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  1. Bluecoats will attend and play a rehash of their 2007 show.
  2. It's like 2007 with cows but also dark and angry. Tentative title is: Mad Cow Disease
  3. I'm boycotting until Drum Corps Planet is added to the Solar System.
  4. Since Hopkins would not bring back G bugles, I guess that's that.
  5. And also 2020, based on the alternating once/twice pattern in your sample, and then 2021 will have to be a corps other than Devils, Phantom, Cadets, Crown, Coats, or Vanguard. Perhaps it will be 19 - Devils 20 - Devils 21 - Cavaliers 22 - Devils 23 - Boston 24 - Devils 25 - Devils 26 should be an interesting year.
  6. Thousands of potential sponsors, and suddenly the only one everyone is interested in getting is the one who insulted the activity. Perhaps Bobby Brown can endorse DCI, since Ike Turner is no longer available.
  7. Do you think characterizing DCI as not being athletic is a fair characterization? Is that not a put down that "strikes a chord" with you?
  8. Another way to look at that is it means more different people are exposed to it over the years than with an audience that remains the same. So maybe focus on products that benefit well from exposure within a short period of time rather than requiring long many years of repeated reference.