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  1. Don't believe the spinny thingies were in 22.
  2. Played Kevin Gamin's link about the 22 Mandarins. The male singer is another one who was very good.
  3. Those same sentiments are being sent to SCV.
  4. Both singers were the right fit for their roles.
  5. Hope the parents got a discount for singing lessons. (Thanks Bro.)
  6. ST hasn't begun yet, so wait until mid-June to fire away.
  7. Other than saying a prayer or two per day for their success, after praying for world peace and that our country will not collapse from within, you must be getting really stressed-out Chief.
  8. Kevin, could you please explain how the crowd in 08 "learned" their que to yell out before Will's demise? Was the yell only done at finals?
  9. The performance (never learned how the crowd was qued for their yell on finals) and scores were unbelievable. The first reminder about that performance for me is always the look on the contra players sweaty face with eyes closed. Just standing there and soaking up the crowed reaction. That's what it's all about.
  10. GHOST was an NG artillery officer. He could borrow a 185 and drop some rounds from a good distance. Carpet bombing might be quicker though. Don't forget drones.
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