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  1. At first when I saw the props it reminded me that I had a shirt to iron for Monday morning. Now I see the Chevron motif.
  2. Phantom will not be judged in 2021. But based on the reaction here, they have invigorated their fan base. I have no doubt that this will continue into 2022.
  3. After over a year of hell, I think it's time that we salut those who are on the field. Bravo Phantom. Bravo.
  4. What I see makes me happy and very confident that Phantom in 2022 will be a force. Such.a.force. We are so fortunate to witness corps on the field this year. It's the end of July. Even a few months ago I would have been skeptical.
  5. Thank you for your opinion. We all have them. The product you are witnessing from the early 2000's was when the current membership was either in their diapers or not even thought of in the minds of their parents. Whomever is in charge of instruction at Phantom (and there are many), have enabled these adults to buy into and portray what this show was meant to portray. Almost all of us remember this show. It was JD's 2nd year with the corps. It was Paul R's first year with the corps. It was Phantom's first foray into B-flat instrumentation. It was also their return to white
  6. While I appreciate that reference, I now have both doses. This does not make me oblivious to what is going on in your country with those who refuse vaccination.
  7. It is fantastic! But to be honest, I would be nervous in a crowd right now. I hope that as the summer progresses, this nervousness subsides.
  8. The lower brass sound, projection makes my heart skip a beat. This has to be a dream. This can't be happening. Wake me up when this ends.
  9. To this day I still don't know what the 2017 show was about, except for "Phantasy Invasion."
  10. The helmet and removal of the hoodie really helps to make that uniform much better.
  11. If any of the current members were alive in 2003, they would have been in diapers. The instruction they have received has clearly conveyed the spirit of this show. The performance is theirs entirely.
  12. This is my surprise of the season. So young, so good. Just amazing.