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  1. One of the Orlando years there was a DCI exhibit at Epcot with various memorabilia. Included was a letter to DCI from an irate fan complaining about all the things he didn't like and explaining why he was through with DCI. On the last line of the letter, he requested a copy of next year's schedule.
  2. I miss the days when people bugled their incredulous attitudes.
  3. This morally obligates you to expose and chastise him if he is wrong. 😄
  4. Same here. I thought it was about creating a new crop of future judges.
  5. I don't think there is a pattern because I looked at it in detail and didn't see any movement.
  6. As a homer to absolutely no one, I see the Hop thing as being about Hop, who is gone, and the other stuff seems like the sort of thing that could happen to any corps. It's possible that the scrambling they had to do to put things together with new people in a stressful time may have left them a little vulnerable to not catching or preventing every possible problem, but that's about the extent of it. If I had a child who wanted to march, I would see them as no less likely to be safe with the Cadets than any other world class corps. I would probably be more worried about the practical and emotional impact of all this demonization of their organization and the zeal with which some people seem to have for harming it.
  7. It's possible to do good works without being a missionary.
  8. As for strike one, I'm pretty sure the current count is never supposed to include pitches to previous batters, let alone previous seasons, let alone players who haven't been on the team for two years. As for strikes 2 and 3, you called them more quickly, conveniently, and joyfully than Leslie Nielsen as the umpire in Naked Gun.
  9. I hope that isn't true. It's big enough to become a black hole.
  10. Which is one reason it is so important not to throw the term around lightly, use it selectively, or abuse it for personal gain. Doing so weakens the definition of hate and minimizes the suffering of its actual victims. I think it is rare that any of us are in a position to fully or deeply know the hearts and minds of others based on a brief comment via a distant means of communications, so maybe it is best not to assume we do.
  11. This is what happens when you have too many boilermakers.
  12. First time I've ever seen a First and 40.
  13. I tried to explain to xandandl in a PM so he'd know we were just playing around but, perhaps ironically, it said he isn't receiving messages.