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  1. Nashville. It’s completely obvious. Nashville is America is it city right now and for good reason. So many things to see and do, world-class venues, tons of hotels, and a city that knows how to host major entertainment events. And perhaps just as important, the newest world class corps that hosts what is already one of the largest drum Corps shows of the tour. Nashville is also centrally located, with four major interstates intersecting the city. It would be a great partner for Indianapolis, the tour could easily organize itself to land in Nashville at the end. There
  2. Is this better for the kids? Dunno. Seems to me that the kids are less interested in the size of the events than having more opportunities to perform.
  3. https://open.spotify.com/album/5zq1m9RP5iwHBRQlgbROx1?si=5TX3Rk8SSFqriwda5lOCsQ
  4. That’s not the Cadets standard. I don’t care what Other corps do.
  5. Again the two are not binary. We all ignored obvious serious issues in the past under the guise of “supporting the cadets” — and clearly that is never a good thing. That leads to what happened last year. Pointing out clear missteps is not a bad thing and it should not be discouraged. It isn’t being negative. It’s bring to light things that tarnish the corps. If you care you should not settle. That’s what far far lesser corps have done and that’s what dragged them to the bottom. I’m done with this topic, but I don’t care who you are, there should be no excuse for not paying your
  6. Your Honor, I realize I promised to pay my employees every two weeks, but let me remind you that I am a not-for-profit and therefore the rules don’t apply to me.
  7. I believe Greg was at Cadets 18 months ago and then suddenly wasn’t.
  8. It’s not binary, George. I wish the Cadets the best but choosing to not pay people is hardly a “Side show.” It’s actually not legal. Choosing to not treat serious situations as serious situations is exactly what has gotten Cadets into the situation they are in now. Being a fan doesn’t mean you simply look the other way at bad news. It means you face it together, contribute to the solution, and hold them to a high standard. In any other business not paying your employees for months would be unthinkable. If my employer sent me this email I’d sue them before the sun set and a judge wou
  9. This is truly awful. You drag someone all over the country working on your show and then tell them in an email they won’t get paid for another three months? Im sure this isn’t the first time this happened in dci but still. I find it beyond the pale that that had the money to hire new expensive staff and as a result don’t have the money to pay staffers who already did the work? How can they get away with this and avoid a law suit?
  10. https://open.spotify.com/track/6PtZaHjsx2Pnk3x9O92bB2?si=IVC5ViPDQ7630JVcvlOF7A
  11. How would such a person be treated here for “spilling the beans”...
  12. I don’t post “every negative thing.” If this is accurate, it should be posted. Totally unacceptable and probably not even legal.
  13. The only people who should be upset about how the teaching staff are selected are fans of the corps that finished outside of the top 12. Who cares what the color of their skin is or anything else for that matter? If they can teach, that’s good enough for me.
  14. Eh that would be fun too, but it’s not wrong what you did. This final poll doesn’t show the 12 “best” shows of the decade. It shows the result of what you asked.
  15. DCI diversity is equal to marching band diversity. Not that hard to figure out.
  16. Just give it a rest. Walking around with a diversity clipboard to see who measures up to your scores is insulting to people who have devoted their lives to teaching these kids out to do drum Corps.
  17. Drum corps is so far beyond the norm as far as diversity that you can’t even compare the average population to drum corps. The best way to increase minority involvement in marching membership has nothing to do with the “woke score” of the corps leadership; its reducing the cost of entry for kids from minority households. Drum corps is expensive and getting moreso.
  18. “There are many great younger people working with them but it does not appear they are being groomed to be the next generation.” Says who? A bunch of Crown juniors were just hired to promotions at other world class corps. There are constant staff changes even during the season. There are dozens of positions filled by new blood every year. As far as the preferences of marching members, these kids and their parents care about getting world class instruction and being competitive on the field. Who cares what race or gender an instructor is? Any marcher who picks a corps b
  19. I don’t even know what the drug is supposed to do but the way they show marching band is pathetic. The director is on the field “directing” and doesn’t direct in time. She has some goofy expression on her face that is so fake it makes me want to throw something at the tv. The band doesn’t even march in time. There is a scene where the football team almost collides with the band—as if the two would ever be on the field at the same time! It’s like the worst SNL fake tv spot ever made but it’s real. Get off my lawn!
  20. Gender scores and quotas for marching band? Sounds like an award winning NPR series... A woke index for drum corps? Good lord.
  21. Someone should do an Earth, Wind and Fire show. I know it would mean they would have to have truly kick ### brass lines, but if they hit the right tone, it would be amazing.