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  1. You see to have it all figured out. Good for you.
  2. DCI would not be the only thing affected by this. I have a friend who's wife was scheduled for a class trip to Italy/Switzerland this week and which was cancelled due to concerns.
  3. On the other hand, reading some of the comments here makes me think of Monty Python's "Is your wife a goer? Nudge Nudge know what I mean?"
  4. What do you mean "ghost" of Carmine?
  5. This is the only clip I could find of Carmine Appice on that broadcast.
  6. Steve Rondinaro looked so uncomfortable during that broadcast.
  7. For reference, SCV did Fiddler in '92. In addition, IIRC didn't the judges have issues with their show for some of the retro stuff (they had the guard come out in their traditional uniforms/boots during the Bottle Dance)? I think they spent a good part of the season with rewrites including inserting a new ballad. Chava Ballet replaced Sunrise Sunset. Here's '92 Vanguard early season.
  8. Do you have a stand up comedy routine one can attend? It must be even funnier than some of the stuff you post here.
  9. He has a lot of experience managing businesses. I would think that would be quite an asset when running a not-for-profit where every penny counts. After all, Phantom's had financial issues it's long history. We wouldn't want to return to those dark days would we.
  10. Speaking of Yamaha......don't try to hide in their instrument cases anymore.
  11. Saw a story on the news where the discussion focused on some hip restaurants trying to discourage the elderly and people with grey hair from returning because it was not good for the image.
  12. I played the recorder in grade 6 but never got the volume this guy gets. Maybe it was because I never had electronics to help me.
  13. Blue Devils present "Constantly Risking Absurdity - Part Dos"