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  1. After seeing SCV's props, I'm really glad the Chester field is natural turf and doesn't allow corps to use them.
  2. Did Crown plug their woofer directly into Flo’s audio feed? This is the most egregious thunderous goo I’ve heard in years.
  3. First time finally seeing BAC (what Flo managed to broadcast anyway). Rocky section takes me out of the show but that sound and guard are nuts.
  4. Anyone else getting an internal error 500 when posting in this thread?
  5. I haven't seen their show announcement yet, but they'll be 3rd this year.
  6. I think it's a reasonably safe assumption that, being first or second every year for the past 12 years, BD is a safe bet for being the corps to beat. Regardless of when in the off-season the statement is made. On top of simply giving me a reason to post (corps news had been quiet up until recently), their show announcement, for me, just reinforces the fact that no current top 12 corps has a better handle on their identity and strengths than the Blue Devils. Absolutely ludicrous and completely laughable, I know. 🙄
  7. No other corps is so in tune with their identity and strengths more than the Blue Devils. They are once again the corps to beat.
  8. Thanks, Tekk! These quieter off-seasons have put a bit of a damper on my DCP posting. Thinking things will pick up again once the season gets under way.
  9. I'm not overly thrilled with the concept. The drum-corps-as-social-commentary trope is rarely ever done well, and has been particularly groan-worthy when attempted by past Cadet designers. But... that was a different crew. We'll see how the new blood handles it this time. I can't help but feel this is the continuation of some sort of apology-tour concept, though and I really want this new iteration of the Cadets to start zagging and shaking up the activity again. All that being said, the hornline sounds really solid and I like that much of the rep seems to be stuff that's fresh to the activity. I will be cheering for them via my living room Flo!
  10. Any idea when these tickets generally go on sale?
  11. If SCV's design team decides to follow up Babylon with a rehash of POTO, they should be drummed out of the activity. I'm not even joking.