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  1. Someone I know tested positive and was asymptomatic. 6 weeks later he now has reduced lung capacity.
  2. I have found very few K-cup coffee brands that taste good using a Keurig. Dunkin Donut's Keurig cups create colored water. McDonald's Keurig cups create colored water. I ended up getting reusable cups and buying ground coffee. That made a difference.
  3. Jim - by chance do you have a Keurig? I find the coffee weak with them. I have to get dark roast to even come close to "normal" yet it's not the same. This may explain why you are so patient. You drink a lot of coffee but it's not the same amount of caffeine.
  4. I would love to visit Australia one day. People there seem so interesting. I have a friend in Sydney. I know there are internet memes about spiders the size of dinner plates there, but after awhile I felt comfortable asking him... "Mark, do you have those large Huntsman spiders in Sydney?" His reply....."Funny you ask that, I was watching TV a few days ago and saw something moving out of the corner of my was a Huntsman that had gotten into my apartment and was crawling on the floor..." He had to get a newspaper and sneak up on it. He said he would have tried t
  5. It seems genuine to me. I don't think she's a graduate of the "Ali MacGraw School Of Fine Acting." I could listen to that accent all day. Something about the Aussie/New Zealand accent that is so nice.
  6. I think your objective was understood. We live in strange times. We use the past as reference to understanding the instability of the present.
  7. Polio I understand but I wasn't there during the emergency. I was not there as well for the initial thalidomide problem but I have also been affected by those that were exposed. We have even had outbreaks recently of some diseases that we initially thought were confronted but that were due to anti-vaxers having caused flair-ups (measles comes to mind).