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  1. He's gone and he ain't coming back. Ever. Rejoice that the old YEA properties are now under new leadership and can forge their own paths independently, without all his BS. 😁
  2. If kids are being allowed an opportunity, any opportunity, to perform and compete, even if it's not the most ideal of circumstances, I'm all for it. JMHO
  3. From what I heard a few days ago, it ain't pretty.
  4. I was watching a clip of the scores being announced from finals last year and I had to laugh that the one corps that could even remotely be recognized on just the quickest glance was the Blue Devils. They always seem to have that Blue Devils BLUE that just pops to the eye, as well as bits of recognizable shapes and design elements that are distinctly identifiable to them, and only them. A visual identity. It's a valuable thing that shouldn't be so easily discarded IMO. It certainly hasn't prevented them from being innovators in show design. Edit: (Looking at the clip again, the Ca
  5. Oh there have certainly been claims made against USBands that have been true over the years. This one, however, is not. And I've been very critical of that part of the YEA organization for a long time. Truth is, there are very good people working there right now who are thrilled to not have to deal with GH anymore or worry that the funds they generate were helping to keep the Cadets in operation. From what I've heard, they are working very diligently and doing the right things for the bands, directors, and adjudicators they serve. As far as something sure as heck is happening, let's wait
  6. This one should have waited to induct him for those investigations are over. I'm pretty surprised at WGI because I know they usually take this stuff very seriously. It seems very short-sighted of them to go ahead with his induction, knowing about the allegations. IMO
  7. Ayala's principal has posted a message on the school's website And for those who haven't read the posts on IG... - The Mandarins have launched an investigation into these matters and have placed Jackson on administrative leave pending the results. - Jackson has stepped down from the SCPA board of directors - The superintendent of the Chino Valley United School District is conducting an investigation and have reported the allegations to the Chino Hills Sheriff's Department - Still nothing from WGI (that I can find)
  8. I'd like for people to watch the video in the following link. It made the rounds on twitter and was deeply moving to me. One may think that this is completely different because it's a father and son, the son being younger than most kids in HS marching band. This is true. But I post this because the father's approach to training (IMO) is exactly right. Even with the most successful band/indoor programs, there will be kids each and every year who are new and they struggle. Some don't know how to handle it because it is, in a sense, an emotional overload. This video resonates with me be
  9. Just saw the video on IG. This guy should NEVER be given another job being around young people. EVER. 😡
  10. That WGI knew about these allegations and said they were not responsible for investigating them so they decided to go ahead with their plans to induct him into the WGI Hall of Fame is deeply troubling to me. I get that they technically may not have the power to investigate, but they certainly could have pressed the organizations involved to get to the bottom of this IMO. It would seem like the wise thing to do *before* going ahead with plans to give him their highest honors.
  11. California has postponed high school fall sports until 2021.