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  1. See, you actually think beyond simply firing the admins/BOD. I can respect that.
  2. I thought hiring Jim Elvord, and the staff changes he has implemented so far in less than one year, would qualify as "substantial change". That may be... but looking at scores in different time zones, for corps that will never meet, is pointless. Why not just pre-emptively declare failure mid-season based on world class rank alone? I have not seen anyone say they do not care about scores. But they probably choose not to wallow in negativity over them.
  3. You know you cannot be "on the heels" of a corps you will never meet all year, right?
  4. Yes, but when a corps chooses to use their show design (and apparently, some rehearsal time too) to deliver political discourse, it might bleed over into conversations about the corps.
  5. Heavens no, not with the new DCI emphasis on member health and safety.
  6. If it were an open secret prior to July 2019, it would be easier to believe. Whatever. Whether true or false, it explains a lot about why Madison Scouts are where they are.
  7. That does not matter. Tarps are a product offering from manufacturers who are "partners" with DCI. Such products, just like the frequently malfunctioning electronics, are given free passes in competitive judging. That is how the marching arts industrial complex works.
  8. Then why do you think it is your place to demand the mass firing of the corps admins and entire BOD?
  9. There are people demanding firing not just the corps director(s), but the entire BOD as well, without any regard to what would (or even "could") happen next. THAT is insane.
  10. Not sure you even understand who did what here. Jim Mason was "artistic director" for the Madison Scouts for the 2010-2014 seasons, serving in the role most other corps refer to as a program/staff coordinator. Chris Komnick and Dann Petersen have run the corps since 2008. That means they employed Jim Mason as artistic director. Funny how they get zero credit for that.
  11. The data shows that when CK took the helm in 2008, he inherited a corps that was bouncing in and out of finals. Today, he leads a performing arts organization, whose primary program is a corps that is bouncing in and out of finals.