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  1. Thanks for noticing. 🙂 Battalion was absolutely killer on the field during their California swing, and perhaps more importantly, their members were well mannered, disciplined and polite young men and women. No SCVC/BDB. Gold is gonna win.
  2. Immediate thought would be to enable any potential MM candidates who are female to see Madison Scouts on field in real time over the course of the next four weeks and give real consideration. Yes, there may be 'videos', but now you'll have young ladies who may have used Scouts as their nacho break sitting and watching them while considering possibilities for next year. It also gives those same potentials 4 months of travel arrangement possibilities and considerations rather than 2 months if they wait to September to announce. That extra time could be meaningful to some. Additionally, it gives current members and families the opportunity to mark and appreciate that this will be the last year of the Scouts in this form. Everyone involved now know the gig and can mark the memories how they see fit. This season, for all intents and purposes, is an end of an era for the program. I kinda hope the members and staff were told first to give them the opportunity to process and discuss internally prior to the press release. IMO, that is a small gesture that could mean quite a bit to those currently involved.
  3. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! This is the type of info I was looking for!! 😄 Frame of reference - Small Open Class group, relatively new and still building. My kid could have gone elsewhere (read: WC) but chose to go back because of the family vibe and camaraderie of the members. Kid has another year before age out and this choice kept them close to me. (#firstbornchild) Since the group so new, we have a bit of a guerrilla set up*. We are fortunate that our kids rehearse in a beautiful facility where we have been given access to a small snack bar with refrigeration, sinks and lots of counter space, but we're working mostly out of crockpots, a flat top grill. We shop fresh daily, so there isnt much a temp holding issue. Buy, make, serve. A couple of us have food handlers licenses, so believe me... the temps are regulated. LOL Can't play a horn if you're curled up in a corner from food poisoning, so we're all over the holding temps. *shrug* The tour is small, but in the past we made it work. A little effort and ingenuity can go a long, long way. We have a good handful of tried and true recipes, but I wanted to add the mix. I love the idea of the binder... I have my next project! A few examples of what we have done: pizza, w/ loaded garden salad; teriyaki bowls w/ rice (opt - chicken or tofu); chicken tacos w/ all the expected stuffing and side dishes; meatball subs w/ side salad; spinach pasta (you know, fresh spinach and bowtie pasta) salad w/chicken; roasted chicken, baked beans and potato salad; - Then, we set boxes or platters of fresh fruit (bananas, oranges, berries, melons, etc.) at the end of the chow line. We don't make the fresh fruit an option. LOL "You... trumpet 3 - take one." *throws orange at snare kid* Fresh water, gatorade, fruits and PBJ table are always available at every meal (right now, just lunches and dinners with their schedule - it's not a move in corps). We also have vegetarian and gluten free options available with every meal as we have several kids with dietary restrictions/allergies. It's a moving target, but we're figuring it out. 😄 We have used the hell out of www.ellenskitchen.com/bigpots and www.allrecipes.com - I love a good recipe calculator. Im going to print out your posts and go over them to sort and really digest the info. My hope is to be able to take this year and set up the group for success in a way that is manageable and easy to follow for future volunteers. Thanks, again! 😄 * We have a full mobile kitchen truck that is having some work done to it. Should have that up and running before the kids go on the road.
  4. It's been 14 years and I'M BRINGING THIS ONE BACK!! My kid is marching in a smaller corps this year and I was defaulted recruited into Chow Duty for 150. I would *love* some tried and true recipe ideas that we can bring into the fold. Who's worked the chuck wagons and can share some practical best practices and recipe ideas?? [goes back to lurking anticipating this request falls off, but hopes it picks up *cross fingers*]
  5. They line up perfectly based on her postings as a whole. She is and forever will be a girl with a crush. A darn near 40 year old crush. She can't process the thought that her crush would or could be guilty of the things alleged, so she spins, dismisses or outright ignores any suggestions to the contrary because she got to sit across a table with sparkly blue eyes listening to her ideas intently. There's no way that guy could have been manipulating or lying to her at all (... allegedly). So, since HE didnt lie, that means everyone else is, as he so deftly framed up in conspiracy theories. As a near middle aged mediocre looking non-single woman... this whole darn thing baffles me to no end. I've been thinking that for about 12 pages, TBH.
  6. And at this point any further discussion about it with you is fruitless. Sexual assault is what it is, even if the spectrum within that definition varies. You can throw out as many hypotheticals as you like (which, incidentally - Yes, an unwelcome kiss in a bar is assault, regardless of what or how many drinks you had, what you're wearing, how you danced, or how much you may have flirted in advance of said approach. Whether you decide to roll your eyes, call the bouncer or call the cops is up to you), but it's not gonna change the fact that a person owns their body and no one has the right to welcome themselves to it in any way shape or form without permission. Period. And GH, again, is 'accused' of having perpetrated far, far more than an unwelcome kiss. The fact that you are hung up so hard on defending this guy is baffling.
  7. No, according to your stories you didn't give EITHER man consent. That's where context comes into play. The fact that your gut told you one was wrong and you pushed him away means that was assault. The second one you were surprised, but liked it. Context. Something about the vibe of those two dates was different. How you reacted was different. One was assault and the other was a good date. People have agency over their own bodies and are able to decide where the line is drawn. Additionally, in either case you were an adult who consented to a date with another adult and made a conscious decision when enough was enough and what you were ok with. THAT is what you are missing and clearly taking away from the victims in this case. The sad reality is that every woman (and many men) over the age of 21 have *some* story of having been sexually harassed to some degree. I have spent 25 years playing a male-dominated sport. I have a list from comments, to unwelcome advances, to outright violation of physical boundaries and STILL I can tell the difference between a date as you described and abuse. What the victims have all consistently described is a verbally abusive working environment and/or systematic programming and grooming for sexual abuse. Ages ranging from teenagers to adult. Consistent and complete stories with noted physical evidence (texts/emails). If anyone destroyed a life, he destroyed his own and took several women with him. Maybe we should have as much empathy for the victims as you apparently do for him.
  8. The difference between your two stories is CONTEXT and CONSENT. There is also a difference between your 'stories' and abuse grooming within a power dynamic. It actually saddens me that you are unable to tell the difference.
  9. So, either DCI is lying about providing an opportunity or the Arsenal staff are lying. Seems in this instance there's very little wiggle room in between. If DCIs "opportunity to correct" was having the Director issue a retraction and/or apology to Pio and OC, Im happy he chose to walk away. He simply put into a statement what most people were thinking. IMO he said what should have been said a long time ago by DCIand nothing he said was incorrect, even if it could have benefited from a pass over from a PR firm. As a parent who has spent quite a bit of money supporting touring MMs, I am repulsed. It's clear where the powers of DCI put their priorities and it's not with member safety. No matter how much fluff they cast about or how many dog and pony shows they host, by admonishing this group (and this individual) in such a heavy handed way while throwing a wet blanket over the real dumpster fires have shown fully exactly where the priorities lie. I've never been so happy that my daughter chose not to march this year.
  10. EDIT after reading the below statement: That sucks. Sending good vibes to Arsenal that they can get a plan of action going and get back on track ASAP.
  11. Shaky ground. The majority of these tryouts are called "Experience Camps" for a reason. Anyone who attended these camps received what was advertised - experience. The overhead (logistics, staff, equipment maintenance, food, etc.) has already been exhausted and the expectation fulfilled. I venture a guess that is exactly why the language is as it is. Your 'contract' for a $200 camp is just that... those two days. Come Monday, the agreement has been fulfilled and nothing is owed. The only thing I could see being remotely actionable is if they did issue tour member contracts and those contracts did not have an indemnification or force majeure clause that covered the process of refunding in such an event (tour cancellation) and the corps flatly refused to reimburse (in writing). I know all the contracts I've seen had refund policies in the event the mm quit, but I don't recall seeing one in place on how much would be returned and how quickly the money would come back if the corps chose not to tour. I dont think that's something many corps are actively putting out in the world. Could you imagine seeing that type of language in contract form? To me, that's almost asking for lack of confidence from mm/parents and a lively "explain yourself, where the hell is my money going and are you sure you're gonna tour" parent meeting.