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  1. In my opinion, I think that the brand new BOD for the Cadets should have absolutely no ties to the old BOD at YEA or anyone who had prior administrative duties under GH. I truly believe that these matters of optics and public perception are important. Especially after so much public hand-wringing over their zeal to rid themselves of any and all ties to GH and the old "rubber stamp" BOD methods of operation (among other things). To be clear, I don't believe that everyone involved back then is automatically guilty by association, I just think that what's best for the Cadets at this crucial point in time is a clean break from that era when it comes to corps' management and operations. Fresh new faces, ideas, and vision for the future.
  2. Indoor color guard, YES Drum corps/indoor drumline, NO (I don't think any Of them will ever make it in, tbh)
  3. Without USBands and the revenue they brought in, the Cadets debt would have been far deeper than it was. It cannot be overstated how important that band circuit has been to them. Those "shared" bank accounts sure did come in real handy over the years whenever the Cadets had some big bills to pay, make no mistake about it.
  4. Of course they do. The competition isn't typically as strong, especially at the championship level, which is my point and I stand by it. (This is not to say that there aren't good and even very good bands in those circuits.)
  5. Then the Cadets would be as much of a damaged asset to any potential buyers, no? After all, the main reason for USBands underperforming the last few seasons was because they were floating enormous amounts of their revenue to help pay off the Cadets' debt, stretching their resources even thinner than usual. But it's my belief that USBands can still come out of this in much better shape once the YEA split is announced. It won't be easy, they still have much work to do, but I feel there is a need in that region for a top quality competitive band circuit*, (which in a lot of ways they have been over the years). Being in charge of their own destiny instead of bending to the whims of a megalomaniacal CEO could be just what they need. And I have been very critical of them here and elsewhere, mostly because I've always felt they didn't follow through on their promises and took on more than they could handle as an organization (GH strikes again!) If they can scale it back to a more northeastern/mid-Atlantic regional operation and slowly expand as their organization becomes more stabilized, I think they can be quite successful in the way that more resembles how it was envisioned to be. * the other circuits in that region have their positives and serve their purpose, but their best bands just don't compare as favorably to the best bands competing in USBands FWIW, I agree that any ideas floating around about Varsity buying out any of the YEA properties is a pipe dream. An official business relationship of some kind can probably work out, but not ownership.
  6. Yup. Their mission statement is fine, doesn't need to be changed. And if it does get changed, it will no doubt be replaced with something nearly identical in idealistic intent and verbiage. (But I guess it somehow won't be "liberal BS" because GH didn't come up with it? Lol, whatever.) Of all the things on their plate right now, this is probably the least of their concerns.
  7. It's been a while since I watched the show to remember the specifics, but I was there on finals night off to the side with other staff members of other finalist corps and it was clear to a whole bunch of us that something was seriously "off" with the last few of minutes of the show. We knew immediately that they just left the door open for the Cavaliers, which of course they did. They were lucky it wound up being a tie, IMO.
  8. Have you? As an alum, perhaps you should. If it were my corps who was skating on thin ice, I'd wanna know whatever they could tell me.
  9. What about donors to their fundraising campaigns, which can include alumni and fans in general who may have never had any formal direct ties to the Cadets? How much, specifically, do you think they (along with those members/parents paying tour/camp fees) are entitled to know about where and how that money is being allocated?
  10. Now just imagine what that outlook would be if there's NO consistent revenue coming from USBands because they are separate entities.
  11. How about asking this question to current/potential future members: "Would the adding of any/all instruments to DCI prevent you from returning to or joining a DCI group?" Or to current members specifically..."Do you think your enjoyment of the DCI performer experience would be lessened if any/all instruments were added to DCI?" An even better addendum to both questions would be "Why?" Just thinking out loud here 🤔