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  1. I don't think any of us have met Max the Cat at Castleton. (As an aside its still weird to hear it called Vermont State, since when I marched it was Castleton University)
  2. Back when my mom was in HS she was part of a fife and drum corps. Rather than teach music they decided every note was a number and wrote it out by numbers to teach the other kids
  3. Haha. I get how you feel. It still feels like yesterday I was packing for spring training for my last summer and getting ready I miss it a lot
  4. Got it. I’ll ask my friend who told me this where they saw it Thank you for checking
  5. I heard there was an update to the case, but I dont have an account/knowledge to find it
  6. This reminds me of a convo I had with a kid who marched Cavaliers. We were chatting post show and I asked how he liked the corps. And he talked about how much he loved it, and how there are long traditions there that are really cool that I wouldnt get because "Boston is a young corps" I was taken aback and asked "How old do you think Boston is?" "I dunno. Like 20 or 30. I think yall were founded in 1990" When I told him we were older than Cavaliers he just looked astonished. Honestly most corps dont exist until they are competitively successful in the eyes of most members
  7. Not too sure. If its like the last few years itll be during spring training, or right before
  8. It feels very Boston. When you hear/see the package you can tell who wrote/designed because they've got their own style but it is, IMO, quintessential Boston. Unapologetic for what it is and what they are doing on the field. The last opener that made me feel this way was when I saw SCV 18 live at the first show. So there is that.
  9. I won't spoil anything. But this show is truly a treat. Some really cool things happening and the most talented corps out of Boston ever. This is 100% a show to watch for
  10. I believe I heard something like 200+ for the brass at one camp. With the other first round camps + videos I wouldnt be surprised if the number was close to 800 total
  11. 1. Boston Crusaders 2. Blue Devils 3. Bluecoats 4. Carolina Crown 5. Mandarins 6. Phantom Regiment 7. Santa Clara Vanguard 8. Cavaliers 9. Troopers 10. Blue Stars 11. Colts 12. Blue Knights
  12. Heard leadership results are out. The corps is in good hands…
  13. Theres only a few days left to donate to help the corps out. https://donate.bostoncrusaders.org/ I sent a few dollars some members ways and I hope to see more alumni donate as well.
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