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  1. The band that won visual, Avon, and the judges who awarded them, would likely disagree with you. Their color guard was magnificent and IMO was what delivered them that honor.
  2. All six Texas bands who went to Indy finished among the top twelve finalist bands, and four of them finished in the top six! Crazy. But dammm those kids are trained well all-around.
  3. I think they'll be too busy trying to pay off renting AT&T Stadium in Dallas for a band show today (a Monday and national holiday??) with only 16 bands in attendance. Probably not the wisest move for an organization trying to get back on track financially IMO.
  4. Perhaps because the one characteristic that has always separated the two is excellence, and it always will. The brand of DCI (and by association the ever-changing paradigm that is "drum corps") is that it is the pinnacle of performance in the marching arts. And since the paradigm has been more or less in constant flux for decades anyway, they see no need to change the name. At least that's how I view it. I could be wrong. But if we go by relatively recent history, when they approved multi-key brass, this whole argument about a name change went round and round because "bugles" were no longer part of the equation. Others pointed out that the word "bugle" was not part of the name Drum Corps International to begin with. But people on the online forums demanded that DCI just call themselves Summer Band International or whatever. They didn't, of course, and I suspect they have no intention of changing the name if they allow woodwinds either. This assumes, of course, that only one bus would be needed. It would most likely be TWO in order to better balance the woodwind sound to the number of brass players. Adding two buses? That's a pretty monumental expense for reasons others have already pointed out. Personally, I don't see it happening anytime soon.
  5. Since 1985 if memory serves...and those weren't "BOA" people backing those changes
  6. I can. It's amateur hour nonsense that rewards incompetent management. I'm curious to know if other band circuits operate the same way when it comes to their administrative staff, judges, etc. "Come work for us. You'll be paid. Eventually." (wink wink) It's well past time for this method of operations to evolve into a more professional and business-like manner. If that's more than some of these organizations can handle, then maybe they shouldn't be in the business of running these shows.
  7. There seems to be much agreement that: a) this whole 'not paying staff on time' thing is not uncommon in drum corps and b) that it's an unfortunate thing but it is what it is and it's not that big a deal as long as they follow thru and eventually pay My question is why is that good enough anymore?? There have been so many ways in which corps have evolved their operations and financial models over the years to try and eliminate the gross mismanagement which has helped lead more corps to extinction that we care to count. One would think that paying your employees on time and for what they are contractually owed would be at or near the top of the list of ways to create a better reputation for yourself as a place where people can trust that they'll be treated right when they go to work there. And when you don't, that's a red flag to maybe think twice about what kind of operation you're getting yourself into, no matter how many championships have been previously won. I guess what I'm saying is that the days of throwing up your hands and saying, "well that's just the way it is in drum corps" need to go away when it comes to stuff like this. And whether or not this is an excuse people are using in this particular circumstance, this whole episode doesn't make the Cadets look good, that's for sure. Especially since it was well known before the season started that they were having cash flow problems. And in this day and age, there will soon come a point when the more often it happens, the more it could be (and should be IMO) construed as a warning sign of consistent poor budgetary planning on the part of the admin than anything else. I would like to think that no corps wants that label hung around their necks. So in a general sense applying to all corps, don't spend $$$ on what you can't afford. If that means one or two fewer large props on the field or 5-10 fewer staff members (out of what seems like an average of 40 or so per corps these days), then so be it. The best way to serve your members is to stay in existence, and the best way to do that is to budget smartly and pay your bills on time IMO
  8. Not sure why anyone should apologize if, as best as I can recall, nobody actually defamed Scott’s character or reputation. They just passed on an already well-traveled rumor that he was going to be replaced as director of Cadets. Which he ultimately was. ‘Tis the Silly Season on DCP 🤪
  9. They’re rumors, not testimonies bound to a court of law and subject to perjury charges (even though some people around here wish they were). So save the Law & Order: Drum Corps Rumor Squad <chong! chong!> nonsense for your imagination because that’s most likely the closest thing you’re gonna get to an apology from anyone I’m afraid.
  10. If only there was a way to avoid reading stuff that you know will just make you angry. I wonder how that’s even possible. I mean, I guess you can just ignore the thread each year, but that’s just crazy talk! 🤪
  11. Please don’t try and make it seem like you never do this as well. Many people around here, myself included at times, are guilty of the same thing. That’s generally what happens when people are passionate about a certain topic. It sometimes goes off the rails and I believe we can all do better in trying to avoid that, again myself included. As for that other stuff about his experience level with drum corps, I’m not typically a fan of this “papers, please” mentality of requiring that someone prove their level of direct involvement with drum corps in order to offer an opinion or even criticism. (Must attend a certain number of shows every year, must contribute x amount of dollars, etc.) There was a time when I felt a bit stronger about it, but not so much anymore. I even challenged Cappybara about it a few years ago when he himself pointed out his lack of experience when talking about inside member/staff/judges stuff. I wrote: “Sorry to be so blunt, but this would be one of those times when I believe that your complete lack of experience in this regard should probably tell you that you'd be better off not saying anything at all. In this particular instance, if you've never experienced marching in drum corps at the world class level, you'll never truly get it. And yes, I realize that saying such a thing can come off as extremely condescening, but again, in this instance, I think it's true and I stand by it. Experience does occasionally matter when it comes to things we post here.” Cappy couldn’t have been more gracious in his reply if he tried, writing: “Hey I totally understand. I'm sure this is the type of thing where I have to experience to believe, which is why I never posted after someone told me I need to march to experience it. Unfortunately I'll never get the chance to march even though I'm still within the age to.” I then reiterated my stance to someone else who responded to me, after which this excellent reply came in from a veteran DCP poster: “I totally agree. But at the same time we can't ‘dismiss’ opinions of folks who haven't marched. A lot of great observations from that perspective also. Cappybara is one of our best DCP contributors - we don't always agree, but they are just as valued as anyone else. Everyone seems to get that too.” I then replied to Cappy, saying: “Thanks for taking my comments in stride, and for not ascribing any ill motives on my part where there were definitely none intended.” Definitely one of the more civil debates one would see around here, I would say. Cool heads all around. By the way, that excellent reply from a veteran DCP poster was written by George Dixon. And it truly was an excellent reply. 🙂
  12. Wait, where did he directly belittle the organization’s method of deciding how they announce staff changes? I saw how he belittled some folks around here who seem to cry foul at some rumors being spread but look the other way or be totally fine with others. But nothing about how the organization itself announces these things. I missed that part.