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  1. Does anyone have a list of the Jim ott winners through the years as well as the brass caption head? I’m curious to see if there’s certain instructors that have won more Otts or if it’s more random.
  2. fighterkit

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    I agree with most of all of that. I'd kill to see Phantom go back and play New World Symphony again. I feel like they're getting closer on track to what they used to be, but it's still not there. Personally I'd rather them go back to uniforms similar of 2010. This year's were good, but that felt off, especially the guards uniforms. I want out of the next couple of years to be more of a classical style or play an opera. Maybe choosing one source and playing that for the entire show instead of cutting and pasting smaller licks.
  3. fighterkit

    Phantom Regiment 2017

    New World Symphony would be a great idea for a show musically. The problem is how to tie it in to the visuals. IMO PR has been strong musically recently and it's the visuals that need to be worked on. But take that with a grain of salt. I'm more of a music person than visual.
  4. fighterkit

    Crossmem auditions

    I don't have a Facebook so I can't check the crossmen audtion page and I want to see if there is errata. The audition warm ups look weird. Like there is an f to e sharp. And it says c to low g when its an f to b flat. I don't know if they just tried to copy the high brass and its not the same, but I need some help.
  5. fighterkit

    DCPI Q&A

    Can anyone link me to the registration thread please?