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  1. Herd judging mentality strikes again. See ya all next year.
  2. These young ####ers are so lucky. Retreat is so lax compared to when I marched.
  3. When did that happen? As soon as the vocals started I hit MUTE.
  4. HEY! HEY! HEY! Don't you bring Mozart into this or I'm gonna have to whoop your ###! :)
  5. Absolutely not! Maybe 7th. The talent of the 2016 was definitely higher caliber than the 2017 corps. The design started more focused in 2017 and then went to hell (not pun intended). The design staff practically destroyed this show. It had so much potential in June. Literally every change worsened the show.
  6. Exactly. When I marched I staff said we only were in control of what we did. Not what anyone else did and not what the judges will do.
  7. Correction - Bluecoats WERE changing drum corps. From 2014 - 2016 they were the most innovative corps out there, and it shows with how the crowd has followed the Bluecoats this season. However, the 2017 show is in no way innovative. The show structure is too similar to 2016. I still love this 2017 show. It is so good and so fun, and it's my favorite ballad of the season - just beautiful. It's hard to follow up a championship year. You don't want to drift too far from the winning formula, but you want to do something new. Bluecoats in 2017 did neither. That's ok. It's a great formula. I think t
  8. Wishing for: SCV Bloo Crown BD BAC Cavies BK Cadets Madison Stars XMen Regiment I know it's going to be: BD SCV Crown Bloo Cavies BAC Cadets BK Regiment Stars XMen Madison No surprises tonight!
  9. No, they don't. Look, SCV and Bluecoats have my favorite two shows this year - by 10,000 miles over everyone else. But, GE is not and should not be based on fan appeal. What I like is different than what you like. Just because 99% of people may prefer one corps over another does not mean that corps has more GE. I love Bluecoats show, but they are dirty, dirty, dirty and that's why they are in 4th right now. No conspiracy. No judges not getting it. Dirty. That's it. I'm still debating on watching all of finals, or just Bloo and SCV.
  10. There you have it. With today's herd judging mentality there's no suspense.
  11. I just want to go to DCI Headquarters and bang some heads together. They've got me for 2 more minutes and then I'm out.
  12. I would love it if BK passed the Cadets. Maybe it would make a regime change happen faster in Allentown and I like BKs show.