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  1. Those were all worked to death building that windmill during the ballad. Poor Boxer. :(
  2. I love Paris in the springtime. I love Paris in the fall. I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles, I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles.
  3. Just finished listening through the Spotify for these selections. This has a lot of great potential to be a memorable show.
  4. I listened through the season yesterday again on the ride into town and BAC's show stood out for me too. Lots of dark energy and good nits. The ballad was very evocative as well, particularly the dynamics range as they built the mood to the construction of the three member-tall windmill. I saw their show first blush at Ft. Wayne and absolutely loved the music.
  5. Ooh. That could be tasty on the field.
  6. When our marching band retired old uniforms they were sold as keepsakes to raise money for new ones. First dibs went to current members to buy their own fitted uniform. They sold well since we retired them right after marching the Rose Bowl parade and only four years after the only state championship the school won in Indiana. I don't think many at all were left after the sale as pretty much anyone who wore one for the state championship, Orange Bowl, or Rose Bowl parade jumped at the chance to get one. That said, I've never put mine on again that much. I think we used them for Halloween costumes one year. Heh. I should get the shako and plume for my office though.
  7. Signaling an innovative development in body movement for the activity, Phantom Regiment is proud to present their 2015 show, SEZIURE!
  8. My mind is trying very very very hard not to rearrange the word order of this sentence for a joke that would be simultaneously immature humor and downright creepy.
  9. There were some wondering who were those old guys with all the face makeup on that KISS float too.
  10. I spent some time on the Fan Network last night going through non-finalists shows. I found myself really liking the Oregon Crusaders show again. Even the Colts' show seemed more palatable with all that narration than it did during the season. Either I'm enjoying shows more after having not watched them for awhile or I'm simply appreciating the talent members put out on the field in the activity during a period of withdrawal...heh.
  11. They somehow seem to do ok with their teleprompters during the morning shows. I don't know what they're huffing between units in the parades.
  12. It's official, celebrity TV people become illiterate when working parades.
  13. Never have I ever written my toilet a thank you note. Although I've sometimes thanked God that I made it to the toilet in time.
  14. Seriously, how drunk were these announcers by the end of the parade?
  15. I hope the men from Madison fare better in the snow than that poor gal in the Georgia State guard who wiped out on national TV.
  16. High school band camp we had some camp near a lake and one of the practice fields was on marshland. You could jump and make it wave a bit. Winds went there for music practice minus us saxes as we had drill to clean with the brass. About 20 min later, the winds were running over the hill that separated the fields screaming like a horror movie. They had sat on the ground to work on listening at wide intervals and suddenly noticed the entire field was just filthy with crawling jumping wolf spiders. The rest of the season was filled with rubber spiders hidden everywhere on the busses, uniforms, equipment cases, etc.
  17. A country western music show would certainly signal a 'new direction' stylistically. Heh.
  18. Are you guys crazy? BITD of the 2020s were insanely good. Of course it's gone downhill since they allowed AI driven corpsbots into the activity and they glitched into killbots during the 2031 finals. At least that forced DCI to move finals from Indy after the killbots took over the entire city and the ensuing carnage razed it to the ground.
  19. The channel that sees poker as a sport loses credibility as a sports channel for me.
  20. I just had a vision of VK doing a Monty Python show featuring the Lumberjack Song.
  21. Yeah. The theater thing is probably the best way to go. A&E might get more eyeballs in homes for awhile but probably not have the higher ceiling the theater model has. Besides, it's more fun to watch on a big screen with a collection to crowd of like minded fans.
  22. PBS drew the geek crowd with all the British sitcoms back in my college days. In grad school, they made major inroads with the 20 somethings running Tales of the City, but then the "moral police" threatened their federal funding because "OMG GAY PEOPLE ARE IN THAT SHOW" so that was the end of that. Now that there's a niche channel on cable for every niche, PBS has a harder time picking up the niche audiences. I wonder if one of those channels like Arts and Entertainment would cut a deal for DCI?