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  1. I would guess 20-somethings. Worst generation ever. Thank God I'll be dead by the time they run the world.
  2. Those that are cool don't try to be cool, they just are cool. So yes I don't think BD has ever tried to be so cool, they just always were cool. Still are. I just think Bluecoats are the coolest kid the class these days.
  3. LOL. We've really reached a point where we think finishing 2nd in VP Content and guard a weakness. Lord, help us all.
  4. Yeah, looking at the recap I just don't see a path for BD to lose. Won everything but VP and Guard. Just not beatable. How exciting for Boston - highest placement and highest score ever.
  5. I think Boston, Crown or BD can win music. I think BD is going to take visual. I think BD is going to take GE. I think BD is going to win by more than a point.
  6. Yeah, I was really surprised by that. Say what you want about the show, but I thought it was going to be the overwhelming fan favorite.
  7. Flip Regiment and Mandarins (and maybe Crown and Bluecoats) and we are in agreement. Oh wait, you forgot Cavies. 8. Cavies 9. Mandarins 10. Regiment
  8. And that is why they will win. Bluecoats, Crown, Boston and Vanguard will all be beating each other across captions, and BD will be beating them all in most captions.
  9. I think Crown's guard is the best too, so they'll probably get 3rd or 4th. I try to jinx BD by saying they are the best and will win. It never works. Jinxes only work with every other corps and I.
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