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  1. Amazing stuff.. really that video need to be seen by everyone esp to those............. They are always very detailed and purposeful, so much goes into thier shows how every movement and swing, props, drill and movements make sense and aren't just there for the sake of being there.
  2. IF this thread was one of pure educational and shared knowledge of truly trying to understand the reasons, i could have participated, as i really didn't expect this THREAD OF SHADE and complaints why scoring puts them in fourth. i expected something totally different when clicked, so there goes. wasted opportunity for me, guess here was meant for b####### and moaning.
  3. When your favorite corp just brilliantly separate themselves on a total different level and the haters cant help but to try finding faults in hate! Of the same old same old, scratch records LOL LOL LOL.. your tears taste so goooooooood! Ha.. Go Blue Devils!
  4. Wow electrifying Bluecoats. I love that performance! Was amazing. You brought the house down.
  5. Just wow cavies.... I could install you in my house as a power plant. Energy for days! Incredible!
  6. I am now having the first glitch of the evening... stuttering and freezes through Academy show multicam. Wait! Its playing smooth again lol.
  7. BD General Effect been consistently dominant throughout the season, i think they will take it back tonight. as for J Kennedy scores in M A i don't know what to think, lets see though, BD have to work on that like now! Congrats on winning brass you deserve it! Ott belongs to you this year regardless of what anyone wants to say about any other. The ending changes is really good and i still expect more to be added. if my memory serves me right. 2015 to 2016 ending was tweaked and changed more than once from Atlanta, Buffalo and going into finals. Also congrats to SCV for making such improvements and making up grounds on my Beloved Devils. Can you pass them? will you pass them? can you beat them to break their undefeated stream ? Lets see. GO DEVILS!!!
  8. Maybe ? i am ok with the white its still spectacular to me, but it'll be cool if they add colors of some sort, colorful butterfly prints.
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