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  1. I can only answer the questions he asks, not the unstated "objectives" you impose on them. If you have an "objective" you want me to speak to, state it. Oh, that is a whole different question. I know that an unabridged list of "sick days" at the full corps level is way beyond my memory alone. A few that spring to mind: 2015 Cavaliers were a singular instance I recall, in that the stomach virus or whatever it was impacted the corps for several weeks. They dropped out of a few shows, and downgraded to exhibition status at least one other time due to over a dozen absences fro
  2. Like what? (Sincere question. Jeff said many things... not sure which you refer to.)
  3. What are you insinuating? Oh, is that it? Well then, you lost me. Somehow, my response to a question is trying to prove something wrong? You cannot prove a question wrong.
  4. The question was whether shows (other than the obvious 2020, I presume) have been cancelled due to "health concerns"... so I answered it. IMO, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and slip/fall injuries are "health concerns"; let me know if you disagree. Lightning, on the other hand, is not a matter of opinion. There have been injuries and at least one fatality I recall due to lightning strikes at corps rehearsals. The 1955 VFW Nationals were still held in Boston despite concerns about a polio outbreak that caused corps (Audubon and Sac, for example) to cancel their plans to participate while
  5. Sure. Happens all the time. Shows have been stopped due to lightning in close proximity to the show venue. Shows have been relocated indoors or changed to standstills due to wet conditions making maneuvering dangerous for the participants. More violent weather, such as an approaching tornado, has caused outright cancellation of the remainder of events already in progress. IIRC, excessive heat may have caused a contest to be altered to a concert. Most contests in the early 1940s were cancelled due to the health threat posed by an axis of evil and their worldwide warfar
  6. Someday, we will return to riding buses, packing bleachers, and performing in music ensembles. All those things will absolutely happen again, someday. Some of us choose to start thinking about what "someday" will look and feel like. You can too... or not.
  7. You can say it in whatever manner you feel applies. "When cases stop rising." "When there is a vaccine." "When there are several vaccines." "When vaccines are mandatory for corps members." "When treatments reduce the case fatality rate below (whatever rate you choose)." "When cases drop below (whatever rate you choose)." "When deaths drop below (whatever rate you choose)." "When (whatever health/government agency you choose) says interstate travel may commence without quarantine." "When (whatever health/government agency you choose) says sports may
  8. Infections of the stomach/intestines can kill, too. No, I do not want to compare anything. But if you cannot answer the question of when it will be "safe", then comparisons are all I have to work with.
  9. If you have to dodge the question, you have no intention of discussing. Nothing is completely safe. You pointed that out yourself, in describing how stomach viruses spread among corps members "packed like sardines" on buses. And there are other diseases, bus accidents, sexual predators, etc... but you did not suggest shutting down the activity in the face of any of those dangers. So how safe is "safe", in your opinion? Do we need a vaccine? Several vaccines? Must vaccines be a prerequisite to march? Is there some other precondition you have in mind?
  10. How safe? You are the one who wants to call people out for not having "reasonable ideas to move forward". Give us one, or call yourself out. From what I am reading here today, no one is suggesting we continue "as if nothing happened".
  11. I read your post a second time, but still not seeing your "reasonable ideas to move forward".
  12. That was what the DCI "bridge" press release mentioned first and foremost - "health, safety and member affairs". What made you think that was a point of contention?
  13. Yes, I see exactly what you did. Two comments I have: 1. Money for, as you said, "city governments" obviously does not help the rural programs you claim to be most concerned about. 2. If you really care about drum corps, scholastic music, or any other arts, your best course of action is to support their funding in as direct a manner as possible. Donate. Fundraise. Pay admission to their events (when such events resume). Volunteer. Serve on a school board, or BOD of an arts organization. Or you could sit back and hope that federal assistance for states will trick