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  1. How will he ever get his community reputation up to negative 6 figures if he uses a different account?
  2. Well, given the 11,748,296 posts he has made gleefully finding every possible excuse to mention it, including in an encouragement thread, I would say that N.E. does.
  3. The recording of data is so uneven it is impossible to draw a meaningful conclusion about the trend from a single day. Unfortunately, I am not aware of anyone who tracks each state on a, say, 3 or 5 day running average.
  4. If they ever field a corps again, the Grassmen could line up well against Jersey Turf. They blade really well before they they were cut short due to lack of green.
  5. Some open class: Fold Blue Devils P Liver City Rhythm Golden Umpire Peat Wave
  6. Kdaddy has the best one in the Crown thread, but I don’t want to steal his likes.