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  1. I hear the Cadets are making some big much-needed changes 😎
  2. Or don’t take it all so seriously and ignore the rumors. Like you said, in nine days the bell will toll. And in ten days, nobody will even care anymore about all this rumor crap.
  3. Oh please. Stop infantilizing those who march in these top DCI corps. They do not require your or anyone else’s protection when it comes to rumors they’ve most likely been hearing about long before this thread was created, long before the season even ended.
  4. And what exactly has been written here that can be legitimate grounds for some sort of meaningful legal action? That so-and-so is getting fired? The more apt question would be: Has there ever been a lawsuit filed by anyone against DCP in the past for false statements or defamation of character? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question so someone please enlighten me if I’m mistaken.
  5. I think the writing is on the wall for both to happen.
  6. All’s fair in love and war. If you had the money to spend on your favorite corps in order to help them rise up the ladder, wouldn’t you go out and find the best design/instructional talent you could? I know I would.
  7. That depends. Corps typically don’t generate much if any revenue over the winter and that money needed to operate the corps has to come from somewhere. And from what I’ve been hearing from those I trust, they are no longer allowed to funnel money from USBands to run the Cadets. So will they just jack up the tour fees to make up the difference as a sort of misdirection? Will they lower tour fees as well and go on a more limited tour? I guess we’ll find out.
  8. You’re right. It probably didn’t take many people at all. Just the judges and some key people who finally got to see the show in front of an audience. That the design team were so blind as to how cringeworthy it was to begin with and never should have gotten past the “hey, what do you think about this idea” stage is the larger and more alarming concern the way I see it.
  9. Give them credit for what? Happening to be in the neighborhood the Cadets have fallen down into? Then congratulations to them, I guess. Though if it wasn’t them it would be some other grouping of corps and it wouldn’t change the fact that the Cadets have fallen to be among them.
  10. Don’t be fooled. They are now living in a completely different neighborhood than the one they were used to living in for a long time. Some of those corps in this new neighborhood have been there for a while, some have risen, but let’s be real. The Cadets have fallen.
  11. It didn’t help that something wonky was going on with cadets closer that night.
  12. This is all so very disturbing. And it reminds me of a thread I started when all the Hop stuff went down. In an environment where all that was being talked about was inappropriate behavior between staff and members, I basically brought up this very scenario, member to member inappropriate behavior. The thread kind of got lost in the larger discussion at the time, but in case anyone is interested in reading it, here is the link:
  13. Several years ago, some old marching buddies and I sat around at Allentown talking about old times and the subject of the corps we marched in possibly altering or eliminating certain traditions came up. As one would expect, there were various opinions expressed and the debate was lively. When the topic of them possibly eliminating what we considered to be a extremely important tradition, we all sort of agreed that, "It'll never happen. The alumni would never stand for it." As the years went on and I was teaching that same corps, I had plenty of conversations with board members and the director about all of this, and their perspective was enlightening to say the least. A perspective we rarely hear about on boards like this. Firstly, there was indeed a very vocal portion of our alumni base who expressed their concerns about all of these changes. Which was fine. The admin was actively seeking input as they gathered information and considered their decisions, which took a lot of time. But it was the way that many of these vocal alumni expressed those concerns that really undercut their position in a big way. When you're the director or administrator of a corps and you spend countless hours/months/years working your tail off only to be basically yelled at by alumni, telling you how incompetent you are, how you're destroying the corps and sh**ting on everything that came before (in addition to other despicably vile personal insults and physical threats that cannot be printed here), you start to wonder, why are we trying to bend over backwards to please these people? In addition, I was shown internal records being kept which indicated that a large portion of the most vocal alumni had not only never donated a single dime to the corps, but had never even volunteered to help out when the corps needed help. To be clear, this wasn't ALL the alumni, or even all the alumni voicing their concerns. But it did include many of the most vocal and combative alums. I found that to be extremely telling. In the end, over several years, many of the traditions were updated to better reflect the times, some were (thankfully) eliminated, and the admin was pleased to know that the overall support from alumni about these changes was much larger than the dissent. And while the corps still reaches out to their alumni and can count on a certain amount of yearly contributions from them which is considerable, they also view some of the alumni as occasionally being part of the problem. The ones who don't contribute anything other than negativity, invective, and who honestly believe that the best course of action is to go back 20-30 years and do it exactly the same way they did it back then. Which simply makes no sense in 2019. Just some two cents from somebody who never marched in the Scouts and really doesn't have any horse in this race.
  14. If there was an artistic reason for doing so, I’d certainly be willing to check it out on its own merits. Certainly just doing ONLY those things would almost always be accompanied by other changes as well in order to satisfy whatever that artistic vision may be, however. And not all choices to go those routes would be successful. But that’s how art works sometimes. There was a movie released about 10 yrs ago (the name escapes me) about Bob Dylan, and the filmmaker decided to use 6 or 7 different actors to play the main role at different points in his life, including an african-american actor and also Cate Blanchett the actress. I remember it being quite interesting to watch for the risk-taking nature of it at the very least. It didn’t fare very well if I recall. Then of course there was Orson Welles’ famous 1936 stage version of Macbeth with an all-black cast set in the Caribbean rather than Scotland. Not only was it received as a monumental artistic achievement for its time, it was a tremendous box office smash as well. Point is, the examples you give most likely wouldn’t work on their own without making other changes at the same time, but that doesn’t mean that they automatically would never work.
  15. So I guess this thread is now about old drum corps buses. Well done, DCP. As the OP, I ask that a moderator please shut this thread down. Thanks and Happy Christmas.