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  1. mistake, a miscue by a pit member. Stop being blatantly negative.
  2. Metronome was a mistake, a miscue by a pit member. Stop being blatantly negative.
  3. Should be a good show! Things I'm keeping an eye on: After seeing Cadets and Crown, I could see Cadets taking the evening. We finally can see what's up the Bluecoats sleeve! Real mystery here; I could see them leading the pack or caught in the middle. I had a chance to check out Phantom at their preview... Oh my... They may have what it takes to shake up the roster in Indy!
  4. Now I'm actually wondering, when was the last time nobody moved from one year to the next in the top 12? Has that ever actually happened?
  5. I definitely get where you are coming from. I think a huge part of it is just the limitation of their movement. Cool, creative drill will always play a huge part in show design (for Phantom anyways), but I feel like they've hit a rut. While they don't necessarily have to move like other corps or try to be like them, what they have lacked is anything past flawless technique and straight white lines (their staple.) Other corps have gone about expanding their visual package in the corps proper to incorporate a larger variety of movement based rather than just marching and playing. I feel like it's completely possible for them to work in a direction like this without losing their individuality and identify. Take 2014 for example; Swan Lake is full of visual language and movement taken from the ballet that was used by only the guard, save for a few hornline soloists. Incorporating these visual ideals into the corps proper could add another layer to their design.
  6. So, after having their recording on repeat for a day, I think I finally have an opinion. Without a doubt, it is different, very different. I think Will Pitts has arranged an excellent book for the hornline, presenting them with challenging music that I look forward to hearing them have clean. Transitions are weird, but I think that point has been played up enough. I actually like the different take on The Chairman Dances, it's exciting and energetic, albeit a departure from the source. The ballads are gorgeous and YPG is fun (I enjoy it in general, it's always nice hearing it on the field. The percussion feature was... different... however tastefully done in my opinion. Overall, the beginning and the ending scream Phantom, with a much different feel in between from recent years. Here's the hiccup: arrangement issues aside, the hornline has had a record for taking what they're given and making something amazing out of it. Their music has been a pleasure, so seeing this development out of their traditional roles is a welcome change; it'll be great to see what they can do with it. Music, however, has been only part of the problem. Their visual package as of late has been, in my opinion, their weakest area, as it's been most stuck in the 2000's. Will they explore a new approach from that standpoint in the same way the seem to be musically? They have the talent to compete in the top tier, and I think the book may give them a better shot than in previous years, but will they pull together a visual package to compete? Excited to see DCI premier in the theaters!
  7. Save for maybe the top three spots, who truly would be "safe?" With the previous year's top 6 settling into a vein of show design for the time being, a fresh design may be all the need to jump. As has been said, they've done an excellent job the past few years selling shows, arguably past where it would seem possible (e.g. 6th with a giant puppet and playing the crap out of the Organ Symphony). Who's to say what they could do if given a competitive show, seeing how close the top 5 were for a majority of last season?
  8. They've released a few videos on Snapchat with their excerpt from Young Person's Guide, sounds like they've only been using the finale. Three words: lots of notes.
  9. There's a art to percussion writing, and sometimes a good percussion book can make or break a show. As someone who's looking to get involved in more percussion arranging, what are some hallmark shows to look to to learn? What shows have come to define how a book is written? What makes it great? Why does it stand out from the rest? Any random tips, facts, or tidbits of information? Discuss.
  10. Predictions and Reasons: Top 12 1) Blue Devils - After two stellar years with both older and younger membership and consistently above par design, there's no reason to believe that they'll slow down. It will take a lot to keep them from their first threepeat. 2) Cadets - With a little fire under them after their fall from top 3 last year, this corps will be itching to dethrone the Devs (assuming they settle in on a show idea). 3) Santa Clara Vanguard - The first major shakeup of the year, SCV has all the components to medal, particularly with some work revamping their brass. Another good design will be enough to land this corps a long overdue medal. 4) Carolina Crown - Taking a chance on Madea won't pan out as well as Inferno or E=mc^2, throwing them just out of medal contention. Stellar brass will prevent them from falling too far. 5) Phantom Regiment - Shake up number two, Regiment's work revamping their design and visual package, coupled with the talent draw they've been pulling, consistent brass package and still improving percussion and guard, will be enough to break their slump. They'll make a strong showing for their 60th. 6) Bluecoats - Bluecoats round out the last of the 3 major shakeups in the top 12. Tilt 3 fails to capture as Tilt 1 and 2 had and will gradually lead to a slow slip from top 5 over the course of the season. 7) Blue Knights - Another strong year and improving corps will be enough to keep them in the range of their tied best finish, but will not be enough to push them further up the ranks. 8) Madison Scouts - Consistent membership and a good show will be enough to once again see Madison edge out their Midwest all male counterparts. 9) Cavaliers - Internal corps issues have seemed to plague the Cavaliers in the past few years, and, with little sign of being resolved, the Cavies will see yet another lower finish. 10) Blue Stars - A bit of a toss up with Boston, Blue stars will be able to push past BC later in the season. 11) Boston Crusaders - A bit of a design rut will see BC stagnate around 10, 11. 12) Crossmen - A third strong showing will see Crossmen widen the gap between them and 13, for the time being, with hopes of them pushing deeper into finals. Let me know what you think!
  11. 1. BD 2. Cadets 3. Crown 4. Coats 5. SCV 6. Phantom 7. BK 8. Cavies 9. Madison 10. Crossmen 11. BAC 12. Blue Stars I see Cadets and PR gaining enough momentum to move up. Madison also stands a shot at overtaking the Cavies. Going to be an exciting week!
  12. Predictions: Cadets BD Crown Fairly certain on these; as it stands it'll take a nice push to shake up the top three. SCV Bluecoats Should be an interesting bought between these two. Percussion may be enough to pull ahead over the coats. PR Cavies BK This one will be the match to watch. With less than a point separating the three in SA, it's anyone's game at this point. Performance time will give a little leg up to Cavies and PR; between the two, I'd give it (narrowly) to Regiment. Excited to see how things shape up heading into Atlanta!
  13. Interesting note from the Belton show: one notable judge critique was how they plan on developing their show from here out. One thing they have proven up to this point is that they are very capable of achieving a comprehensive show. This being said, (overlooking the scoring inconsistencies below then) they aren't safe yet. Their closest competition both have considerable room to develop their show from a design standpoint in addition to cleaning, where as BK looks to be just cleaning from here on out. They may be looking forward, but do they have the capability to hold down the still developing Cavies and PR?