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  1. OK everybody Jim is probably asleep now so we can talk about him for the next 8 hours.
  2. The person who starts a thread can request to have it closed. I have been here a long time but only found that out fairly recently.
  3. Politics will just derail the thread. Let’s get back to talking about potential solutions and possible ways forward.
  4. “Surmounting the Insurmountable Problem” might be a good show theme whenever DCI comes back.
  5. Just to clarify, I quoted Jim not because I was demanding an answer from him personally, but to build on what he was saying, to propose a potential solution whose efficacy I am not qualified to speak to, and to invite those who may have better insight to weigh in on the issue. I was merely trying to advance discussion on a discussion board in order to potentially facilitate collective solutions to the challenges faced by an activity we all love.
  6. How effectively could recruiting and camps be done virtually?
  7. Once we have an effective vaccine, if all corps members and staff are required to be vaccinated, it seems like tour might actually be a safer place to be than wherever they would be if the season has been cancelled.
  8. I appreciated the levity amidst all the anger and negativity in this thread.
  9. I had to get up the next morning. The congregation was expecting my sermon on temperance.
  10. Or at least screamed at and threatened, if that someone is Chris Cuomo.
  11. This is an entirely valid question that any fair-minded adult with a true interest in improving the safety of all involved would understand the significance of. Hopefully it will be received as such.