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  1. The opening sentence of their announcement tells us these funds are going to be used now and help get the corps to 2034 and beyond.
  2. With GE at 40 points and Visual at 30 points, this is why music is not as important currently.
  3. Especially since CC has some great percussion staff from the BK.
  4. Way back when, if guards tried anything similar to what we've seen guards do since the 70's, they might have been chased off the field during their performance by mostly guys in over sea's caps.
  5. I imagine those propagandist you speak of are only defending Boston because others bring up that corps in another corps thread.
  6. And what's wrong with that? And please do not attempt to convince us that you've never taken more money from another buyer for an item you sold or taken a similar job elsewhere for a better salary/hourly rate.
  7. Reads like sour grapes to me. People change jobs all the time and many times go to the competition. Sport coach's bounce around all the time and bring their style of play with them. They bring some if not all their assistant coaches (DCI techs) to teach the head coach's style based on the talent of the athletes (mm).
  8. I was told once that while in the Boston area, the corps mm were taken on harbor cruises.
  9. But, Boston's recent history shows that it's almost impossible to predict where they are going with a theme as are many corps. And Algernon's use of the word "whale" might be a misdirected use of the word.
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