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  1. So why delete the 47 pages of thread that had nothing to do with him? Meanwhile, 3,658 posts by that same poster remain here. Quite a few are C-19 related, and they all have his real name attached. Why are they not deleted?
  2. Yes, but I still do not understand why the entire 50-page thread was deleted because of someone who only joined in at page 48.
  3. And you will have to settle for memories, because we just had a second such thread completely disappear from this forum. What is up with that?
  4. Because some of the most powerful member corps will not be there. Staging a DCI championship in 2021 would change the balance of revenue sharing based on competitive ranking. Follow the money.
  5. The 1979 American Legion national convention was held in Houston, TX, from August 17th through the 22nd. The drum corps contest was held August 19th, infamously ending in a tie for first place between Long Island Kingsmen and Sky Ryders. No senior corps entered this contest. Edit: 1973 was the year the Legion held their national convention in Hawaii, effectively cancelling the drum corps contests since only one corps made plans to attend.
  6. Pennsylvania was one of the exceptions to the rule in 1942. Undaunted by rain, VFW held their field contest a day later than scheduled at the state convention in Uniontown. You would be interested to know that the senior title went to Hanover post 2506. The 1942 Legion state convention only offered parade competition.
  7. State and national conventions were still held annually during the war years, but they were streamlined to focus on the essential business of the organizations. Non-essential travel was discouraged. Parades relied on local participants. Field competitions were not held at the national conventions in any of those four years; most states did the same.
  8. That first tour lasted one more week, including contests in Oklahoma and Kansas on July 8-9-10. Next contest appearance was August 1st in McHenry, IL, three weeks later.
  9. Well, if there are 30 pages of guidelines/procedures, that might explain how not everyone is on the same page.
  10. SoundSport could have a covid division, where the max size is 10 performers and they must maintain 6-foot spacing throughout the performance.
  11. The recorder looks to be no more than seven inches long, almost four inches wide, and just over an inch thick.
  12. So it is really the recording that provides enhanced "accountability". Makes sense to me.