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  1. A quick google search shows that all of the manufacturers you listed besides Dynasty make woodwinds. Hell, king owns conn selmer which is an iconic saxophone brand. edit: king is a brand of brass from conn selmer, so it’s still connected to woodwinds but not the way I thought.
  2. 1. Corps tuition and prices will go up even if revenue increases, so more money to DCI and bigger bills for actual marchers. 2. More options /= more creative. You’re forced to be more creative when you have limits. Ask any artist or composer.
  3. Yes because since more members are cut from the higher corps that means they’ll go down to the lower corps...
  4. Can confirm this as I learned mellophone in 3 months and got a contract into a WC corps. If you can’t make it into the corps you auditioned for first try that means you either didn’t practice well enough or it just wasn’t your year to march there.
  5. Which corps was this? From what I know most every corps will recommend cuts to lower placing corps. I’ve never heard of a corps telling a member not to march somewhere else.
  6. Could someone who supports the addition of woodswinds address how innaccesible the activity is because of COST and that adding woodwinds would bring the cost UP even more through additional staff requirements and more expensive instruments? And what about the logistical issues of having a woodwind line during the whole summer with their instruments 12 hours a day? Everybody seems concerned with giving designers more freedom and allowing woodwinds to audition, but what about allowing people who can’t afford a 5k tuition to March?
  7. I mean if a good sounding ensemble plays good sounding music then it’ll sound good. I have no worry about the ensemble, but we’ll see about the music...
  8. Very exciting 🙂 I’m very ready to hear crowns intereperitation of funk, as it doesn’t seem as popular among corps in music selection as much as jazz. I have a feeling this shows gonnabe a little more than just Rach Star 2.0.
  9. I’ve heard that the info in the email talks about funk, alternative, and drum&bass style playing. Not sure how reliable is because I don’t have the email myself but it’s an interesting thought.