was dying and that when she was gone I would have to be strong. I cried. I remember being confused. As is with youth, the summer continued a short while after that. Then the day before Labour Day our family was summoned for a trip to the hospital. We were brought into my mother's hospital room where she laid unconscious, tubes inserted into her nose to assist with breathing. Nothing was said, at least not to me. The next day I was playing at a neighbors down the street. It was the day before school was going to start. My sister called me at the neighbors and told me that I had to come home now. I was mad, why did I have to stop and come home? My family was all at home when my father had arrived from the hospital. He brought my mother's best friend with him. I remember this like it was yesterday. He came in the front door and announced "Kids - your mother died today." I would later understand that my mother was violently ill from chemo treatments. There was one point that the doctors had to tell her that there was no chance, she did not have long. Her lung cancer has spread. That is when she chose to tell six children individually that her time was short. It took me a while later to recognize the strength she had to do this. She was an only child and wanted a big family to not have her children deal with what she had dealt with. We all have different paths. You now have the chance to take a different direction.
  12. There were a couple more who played portions of it. Fantastique
  13. We are discussing his music which was used by more than one drum corps. Richard