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  1. I listened to as much as I could of the BOA show today while working. I have no idea who/what where/when I heard. Some of the corps were as expected for high school band. Some of them blew my mind, it was wonderful! Can’t wait for the next two days. I agree there is a lot of over production. But I still love it and do think it will eventually swing in the other direction. Really looking forward to the release of 2019 videos and to the upcoming season of Winterguard. Starting to watch old shows on YouTube in anticipation : )
  2. Do you happen to know if he has joined the winter-guard? It would be worth a trip from the west coast if so..
  3. One of the things I like about some of the video that is captured from the stands (posted to YT) is that I get to see more of the whole show, especially if the videographer is not too far up in the stands. The folks at Flo do a fine job; I am so very grateful to be able to watch shows throughout the season. But, I would LOVE a stable mid-stands camera that would allow more field of vision. Often the multi cam is moving around so much that important choreography is missed. I know this is a pipe dream but maybe someday Flo/DCI will be open to this concept : ) Same thing with WGI shows..
  4. I always freeze at LOS so if I am silly enough not to bring something warm to wear, a new corps jacket is acquired. Finals this year at WGI in Dayton were brutally hot. Apparently they were in the process of replacing the air conditioning. WGI handed out cardboard fans to everyone. That was too much!
  5. I still have not come down from the high of finals week, also sad that the season is done. Have been listening to Madison and Blue Knights non-stop this week, I cannot seem to get enough.. Really loved Boston Crusaders, Phantom Regiment, Crossmen, Jersey Surf, Spartans, Gold, Pacific Crest. My bf is a BD fan, my opinion has always been that “someday” they would do a show that I could actually listen to; this year my prediction came to pass: I actually liked their show : ) I also tend to prefer OC, the music is much more listenable, often the themes are more interesting/fun. I very much enjoyed all the productions (regardless of class.) So grateful to DCI and each corps for all the work done to create such incredible experiences. (Cannot wait for the audio bundle and videos.) It definitely seemed like many of the corps (but not all) were more raw than usual at the beginning of the season. Was very pleasantly surprised last week at how some of the shows shaped up.
  6. Thank you BAC for the fantastic show. It has been fabulous to watch this corps grow, mature, improve and excel over the years. Really really love each element of what you are doing and especially appreciate that your shows tell a story that keeps me on the edge of my seat. Can’t say enough about the colorguard, the music selection, musical execution, choreography, creativity, uniforms, level of professionalism etc. A stellar performance! Many thanks to everyone who made it happen!
  7. Thank you Phantom Regiment for a fantastic show. So impressed with how this show developed, it was magnificent this weekend. Your show/performances took my breath away. Definitely one of the highlights of the season. Thank you to everyone who made it happen!
  8. Thank you Blue Knights for an incredible show. So glad I got to see the show live and get a good look at your color guard. They were phenomenal! The whole show was excellent: Great music, excellent execution and beautiful choreography. Thank you for demonstrating that an outstanding show does not have to be excruciatingly loud. Thank you to the entire staff and performers for making this show happen!
  9. We loved it, laughed our heads off. It was definitely a Blue season! Great job all you Blue’s!
  10. It wasn’t that bad for me yesterday, here on the west coast. I watch via their website on my iPad and have a hdmi connector to the tv. I had to hit reload about three times last night, sadly once was during the bd show. But overall the transmission was good.
  11. What a fantastic experience watching the show yesterday and today. The crowd LOVED the performances, many of us were in tears. GREAT job everyone. Thank you so much for a fantastic show and an outstanding season!
  12. Really looking forward to the next few days! I will be the loud Woooooooooooo’er in section 142 on my second attempt to watch every show on Thursday. Got an incredibly excellent massage today at the spa inside the downtown Hilton, am ready for the marathon : )
  13. Oof, so sorry for your pain. I do enjoy the shows but am not that bad : )
  14. Lol, I am afraid that is me! It is embarrassing but I cannot help myself, just waaay too excited. I tend to cheer more for the corps that are not part of the top 12 as I feel they are working just as hard and don’t get as much glory.
  15. I’ve brought in fruit and veggies types of snacks. Security gave me the OK. Seemed they did not want people to bring food in that was similar to what was available at the concession stands. Concession stands there completely unremarkable. Was kind of shocked my first year at Indy...have been spoiled by the really good food at the newer stadiums here...