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  1. That whole thing is one of the "show moments we'll be talking about 10 years from now" even if it wasn't part of the design.
  2. Y'all have noticed the capital letters in "to wALk Or ruN in wEst harlem" right? and the increasingly sped up footsteps in the source material. It has it's own creepifying factor as well. A great lead in to the Hymn when put together. There was a lot to discover in this show's source material.
  3. But...but...who would they kill on the field for this show?
  4. It'd be interesting to see how that'd get scored vis a vis what's become the norm.
  5. Captured from the retreat video... Go to it live on YouTube, the tall guy above the double LL has the best reaction.
  6. For sale: A number of creepy animal masks. Buy today to make your children's next halloween party horrifyingly memorable! Also suitable for robbing banks or protesting the government.
  7. For donation: yards and yards of hair extensions for Locks of Love.
  8. For sale: several Arabian style backdrop props. Suitable for accenting your home, garden, or "private rumpus room for adults."
  9. Kiss of the Spider Woman with the Kander and Ebb book from the B'way show. I dunno, I could easily see BD knock this one out and have their guard rock some of those dance showstoppers. But they did a 'tribute to the movies' deal this year already.
  10. I"m having trouble watching the VOD for semis tonight. It seems to play along then freeze intermittently. I'm not sure if it's a FN serving issue or something in the pipeline between FN and me that's doing it. It happens in multiple browsers on fresh restart/loads. It also makes me sad.
  11. I could have stood to see more of that creepy BAC guard entrance. That as way cool.
  12. Following that kind of energy and crowd response is tough. I remember HS marching after some super energetic show. It was just intimidating as heck to stand in the tunnel of the old Hoosier Dome at state finals and hear that crowd yelling through that huge door knowing that a rival had just killed on the field before you.
  13. So happy for Bloo, even if it's 3rd. This show is one to be talked about for years and perhaps one that can set them up for that championship they've been hunting for awhile.
  14. Wow...that spread between Cadets and Bloo got pretty small tonight.