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  1. My point in bringing this up is that there has never been a time where there has been more talent in the DCI pool, as evidenced by the competitiveness; expansion would allow those on the edge (SOA, etc.) to be included in Finals. Would be a huge boost to those programs to be included in top 15.....
  2. Has there been any discussion at the top admin levels of DCI to expand to 15 for finals? I believe the quality is there. Thoughts?
  3. They were not the only MA score tonight that was a head scratcher, for sure.
  4. Kinda crazy, right? Probably 11th by Saturday, but still...
  5. Crossmen having a BALL this year ...all you gotta do is watch the bass player!!
  6. Mandarins have really turned it up a notch musically; X-men can’t match them there